Could there be something here making us sick?


There are 10 families , homes, on my street, I am friends with 6 of these moms, all but one of us has an autoimmune disease, 1 celiac & 5 thyroid disease…..could there be something here making us sick? We have all lived here at least 5 years.

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  1. I'm going to bed, this stresses me out….and stress flares up my acid reflux disease lol

  2. Yeah. Food.

  3. Unbelievable, what a frightening thing. How did we let this happen.

  4. Actually that sounds normal. Everyone I know has one, celiacs, MS, RA, Fibro, Hashi's, PCOS, Graves,…I could keep going.

    Either this has always been the case and we just check for it now or something really bad is going on, like vaccines, Monsanto, plastics, GMO's. Aliens 😉

  5. 90% OF americans are low iodine read this

  6. Foods, the crap they put in our foods, to include bromine in our bread and everything else we touch or breath and fluoride in our water.

  7. yep, it's the "food" and water… fluoride, anyone?

  8. This year some of the cattle feed has some kind of nitrogen contamination here in Kansas. May not be able to use it. Weird huh?

  9. Try typing your zipcode into this and see if anything shows up as far as industrial pollutants:

  10. Environmental, food, etc.
    Get shower/Bath filters ASAP!!!

  11. I think its Milo. Very well could be mold….. Something about nitrogen, not the natural kind.

  12. Antibiotics have done more harm than good. Probiotics and fecal transplants can help if not cure all autoimmune diseases.

  13. It was the joke of the neighborhood. This house could not keep a man. My husband died at 52. Something's can't be explained. Anyone. Wanting a haunted house it's for sale

  14. Have you seen the documentary on earthing?

  15. Erin Brockovich style theories…contaminated water supplies? mobile phone towers? something out there…

  16. I know in Australia we had several women get cancer who all worked ins ame building…was tower on roof

  17. Gmo's, fluoride in the water, Roundup used as pesticides in your neighborhood, antibiotics from your doc and in your food without getting huge amounts of probiotics to off set it….and on and on. Good that you are asking and checking up…Bless you and all the families involved.

  18. Look around your neighborhood on Google Earth. Look for long straight swaths through the trees. These are right-of-ways for power transmission lines. You van actually zoom in and see the wires. The power companies dump tons of herbicides along these paths to keep them clear. If you're down wind of them or drink well water, you're probably being poisoned.

  19. Ive always wondered the same thing!! Not only do my neighbors have it but my family and pets! Its just crazy!! Its either the land,the water,the pollution in the air!

  20. Also my husband has cancer

  21. Toxins from vaccines, standard american diet (SAD) food, medication and tobacco. All weaken the immune system.

  22. That's why I decided to find a company I could buy gluten free organic healthy foods and supplements with a great cleanse program. You can't totally live in a bubble but you can choose better and do something about cleansing out toxins. Don't eat processed foods, or white sugar. I love my membership and system it's changed my family, and friend's lives. PM if interested.

  23. If you are all vaccinated, that is something in common. Vaccinations affect the immune system and have not been studied for auto-immune issues.

  24. Our water is making us sick.

  25. Are you all with the same Dr?

  26. water with PCB?

  27. It's in the food and water. The poisons in prepared foods. The pesticides on your produce and the antibiotics in the meats. The fluoride and who knows what else in the water. The gmo's. Everyone is acquiring a disease of one sort or another. Diet and stress play a huge part. Foods have little, if any, nutrition these days. Our shampoos and soaps are all toxic. You need to get away from gluten and sugars, heal the gut. It will help to start eating all natural grass fed and organic.

  28. Monsanto

  29. The computer, laptop, smartphone you are typing on probably doesn't help your living environment either. …..and just to make sure everyone will get a good dose of nnEMF, there will be this:

  30. Were you all healthy prior to 5 yrs ago

  31. really have to explore the site, it's not user friendly (perhaps on purpose).

  32. GMO's, chemtrails from planes (yes it's truth not conspiracy), vaccines, additives, lots of stuff going on…. Avoid vaccines!

  33. Yes. I was just reading about a neighborhood in St. Louis that had a disproportionate number of cancer cases. There turned out to be a cause.

    So anything is possible.

  34. All the above and pathogens are usually the environmental trigger that sets the autoimmune process off after all antibodies are our army that are sent out by the immune system when there is a invader

  35. Chrissy Not tagging… I belong to another facebook group for Moms of a child with apraxia. Thinking this was a long shot, one day, I posted the question, "What other Moms here have thyroid issues?" I couldn't believe the response, seemed like a disproportionate number of Moms. Then after everyone answered, we were all like, "umm…. wow…. what does this mean?" Because many of us had been told there was no reason for our child's apraxia (which is ridiculous, there's a reason!)

  36. Iodine deficiency perhaps?

  37. environmental? Do you live near a lake that's got algae or anything? Near pesticide plant or farms that spray pesticides? Mould in the houses, any toxic places nearby?

  38. Contact your state's Dept of Public Health and ask if they are mapping diseases. Check your neighborhood. You can also have your water tested. It could contain heavy metals and other toxics from many miles away. Lastly get yourself tested for heavy metals and mineral deficiencies. Use HTMA or urinalysis with and without chelation.

  39. I have celiac, and thyroid disease noooooo fun! No doubt it's from the food, water, vaccines, air. You name it!

  40. Yes, GMO's, pesticide/weed spraying, geoengineering (chemtrails), and vaccines. Vaccines, avoid them at all costs…

  41. Also avoid fluoridated water!

  42. Those of you with an autoimmune imbalance would benefit from checking out . I personally have overcome hashimoto thyroiditis by cutting all grains and added sugar from my diet and following a modified paleo diet. On Dr. O'Bryans website is a tab to the x3CGluten Summit> which provides invaluable information in particular about sensitivities to grains and subsequent secondary sensitivities. Those sensitivities usually go undiagnosed but are often a major component in autoimmune conditions. (Of course, celiac disease gets lots of coverage too.)

  43. Vaccines…GMO's….soy,peanuts raw cKale bad for thyroid.

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