Could I have found my miracle cure?


I’m going to say one thing…..after reading all the comments about Mag deficiency relating to pain in legs and hips…I ran out and bought a bottle of Magnesium w/calcium and Vit D. I started taking it on Sunday and today, Tuesday I literally woke up with NO PAIN for the first time in YEARS! Could I have found my miracle cure?!?!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!

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  1. Morley said, "If you are trying to bake cookies, what's more important: the ambient temperature of the room (serum), or the temp of the oven (RBC)? How well your cookies bake up has ZERO reliance on the temp of the room, but the oven better be set at 350."

  2. I did read read read lol and she was 100% corre t as to what she prescribd

  3. Well I just put in an order for JigSaw Mag and Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend. Hoping this will heal my body of pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, gut problems from botched surgery and inability to loose weight. I have been focusing on D3 and calcium. I also ordered Goodnight Magnesium lotion and Mag Bath Flakes by Ancient Minerals to do foot/bath soaks. I hope this will help with my health issues. Feeling hopeful.

  4. What was your RBC Mag? Did you know that taking calcium drives your magnesium down? And that upsets the balance of sodium and potassium? And that leads to an amino acid deficiency? Which leads to not digesting food correctly? Which leads to things like reflux, depression, anxiety, bone weakness, mineral deficiencies, cancer, dementia, etc. etc.?

  5. O truly believe I need to take the healthy route as to my vit n min dont have recourses

  6. I'm more confused about D supplementation that ever. Too many conflicting answers here.

  7. Kim Bourne please send your doctor the links and invite her to join this group, too. This is an educational place.

  8. Exactly my thoughts there all correct, I believe she is not him, he believes million dol machienez are wrong so is bloodwork but hes cor. Um no

  9. I am willimg to be educated by you, you seem to be real and correct, he seems to think all med is wrong hes correct I will follow you

  10. Scott Harres I didn't know all of the problems that taking calcium could cause until I read the research today. Been taking loads of D3 as well thinking that was good for symptoms I was having. So hoping my body will let me know I'm on the right track when I get my Mag and Cod Liver. I tend to stay away from doctors since they nearly killed me.

  11. Kim Bourne – we want you to be as healthy as can be avoiding pitfalls along the way. Plain and simple. That's all. Just know that there are always options to sort through.

  12. Should we be adding minerals to water and if so what would be good to use?

  13. Re: cod liver oil. It's not as black and white as you think. This might be worth considering:

  14. Kim, I can identify with you — I had osteopenia in my DEXA bone scan in my early 30's. I followed my doctor's recommendation and took a Cal/mag/zic (with a much too high dose of calcium). After about 5 years of that, I developed calcium stones, which lodged in my big toe, like pseudogout (no gout pain, just the stones). I think that may be part of how my gallbladder filled with stones too (now healed). It's only in the last few years that I learned about magnesium and even more so, in this group. By that time, I was fatigued from a high stress life situation. Once I started on mag (no more calcium), things started improving dramatically. Once I got on Anderson's Sea MD (wide base of minerals with good dose of mag), things got even better. My toe started healing and the stones started to decrease in size. I finally got an HTMA to see how my minerals stand and now I know even more what my body needs.

    I think everyone just wants to make sure you are targeting the right root cause and not putting other things out of whack.

  15. Michelle Achée thanks for taking the time to send the article. I use a lot of Dr. Mercola's supplements including his vitamins with high D3, krill oil, D3 isolated and his probiotic. After reading these posts I became concerned that I was taking D3 and calcium. I have high anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and gut issues. I read somewhere on here that taking a high quality cod liver and Mag would help. I'm hoping it will. My head is spinning from all of the info so am a bit overwhelmed. I hope I made the right decision to order the mag and Cod liver. Any advice from anyone regarding the cod liver? Should I cancel the order and just stick to the mag?

  16. Miriam Wiener–
    How many clients have you tested BOTH levels of Storage & Active Hormone-D, Mag & Potassium RBCs and Ionized Calcium?…

    If all of those are NOT done, you are getting a very select picture of this "D"ynamic…


    A votre sante!

  17. Morley – I've found a dr here that will test D2, D3 and 25OH….any point in getting it done? €55

  18. Where are we getting our vitamin D from nowadays? It's not magnesium… 😉

  19. Since I'd heard of the almost universal Vita D3 deficiency and no toxicity issues I took waaayyyy more than 5,000units of liquid for 2 years. In that time I developed a kidney stone I was hospitalized for. In the last 2 months I thought I'd try liquid calcium and immediately got pain in my kidneys so I stopped it and the D3. I theorize that I absorbed too much calcium because of the D3. I have been taking Magnesium 500 mg. from Nature's Life for leg pain, stress etc… I just upped it to 2×500 mg. per day as it is a calcium blocker and I'm trying to lower calcium in my kidneys. Blood pressure was high 2 months ago when I made the change. I feel better, less pressure in my head and feel calmer.

  20. Louise
    You need Storage-D: 25(OH) AND Active-D:1,25(OH)

  21. Lynn Haines – for anxiety and depression, I have found that high levels of EPA and DHA are extremely helpful. Unfortunately, I have never discovered a CLO which has the therapeutic amounts I need, so I use high Omega 3 fish oil, and have had some very good success.

    Of course, it goes without saying that I also use magnesium in a number of forms. I have recently started using mag l-threonate because it crosses the blood/brain barrier. I am very happy with the results thus far.

  22. Miriam Wiener
    Please take a moment and read this seminal article:

    I would encourage you to study Figure 1 and count the number of times Magnesium, IN FACT, ensures the production/conversion/availability of Hormone-D…

    All is NOT as it seems…

    A votre sante!

  23. Michelle
    That's great to hear…

    Please know that Mg L-Threonate is among MANY forms of Mg that cross the BBB… They just have a bigger & bolder advertising department… 😉


  24. Which mag I – threonate do you use? Where do I get that? I did order the JigSaw because of the recommendation that the diarrhea symptom doesn't occur. Seems we need to be careful with the Big D in taking magnesium. I take Mercola's Krill.

  25. Michelle Michelle Ach̩e РI try to get 2000mg of EPA and DHA a day. Two teaspoons of Carlson;s plain cod liver oil.

  26. Morley, I would be thrilled to learn which other forms work, because the l-threonate is spendy. I've done a lot of research, but haven't found an answer, yet. Perhaps you can help.

    Lynn Haines – I am currently using Jarrow, because it's the least spendy, and I have looked through all I could find to see if one would be available without magnesium stearate, but couldn't find one. I don't take D. I don't have a thyroid, either. I haven't had any problems thus far. Healing my gut is helping with immunity.

    MJ Hamp – I need double that amount, so that's a LOT of COL.

  27. Thanks Morley – great article. I'm a believer in supplementing with both 🙂 "…magnesium infusion alone led to a non-significant increase in 1,25(OH)2D and 25(OH)D whereas magnesium infusion plus oral vitamin D substantially increased both serum 25(OH)D and 1,25(OH)2D"

  28. Morley – you just saved me €55….but I’m still facing a brick wall.

  29. My husbands vit D2 and D3 were low.. I showed her the paper and she said D2 and D3 were the same as what Morley talks about .. is that true?

  30. lucky you if you can tolerate it…everything makes me sick!

  31. Kimberley Zampella Schulman

  32. Miriam
    I'm a believer at getting to the truth of human metabolism… So, at the risk of beating a dead horse…
    o What is your Potassium RBC?…
    o What is your ratio (just the #'s) of Active-D to Storage-D?…
    o How far above 21ng/dL is your Storage?…

    A votre sante!

  33. Morley Robbins why do you believe that storage D shouldn't be above 21?

  34. Siba
    I put alot of stock in what REALLY smart people have to say:


  35. As I recall magnesium threonate is also patented. Hmmmm?

  36. I hear you Morley, but haven't we been hearing for years from a number of "smart" medical doctors that supplements are a waste of money? While Muhammad Amer, M.D., M.H.S. and Rehan Qayyum, M.D., M.H.S. may think we're wasting our money, a lot of reputable physicians know otherwise.

  37. A minor effect of excessive vitamin D supplementation, one that is hardly worth mentioning is D-eath. It can actually be considered a benefit because dying eliminates all sources of magnesium depletion and any need for mineral supplementation.

  38. Miriam, with rare exceptions, smart doctor is a contradiction in terms.

  39. David MacPhail – I understand that Albion also has patents on their methods of producing Mg chelates……

  40. While that is true MJ, I believe some, if not all, of Albion's patents may have expired.

  41. Your body is suppose to make it's own vitamin D from sulfur, magnesium, and sunshine… Sulfur and vitamin D

  42. Calcium supplements are hard on your health. Dairy is not the best source of calcium…greens are.

  43. Many years ago my doctor put me on Vitamin D. When you get to much synthetic D in your blood it crystalizes between your kidneys and your bladder. This feels like a pinched nerve in your groin, or sciatica. This can also happen if you get dehydrated. Been there done that. Some research was all it took to set me straight. Even had it happen to a friend. At leasdt I was able to tell her what was happening. Fermented Cod liver oil is a perfect source for hormone D. Without it I get a sore back and knee pain…

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