Copper is more electro negative


Copper is more electro negative than hydrogen and yet we spend way too much time on hydrogen as evident by how we manage and emphasize the pH while copper is barely mentioned or understood in medical circles. The primary focus in medicine has put all their time and energy into regulating and understanding the pH in order to prevent pro-oxidant states. However, it would be just as advantageous and beneficial to understanding copper, because all the metals with a greater electro negativity than hydrogen need to be controlled and managed to minimize the pro oxidant state that is the backbone to all inflammation, which in do time, becomes the backbone to all our chronic diseases…

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  1. From what I'm getting no one seems to understand the ph issue, either. Do you have a thought about the Mitosynergy products?

  2. Hi Sue, I did watch his video and was very intrigued by his knowledge and expertise. However, my skeptical side kicked in when i found out he was pitching his product, which does not necessarily mean it is good or bad, but it did seem expensive, but that is fine as long as it lives up to its claim. However, their is a concept of biological transmutation that happens with in the cells, which i believe happens with plant copper that can be be utilized into human copper, as evident by many thousands of cases going back from the pioneers who were using regular old copper with much success. In conclusion, I am still on the fence as to the superiority of his products to the other copper available on the market at a fraction of the price…

  3. That post is over my head, haha. I was wondering if either of you have watched this YouTube regarding pH? I found it very informative.

  4. Sorry Judy I have not watched it but when time permits its on my long list of things I need to read and watch…

  5. So can we talk chocolate? Does that create too much copper in the body? I love chocolate especially around my menses when I seem to crave it more.

  6. i thought hydrogen peroxide was a no no x

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