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Colonoscopy question – I just left the GI for a follow up after my endoscopy. He reviews my iron levels and says I’m still anemic and says this could be due to Celiac but also something more serious. He also mentioned that since I’ve been gluten free for over 4 months I should not have diarrhea. I was not worried about it until now that the GI doctor scared me. He suggested a colonoscopy in 4 months after I start taking iron pills to see if my levels go back to normal. I’m worried.

Has anyone experienced this? I keep hearing here that people that have CD and been on a GF diet are still anemic. He made it seem to me this was not normal. Please help if you can.

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  1. I saw a hematologist for this issue, NOT the GI doctor. I suffer from severe anemia, which is how we eventually diagnosed my Celiac Disease with the lower GI doctor & biopsies. I see the hematologist for tracking my blood work though. I went in for iron infusions all summer and saw some increases in iron levels. Two months after I finished infusions I did more blood work to see how they maintained, they were still low but not as bad. I am now on a slow release vitamin and in 6 months will come back to see how my levels are monitoring. Celiac is certainly a reason for anemia if you’ve been diagnosed with CD. Anyhow, I would ask for a referral for a hematologist to monitor your iron, not a GI doctor. Good luck!!

  2. My iron and folic acid was low. My GI did a endoscopy and colonoscopy. Colonoscopy was clear and he new from just looking while doing the endoscopy it was celiacs. Took 8 biopsies which comfirmed it and a blood test to double comfirm it. Why dont you ask for a celiac blood test.

  3. Sorry just realising have you alreadu been diagnosed with celiacs. I would imagine iron levels wont improve until the villi start to grow back and then start obsorbing all the nutrients

  4. Paul Smith, yes I have been diagnosed this year. And have to agree with you. I was under the impression this would take time to heal.

  5. It takes time to heal your gut so that you can process your food to get all the nutrients you need from it. It takes some time for supplements to begin to move your blood levels too. It takes patience and perseverance.

    The doctor is just making sure that all possibilities are covered…if supplementation doesn’t raise your iron level he going to look at another reason. For some that’s normal to have some bleeding with celiac, IBD, diverticulosis, etc which will heal with diet changes and then your iron level will rise but for some people bleeding can be due to cancer so he’d want to check with a colonoscopy just to make sure if you don’t improve in 4 months. Sounds like a reasonable plan.

  6. How low is your iron and are you taking iron supplements? My iron level went back to normal levels after a couple of weeks of strict GF diet and taking supplements. Hopefully your iron level will be normal soon .

  7. I was at 14, now at 30 but still really low. Theres been some improvement but not substantial

  8. Anemia is common with celiac and is most of the time treatable with iron pills

  9. I have been anemic since I was a teen. Also have had celiac since a kid.

  10. I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago with CD, (immediatly went gf, and have a total gf home) and still get infusions every 6-9 months. In the beginning it was once a month. Iron tablets do not do anything for me, too much scarring. I see a GI Dr, anemia Dr and a dermatologist for my DH. Everyone is very different in their presentations and healing. Best of luck.

  11. Oh, and I get colonoscopies every now and again, as well as the camera pill.

  12. I was diagnosed decades ago. Been 100% gluten free- not even processed GF. I am still anemic

  13. A better idea that would make more sense to me is to take the iron pills as directed for 4 months. At 4 months, do the blood test (ferritin, hemogloin etc) Depending on your results then they can determine if you need a colonoscopy. One of the reasons they do colonoscopies is to rule out any internal bleeding that may be the cause or your low iron levels. But if after the 4 months of iron pills your blood tests show substantial increase in your ferritin levels that means that you are not bleeding internally you just needed more iron in your diet!

  14. I miscarried 2nd trimester and hemorrhaged. Despite eating clean, daily grassfed meats, iron tabs, poultry, vitamin C, i could NOT bounce back. My hemoglobin remained about a 7+/-. I was referred to a hematologist and my ferritin was 1.1, and vitamin b12 was ridiculously low. I had to go in immediately for iron infusion and b12 injections. My anti gliadin antibody was 92 i think…..Between the late term miscarriage and severe unresolved anemia, with elevated antibodies, I was referred to GI.
    My RLS resolved, headaches/migraines improved. The “whooshing” sound went away. I’d say my fatigue got better, but i have 3 kids lol. But i don’t get winded going upstairs anymore.
    My anemia is much better. I go in to be retested in about 3 months to check anemia.
    My hematologist has been amazing through it all and now my GI is thorough and helpful too.
    Your gut is damaged from your body attacking it, it can’t absorb nutrients from food. Make sure they are checking your b12 as well. Not sure what symptoms you all have, but chronic b12 deficiency can lead to permanent neurological damage.

  15. Thank you everyone for your help. I had forgotten to mention that my GI said I shouldn’t have diarrhea at this point. Don’t know if that’s true

  16. It’s very normal to be anemic, especially with iron levels. I’m surprised he suggested a colonoscopy…. after you just had an endoscopy. They usually do it at the same time

  17. Do you have dairy in your diet because for me dairy products gave me the same problem like yours diarrhea. My doctor told me to cut dairy from my diet for few months and start by eating a bit of cheese or yoghurt. After a year I was okay with cheese and yoghurt but not milk. Milk gives me cramps in my stomach

  18. I’m anemic as well but I also have UC. I wouldn’t worry too much. He’s probably just thinking of possible ibd. Does not always mean Crohn’s disease

  19. I actually had a few transfusions to get my iron levels back to normal.

  20. I also have diarrhea still and I have been gf for over a year. I had an endoscopic and colonoscopy in June to make sure I was healing. The results came back normal and my villi have healed . I still have diarrhea almost daily. I just saw my doctor last week who’s suggested a pill camera. That’s my next step in finding out the cause of my diarrhea. My doctor didn’t seem very concerned but I am lol. I also cut out dairy and eggs to see if that was the problem and it wasn’t. So if you find an answer first let me know lol. Also, I am anemic but it’s VERY slowly moving up.

  21. Leaky gut? I had a small bowel resection for this reason.

  22. I continued to have diarrhea for about 4 yrs after diagnosis. Villi were healed, iron levels good, No idea why from docs. Also didn’t seemed concerned. About the time I started to finally put a little weight on, I also switched to chronic constipation. Doing better now with digestive enzymes and stool softeners.

  23. I dunno about many of you, but taking iron pills supplements give me “The Big D.” The same with my mother, she refused to take iron pills because of this.

  24. I have had to do iron infusions i got so bad. I can’t take iron pills they make me sick pretty much instantly. I try to eat a high iron diet and I’m ok on my iron levels now but could be better. Try cutting out dairy for a bit to see if it helps with the diarrhea.

  25. Look into gut healing, leaky gut.\nTake powdered gelatine or collagen. \nAs others have said, it will take time to heal. \nCut out all artificial sweeteners, even stuff like Stevia.\nCut back on sugars full stop. \nTry organic pure black strap molasses, u can get it on Amazon. It is high in iron and other trace minerals, that’s my iron supplement.\nMake Golden milk or tea, with Tumeric and molasses.\nResearch all of the above.\nAll the best.

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