Could it be hormones or maybe dairy?


Need some ideas with my daughter who was diagnosed with celiacs in November. (Husband has as well)
Her main symptom was major constipation issues where we would have to clear her out with pico salix or purgodan.
She felt better until about 3 weeks ago, and now back to super constipation. She goes to the bathroom but doesn’t empty completely which causes blockages.
She hasn’t slept more than 6 hours nighty for 2 weeks and says her stomach hurts every night. (Lower abdomen, and sometimes middle)

Any ideas how to help this? She eats about 8 servings of fruits veggies daily, legumes, and gluten free things like waffles, canyon Bakehouse bread, ODoughs muffins, oatmeal occasionally, gluten free cereals, chicken, pork, occasional beef, dairy…

Could it be hormones or maybe dairy?

10 years old (December).

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  1. Get her tested for food allergies. Also get a blood panel done to check her vitamins. Also, FIBER!

  2. Water water are any veggies green? Salad broccoli?

  3. Dairy did this to me. Newly diagnosed with lactose intolerance 6 months ago. Might be worth a try to cut dairy out for a week.

  4. For quick relief take a magnesium supplement. It will soften the stool. I have the same problem and this has been the only relief I have had in over 40 years.

  5. Cut out the processed food and legumes and see how she does.

  6. Try removing dairy and all processed grains especially rice. Increase water intake. Magnesium has a strong laxative effect. Given at night it can help with sleep as it is very relaxing. Increase the dose slowly to bowel tolerance.

  7. We went dairy free, see a chiropractor, daily pear or prune juice (8oz), 6 glasses of water a day, 1/4-1/2 tsp Omni blue (magnesium) daily & for the first time in my daughter’s life she has been going to the bathroom regularly. Prior to this she was on miralax for 3.5 years. (She’s 5) praise the Lord bc constpstion is awful. I hope you find relief.

  8. Ice cold water chugged upon waking. You don’t absorb it when its super cold and helps push things along.

  9. Are you a member of parents of constipated kids & parents against miralax? Great info in those

  10. How would I figure out proper magnesium dosage for her? She is 10 , 58.5 inches tall and 100lbs

  11. My daughter is also constipated. GI suggest oats, benefiber with her morning milk, pear, green leafy stuff, cucumbers. No juice. No apples, apple sauce etc. Miralax when she comes home from school. (I tried CALM, she didn’t like the taste) Also, vegetables need to be steamed because easier to digest. Water water water… 5 servings of vegetables or fruits

  12. Cut out oatmeal and any possible sources of cross contamination. Oats are highly cross contaminated and many celiacs cross react even to uncontaminated oats because the protein is similar. If the cereal she’s eating is Cheerios, you should be aware that they are NOT safe for celiacs. Dairy can also cause problems as many people with Celiac are lactose intolerant as well. Also make sure she is drinking enough water. If you eat too much fibre and not enough water, things can get stuck.

  13. Myself and my daughter are chronic constipation sufferers from gluten ? it’s so hard (no pun intended) haha
    But I noticed a huge difference with cutting back dairy and using flax seed for my daughter. And just ensure there is no gluten contamination anywhere that could be being missed.
    I think it might be those oats

  14. The oats I buy are from a Canadian factory called OnlY Oats, they don’t make anything other than oats and oat products. Is this still an issue?

  15. I can’t do any oats. No matter how G free they are. I get the same problems. Was told my body can’t tell the difference in oat gluten and wheat gluten. My kids are good with oats!? They haveCD, too.

  16. Oats have caused the Same issues in my daughter.

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