Could Borax be stimulating?


Question – could Borax be stimulating? Took my first dose (1 tsp. of concentrate in water) last night around 7 pm. Also took Mg bisglycinate around 9:30. Was up for a long time, and the rest of the night was not restful. It felt like my brain was turned “on” .

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  1. Everyone here from what I have seen says it is just that… Stimulating! And to drink that water in the first half of your day We live and we learn!

  2. Yes I find it to be

  3. Yes! It stimulates brain activity!

  4. Yes it's very stimulating! I find morning to be best

  5. I drink on an empty stomach 🙂

  6. Very much so… I drink it in the mornings too on an empty stomach

  7. Is that the same with boron tablets? Took one last night along with my magnesium glycinate.

  8. Did you feel brain fog go away?

  9. Last night all i wanted just sleep. I think i will put off borax until next weekend cause I am about to do saliva cortisol test and dont want to sabotage results

  10. I must have missed consuming Borax article …
    Mag.(gly) I take early on right after eating breakfast.

  11. Mg bisglycinate always worked like melatonin for me. I guess I took Borax too late in the day. I wonder if it will affect my cortisol test?

  12. What is bisglycinate? I haven't heard of that. What is it good for. This group only recommends glycinate

  13. Glycinate messed up my sleep. I took tart cherry juice a slept like a baby last night..waking up grogginess.

  14. I have had Borax here for a long time now. You guys really eat it? I want to try it but am a bit freaked out by its warning that it is not to be taken internally.

  15. My worry is that it is made as a cleaning substance and not for internal human usage so they don't pay the same attention (obviously) to the production of it as it is all clearly marked 'not for human consumption'.

  16. Are you using 1tsp in a liter of water?

  17. Since it is some form of salt, will / can it make high blood pressure worse?

  18. I use 1/8 teaspoon dissolved in water in AM. Seems to be helping my joint/muscle pain along with mg malate. I took too much at one point. Skin broke out with a rash and I became very dry. Stopped for 2 days and was fine to resume.

  19. Mary Heatley..
    I've been using borax in the recommended concentrate daily since mid February… All my joint pain has gone… I was worried too… But I got to the stage where I was in so much pain I just didn't give a rats what happened anymore… I had nothing to lose… Magnesium just does not deliver its complete magic without the cofactors… It's a naturally mined mineral (borax) . Very safe if taken as per the recipe… Pay attention to magnesium other cofactors too… Bicarbonate and B6… And do the adrenal cocktail daily… Magnesium pushes down sodium and potassium… So if u skip the adrenal cocktail like I did you'll end up maybe with headaches insomnia muscle cramping… This works… halve the dosage and go slow to begin with and build up slowly… I started on one teaspoon of the borax concentrate… And built up to two over the course of a month… Here are the borax recipe and adrenal cocktail recipe for you


  20. I have adrenal issues at morning I take adrenal support at night ashagwanda adaptogen and magnesium. I just sleep like being dead.

  21. I don't tolerate adrenal coctail only afternoon and it will be too stimulate. Also I do meditation. I manage Everything all right.

  22. I have been mixing mg, potassium and liquid boron together in juice and drinking before bed. I sleep like a baby. I guess it affect people differently. I also use borax and Epsom salt with baking soda in my bath water 1 or 2 times a week and is very soothing and relaxing. Again it knocks me out. Maybe I have more of a deficiency in these minerals than do you and that's why they help me to sleep and relax, I don't know.

  23. Mag glycinate gave me insomnia the first time I took it before bed. I was up til 2 am and felt wired. It doesn't make everyone tired from what I've found, I've been talking to others that had the same thing happen to them too.

  24. It's the mag

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