Could lack of magnesium really be what causes this?


Has anyone experienced this? I am 33 and have had flawless skin my whole life until about 1.5 yrs ago. I started breaking out in this itchy painful rash starting at my chin with red tiny bumps and moves up my cheeks and nose and in between my eyes. It’s red. I have seen 2 different natrapaths and even resorted to a regular doc to draw blood- but nothing has helped. One natrapath said I tested extremely low on cortizol and took bottles and bottles of it. After the first few doses it held it at bay but eventually it always comes back. I started taking magnesium in November and the rash has almost stopped. Magnesium is the only thing I can attribute to helping. Buttttttt if I miss even one dose ….. This happens a day or two later. It spreads more and more over my face with each breakout. Could lack of magnesium really be what causes this? I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to figure this out as something must be terribly off in my body- but I can’t find anyone to tell me what. Turning to anyone for some help and insight. Has anyone had anything like this before? Thanks!
Added- I have done every diet known to man and can’t lose weight. I did the 21 day fix 4 times and the whole 30 and cannot seem to lose weight. I have been working or hard core for 4 yrs with no results…. Only slowly getting better bigger.
I don’t eat gluten or grains… But Hardly ever diary and sugar on very special, random occasions…..

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  1. Histamines? You could try low histamine until you get your mag levels up.

  2. Dermatitis… I have it

  3. have you read up on candida / yeast? sounds like you maybe having some fungal problems and it can be in your gut, dermatitis is a form of yeast.

  4. Looks like perioral dermatitis. My son and I have both had it in the past. It usually takes an antibiotic like monocycline for it to resolve.

  5. No one knows for sure what's causes it.. I am in a group for it I will post a link for it

  6. It screams inflammation to me. It would be explained by the magnesium solution and the nonspecific causes.

    I would have my SED/HS-CRP levels checked first in bloodwork to see if you are experiencing a flare-up of systemic inflammation.

    Next, I would get plenty of sunlight for D levels, keep up the Mg supplementation, fix gut biome, eliminate grains, sugar and vegetable oils from the diet, make sure getting quality sleep, address possible stress issues that can cause psychosomatic inflammation flare-ups, and get proper exercise (not too much or too little).

  7. Could gluten be the culprit?

  8. I wonder if there is a fungal issue in the gut that is expressing itself on the skin.

  9. Rosacea?

  10. Sounds like possible rosacea? You may also have a thyroid issue.

  11. I always think gut issues when things come put
    In the skin. When things are coming out in your skin ( the last place we eliminate) this is a good indication that all your other avenues of toxin elimination are not working well. Digestion and liver come to mind

  12. stop dieting and starving yourself for a start, give your body a chance to heal.

  13. I get a weird type of perioral dermatitis every 10 years or so. I think it's linked to histamines sometimes…but this time not. What works for me is keeping my skin barrier intact. I live in the desert and face found face oils v lotions work best.

    If the mag helps, it's because you need more mag to fuel a body process. Probably an adrenal link.

  14. One time in college I had a horrible itchy rash that kept coming back, on my face. It turns out it was a facial product and once I threw it away, problem solved !

  15. I don't see a picture, but if it is peri oral dermatitis – I got it in my teens from cortisone cream use as a child. I would take a month of tetracycline to get rid of it (horrible, but I didn't know better). I stopped using personal care products with SLS in them (sodium laurel/laureth sulfate) and switched to a flouride free toothpaste and I haven't had a reoccurrence since.

  16. Do you, by chance, have silicone implants?

  17. Daughter had same and it appears it was an overload of estrogen to the point she had to have a curette! Diagnosed with Hashimotos and then went selenium , b12, Magnesium etc
    ( she takes thyroxin) put coconut oil on it when it breaks out. She also had adrenal fatigue!

  18. try juicing for nutrients and weight loss, like joe cross or jason vale. Good luck in finding the answer.

  19. Me too!! Improved with thyroid treatment.

  20. Sounds like rosacea.

  21. Check thyroid. I also get rash around my nose when low in omega 3 and Mag. Might need potassium levels checked to, Mag will not be utilised in you do not have enough potassium.

  22. I haven't read the other comments, but I'd suggest it's related to low zinc. I took zinc plus and a similar rash, that the dr couldn't help me get rid of, cleared up within a week.

  23. My acne is almost gone since taking mag.

  24. could be kidneys, pee in a jar then sit it in refrigerator, I sit mine in a window sill for a few hours and see if you have any filtration, which will be white sediment on the bottom, swirl it around and see if you see any dandruff looking debris or stringy stuff which will be mucus….I hold a flashlight under the jar and it helps you see more stuff

  25. What does cause magnesium deficiency?

  26. Wow, lots of ideas! I would check for gut issues too.

  27. Again, I suspect it is an outward expression of an internal fungal issue like Candida albicans. The Boron in Borax may well be one way to bring it under control.

  28. A functional medicine practitioner may be able to help. Not all naturopaths are functional medicine trained.

  29. most ND are not doctors and dont have a solid medical background. there are some who are MD who practice natural medicine. That would be your best bet

  30. Have you considered an elimination diet?

  31. I had flawless skin on my face till I was 28 and it was very painful itchy strange sensations when it came out with many other physical symptoms. I have tried loads of treatments and detoxes too but I'm working on my mental/emotional health too as nothing is really helping. I think it's coming from my digestion as that's messed up plus I have had a past of alot of stress and confusion. Also my symptoms are worse round pre menstruation so not sure if that's the case for you. I haven't tried mag other then the spray because unsure which to get from the UK.

  32. Get the group recommended testing and start the raising Cp protocol, that will cure it

  33. Gut. I just did a parasite cleanse and my skin looks amazing. Prior to that, loads of trouble. Most skin issues are linked to something going on in gut (at least in my own experience) and everything I keep reading. Apple cider vinegar on the skin can really help. I also drink 1 teaspoon ACV with one cup of water daily with every meal that has protein in it. My skin is glowing and also helps with low stomach acid and digestion. Although hormones can be a culprit. Liver and more likely gut issues were what was causing mine. H pylori, candida, parasites. It is very possible as many have them and do not know it. Hope you find something to help. But a cleanse could not hurt and most likely be very beneficial in general.

  34. Even eating small amounts of sugar can cause adverse effects on your body. If you eat no gluten, seeds or grains, try eliminating dairy and all sugars. Basically a paleo diet.

  35. Paleo is def worth a try. The book Paleo for Dummies is very good .

  36. NOT the synthetic borax! Borax is boron, check the label: )

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