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Since the baking season is coming up and this is my first year to have CD, Can you bake any cookie/cake/dessert recipes as instructed just change to Gluten Free Flour? Or do you have to change up the whole recipe and find a specific GF one? HELP!!????

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  1. You’ll get mixed answers but the reality is baking is alchemy and the alchemy of gluten free baking is disastrously different from the alchemy of wheat. It is essentially why people complain gf foods aren’t similar enough: they use a gluten recipe and just sub the flours but dont make the alchemical changes needed. Baking is a science ? it sucks

  2. My experience… subbing flour one for one is great for eating it up the same day. But if you want something thats going to taste good on days 2-7, then you are going to have to make some changes or find specific recipes. We even sub some of the sugar out for liquid sugar so our baked goods dont dry out as fast.

  3. I use cup for cup in a blue bag and have never had problems

  4. Try this book especially if it’s your first time cookie baking (holidays) with gf.

    cokie baking book

  5. I use Bob’s Red Mills 1 – 1

  6. I have terrible results subbing exactly, gluten free flour just need different proportions of things. I usually use a specific gluten free recipe

  7. i have generally been able to replace pretty easily

  8. I have a choc chip cookie recipe that I found online that uses vanilla pudding. So good. I make it using all purpose gf flour cup for cup and they’re so good. I take them with me to lots of events and potlucks. One time everyone ate up all the gf cookies and left all the regular cookies someone else had brought. They were shocked to know it had no gluten. They’ll last out for a few days or I freeze them even. Also make sure you’re using all high quality ingredients baking powder and baking soda is fresh. Yeast is alive and fresh. And if you don’t bake often, get the smallest sizes of ingredients. You don’t want to use something that’s been sitting in your pantry for 3 years. You’ll have better results that way. I’ve made my own pizza crust too using a recipe online cup for cup. Also turned out amazing. My dad has a pizza restaurant but he can’t afford to make the necessary changes to offer gf. So I make my pizza at home then go to his restaurant and clean some pans and a work surface. Make my pizza and stick in his pizza oven. You’d never know it was gf. Just takes tons of practice. I’ve had so many failed experiments.

  9. It all depends on the flour blend, it’s ingredients, and it’s weight.

  10. Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 GF baking flour is the closest I’ve found for substituting. For dense cakes, I’ll often substitute a little GF oat flour along with the GF flour. Gives it a better consistency. For example, if the recipe calls for 2 cups of flour, I will do 1-1/2 cups GF flour and 1/2 cup oat flour. It is certainly a science but gets easier as you figure things out!!

  11. Following

  12. I have a gluten free peanut butter cookie recipe if u want it

  13. I use Cup4cup flour it’s a 1 to 1 flour. In many recipes I just use this instead of regular flour.

  14. I use bobs red mill 1:1 in place of all purpose flour in recipes and theyre always fine. Also make sure you are using gluten free vanilla. Otherwise have fun!
    So wheb im looking for a new recipe i search with all purpose flour like “chocolate chip cookies all purpose flour”

  15. It really depends. I’ve had a lot of luck doing that with cakes, but not so much with cookies. Pies are generally super easy.

  16. I have found King Arthur gluten free brands for baking are quite delish

  17. Start practice runs now. Remember science in high school? Keep notes like an experiment. What you put in, how long it sits, take a picture of the results. Try again. You can do it!

  18. I use the same recipes with GF flour (Bob’s Red Mill) and add a little Xantan gum to keep my cookies from crumbling.

  19. I’ve used Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1, GF flour. I tried baking my family favorite “Cowboy” cookies and they came out delicious! No crumbling cookies and used my recipe.


  20. I bake and have to tweak my recipes. I usually add an extra egg to my business recipes

  21. you generally can use a GF all purpose flour that has xanthan gum in it, you might want to add a little extra liquid

  22. I think it depends because i’ve changed recipes but substituting gluten free flour and its worked, but i think it depends on how crazy of a thing your making if its just regular cookies or donuts your good, but honestly pinterest has almost every recipe in a gluten free option.

  23. I finally discovered GF Better batter All Purpose Flour, it has worked the best for me when trying to make most recipes gluten free.

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