Could the reaction be from the source of the D3?


I’m new here and trying to figure out how I can supplement vitamin D for a deficiency.

I tried vitamin D3 drops (and pills) and I had a bad reaction to them. I get horrible headaches from D3! I experimented 3 times and it is definitely the vitamin D3. I was taking magnesium threonate with the D3. Does anyone else have this problem?

Could the reaction be from the source of the D3, which is lanolin? Would a vegan source of D3 (from lichen mushrooms) make a difference in the bad side effects?

I had my gallbladder removed a few months ago and believe that I have difficulty digesting fat now. Could that also be an issue with the headaches caused by D3?

I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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  1. We never recommend d3 here because it depleted Magnesium. Get the four D tests done see where you are at.

    Want D? Sunshine and cod liver oil.

  2. You need to take vitamin K2.

  3. What were your test results?

  4. I had a Vitamin D level of 19

  5. Group rules required that folks post the values of the four "D" blood tests in order to discuss it.–testing

  6. This page summarizes the position of the owner of this group on "D".

  7. Following

  8. Michele! ALOT of us are learning. Posts like this are very informative

  9. Ashley looks like you taking several supplements that aren't recommended here did you htma and blood work support you taking Calcium and zinc ?

  10. Or you're allergic to mushrooms?

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