Confirmed gastritis and possible celiac


I need some advice. I had an gastroscopy yesterday and had 5 biopsies taken. Confirmed gastritis and possible celiac which I had an idea of anyway. Today I’m in so much pain from my throat to my stomach it’s horrible. Has anyone experienced this?? Thank you

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  1. There really isn’t “possible” as a diagnosis. If your biopsy shows flattened villa your doctor should test your blood for Tissue transglutaminase antibody (tTG), IgA. That is a definitive test for Celiacs. I hope this helps. If the test are negative then you are probably intolerant.

  2. My stomach yes throat no but I was very sick going in for test

  3. Call the surgeon’s office/Emergency number and talk to your doctor or one of the partners. You shouldn’t be in that much pain.

  4. I never had that much pain and I have had two endoscopies and biopsies each time. Just call to make sure. I want you to be ok!

  5. You have a very invasive procedure done, popsicles are in order!

  6. I’m sorry you’re hurting. I had my procedures yesterday. NO Crohn’s…but biopsied for Celiac and Barrett’s Esophagus

  7. My sister had her esophagus “scratched” with her endoscopy. She ended up with a nasty infection requiring antibiotics. Its worth a call to your Dr. Best to you!!

  8. Yes. I had throat, chest and stomach pains after the upper endoscopy. Talked to the nurse and she said it is normal to feel that way after due to them putting a tube/camera down your throat. Using air to be able to see too. It shouldn’t be way too “intense”, but she said to call my PCP or go to ER if needed. Told me it should get better in a few days and it did. Just took 3-4 days. Possibility of tears, but she said rare. Again, if worried, call dr.

  9. I’m so sorry you are in pain! Ice worked for a while… but it seems like you need to suck on ice all day long everyday for a week!

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