Could it be due to a vitamin deficiency?


Can anyone tell me why my finger is like this?? Could it be due to a vitamin deficiency? It hurts and is cracked and it is only on this finger! Before it was on one of my thumbs!

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  1. Ask your doctor.

  2. Eczema, it's called fingertip eczema to be exact. Google it.

  3. Do you use that finger on your phone?

  4. I've had it before too. Just vanishes.

  5. Working yourself to the bone? Lol

  6. usually fungal/yeast

  7. Do you wear rubber gloves to wash dishes or anything? It looks like a fungus, try some lotrimen


    have you been using peroxide?

  8. I get it too! Comes and goes- I traced it to touching avocado but there's something else too I haven't figured out yet.

  9. Are you in water with your hands?

  10. Fungal / yeast infection. Use lotrimin cream on finger at least 2xs a day. Will go away in a few short days.

  11. When I get it it's fungal / yeast.

  12. Looks like pompholyx eczema I have the same. Do you get little blisters? And then it cracks and heals and then starts over again? X

  13. When I get that it's zinc that fixes it or when I eat right and juiceing a lot.

  14. Please get a diagnosis first and then post and ask for suggestions.
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