Could be leaching Mg from my skin?


Can anyone advise whether my hot tub which requires Bromine for sanitizer could be leaching Mg from my skin? Thought of it tonight when I was soaking in it to alleviate my sore joints. Suddenly considered the counterintuitive action of this if it is removing Mg from me. TIA.

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  1. Not sure of its effects on Mg, but bromine will be hijacking your iodine receptors and it's bad news. 🙁

  2. Bromine not only leaches magnesium but also iodine which is a major double whammy. Bromine is toxic, is used as a sedative and literally will lower your IQ. I have no idea why this is even marketed as a hot tub sanitizer so ppl will soak their entire bodies in it.

  3. Why do you have to use Bromine? I was told several options for mine.

  4. I use a non chlorine sanitizer to shock it, it has an ozonator and I'm considering putting in a UV sanitizer.

  5. Chris. What do you use in your hot tub?

  6. Very interested. My father had major pain issues and uses a hot tub all the time.

  7. I know it's not optimal, but I have put mag chloride or Epsom salts in mine. I just change the water more. It hasn't ruined anything as of yet. I just know I spent years in a bromine hot tub and couldn't do it anymore. You can also use ozone and a chlorine dioxide type of system I believe.

  8. Thanks Anita. I've thought of doing that a few times. I just might try it. Just afraid it will damage the filter or pump and then the warranty would be void.

  9. Bromine is bad news. Switch to a peroxide based sanitizer. You will enjoy your spa so much more.

  10. My tub is old so there was no worries about the warranty.

  11. Oh and did try using hydrogen peroxide once and it made everyone really itchy.

  12. I have a friend who uses Young Living essential oils in hers to sanitize it. I believe it's lemon and geranium oil. I'm going to try it next spring when I start mine back up. I think u can research online. I also use an ozonator.

  13. I've heard of using geranium thyme and on guard essential oils. Supposedly works well but I don't have a hot tub to try it in 🙁

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  15. Can you not use iodine to sanitize it?

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