Could anyone please give me some advice on probiotics?


Could anyone please give me some advice on probiotics? Most probiotics consist of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium. If Lactobacillus acidophilus helps us digest dairy products, is it worth taking it when you eat dairy free? I’ve been taking Alflorex for the last 3 months (with live culture called 35624®) but not having much success with it, so I’m trying to find a different one. Any advice on what kind of bacteria should I be looking for?

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  1. I take culturelle probiotics which is diary free, that solves the problem for me.

  2. It does quite a few different things. Can you post a picture of the back of your bottle? You have hundreds of beneficial bacteria. Many people rotate. And also many people need to take a higher dose of probiotics.

  3. I drink water kefir, eat saukraut and kimchi .. fermented foods have the best effect,In my opinion , on gut repair. I am also gluten and dairy free plus taking supplements all to try to correct the autoimmune response creating inflammation in my body.

  4. Go to your health food store, buy the fermented sauerkraut, start out with just a few tsp a day and work up…works wonders!

  5. Can I ask what you mean by success?

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