Could I use this on my pugs skin in moderation?


I bought some Magnesium oil and am very happy with it.My question is could I use this on my pugs skin in moderation? She has always had allergies which leads to skin issues so I am always looking for things to help give relief.

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  1. Your Pugs are very cute . My black Pug gets itchy . Are you grain free ?

  2. I spray some on my lab/springers paws and he never resists me and he usually sighs 🙂

  3. Thanks Susan Betts. All my pugs are fed a raw diet.It helps but my youngest went down hill right after her vaccinations.We went all natural 5 years ago. She will always have allergies I just try and keep her comfortable. Lots of bathing and rinsing with ACV to keep the yeast and itching down.Supplements to help her immune system.Spring is her worst time from the pollens and grasses.

  4. and local honey… balanced is their diet?

  5. No honey it makes her yeast worse.And kefir did not help either.Her diet is awesome. Many different meats,bone and organs.

  6. Tracy Schnuit does your raw food include chicken? I would avoid that. Raw tripe added can help the immune system. Also, the latest allergy research has shown that probiotics help the body overcome allergies (peanut allergy cured in mice when small amounts of peanut were combined with large doses of acidophilus). I use fortiflora when my dogs are sick but also plain live culture yoghurt daily to give them acidophilus (you can also give human acidophilus pills, opened, to dogs.

  7. Are they hot spots?

  8. Hi Tracy Schnuit I have not read all the above comments so if I'm repeating on sorry. Anyway I am with a Pug Rescue here in Illinois and we use coconut oil. It is an absolute Godsend for this issue. I put in in their food in the A.M or P. M ur choice also rub it on their paws or cute little nose. And if they lick any off no harm done. Also apple cider vinegar is very good to add in the daily mix and what is WONDERFUL for allergy, yeast and overall health is adding yogurt a good Greek just plain yogurt to there food too. Good luck

  9. Oh ya totally forgot grain free, poultry free and potato free is you top way to get those pesky allergies and yeast issues a thing of the past

  10. Mag oil for skin issues ? Maybe . I'm using it for senior dog and bone health

  11. Funny thing: being in this group means you are realizing that we need minerals and vitamins. Our pets do too. Meat/bone/organ is not a balanced diet. 25% of their diet should be veggies and fruits, lightly steamed and mashed, fed ideally 2 (about) hrs before or after their protein.

  12. I think they meant balanced (or appropriate) ratio of meat, bones, organs. The veggies and fruits being a given?

  13. Not sure if this helps, but I bought doggy probiotic/enzyme powder and it seems to help. Not a cure but a start. Anyway, I noticed the probiotics are different than the ones we use. Would kefir and acidophilus not work on dogs? Is this part of their flora?

  14. Digestive enzymes, omega 3, bone broth (esp) and there are doggie "green drink" supplements and a separate glass water bowl with some concentrace mineral drops. All of these help build up the immune system.
    Something in the diet is triggering them.

  15. Thank you all for the comments.I feed a prey model raw diet.That is no vegies.They don't do well on them.Makes them itch and scoot.Yes I feed tripe,venison,turkey,beef,rabbit.sardines,beef liver,kidney,pancreas,pork and what ever other protein I can sourse but no chicken.I will find the picture of all the things I have tried ovewr the last 5 years,lol its many.I really just wanted to know if anyone had used the magnesium oil on there dog before as I did not want to harm her if it wasn't safe.

  16. I have a Shepherd/Basenji mix and use plain Gold Bond Powder with success on minor skin issues. Irritation heals over night.

  17. What I've googled is that dogs CAN have low levels of magnesium and the symptoms listed did not list allergies. Nor was magnesium listed for allergy treatment. My question is, is mag used for allergies? Did you find an article that addressed this? I'm interested because I have pugs too and if this is good id give them a few sprays here and there. Also, the article did caution to not overdo mag treatments because dogs can then get hyper levels

  18. Interesting Dede Krafsur.I haven't had time to google yet and I have never read anywhere that it might be helpful which is why I asked here.

  19. Magnesium and minerals are very important for dogs. This holistic vet (link below) even does HTMA for dogs. Tracy, you have been on my mind re your dogs diet. I have been researching raw for years and (most) holistic vets say dogs need veggies. They need the nutrients and fiber………..itching and scooting are a sign of parasites/worms so maybe when they are getting the veggies, they are making your dog's digestive system work.

  20. Feeding veggies is such a hot topic in all the raw feeding groups I am in.Dogs do not produce amylase to break down the cell wall of veggies.And yes if fed whole they usually come out the way they went in.That is why most raw feeders that do feed veggies chop,steam or smash them first or you are likely wasting your time.My dogs do not have worms we do worm counts.I also will feed raw sunflower seeds with DE one month a year to keep it that way.Years ago I tried feeding veggies for the bulk fiber as with pugs they get full anal glands and can need them emptied often.It made things worse.I have also used many green supplements like Solid Gold Seameal.Honest kitchen Sparkle and Invigor herbal supplements.My girls stopped itching and scooting and did not need there anal glands emptied after going prey model raw.All the nutrients are in the meat organ and bones.They are thriving.I believe my youngest immune system went haywire from her puppy vaccines and allergies and skin issues are a result.Over the last 5 years I have used 100s of stuff.Collostrum,vitamin c,slippery elm,TCM.Cococnut oil,hemp oil,lavender,tea tree,calendula,quercetin,Nac,ACV,probiotics,kefir,fermented cabbage. Witch hazel, sulfur,homeopatics.N zymes,pre biotics,MSM,Nupro,Balance it,Malaseb shampoo.and many many will never be cured of her allergies but I can usually keep her skin at a comfortable level.Spring is bad for her so I am always trying to keep it in check.I have the best luck with quercetin and nettles.And shampooing in malaseb and rinsing with ACV.Then rubbing a whole lot of coconut oil really well into her skin.I still rotate her supplements as I know some work well and others are trashed.She responded well to vitamin c also.and colloidal silver at times.I would have no problems feeding veggies if I felt they would benefit but they did not and I still try every now and then and then slap my forhead and say OH!!! what are you doing when they start to itch and have anal gland issues..

  21. Wow! You've tried everything! You're a good mommy! Now I know fully why you asked! Maybe a spray every now and then might be the trick. And regarding vitamin C. The Inuit eat raw meat to attain their vitamin C. Make sure it's citric acid and not ascorbic acid. I've dried and ground down organic lemon peels because it gets expensive. Hope this helps!

  22. I got to thinking about your pug's allergies. We have pugs too and one has mild allergies. Our house is old and built on a cement slab. My girlfriend once said that my house doesn't smell musty but after she's visited me her clothes smell musty! I never noticed before. And maybe your house is the same? I've never had someone come and clean out my heating ducts before( which are in the concrete floor) but they said they'd sterilize them too. I've heard this was a useless procedure so I've always hesitated but wonder if this would help.

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