Could this be a hashimotos symptom?


This may sound absurd but I have a question for my fellow thyroid/hashimotos friends. For the last week my middle finger has been twitching, all day every day. It seems to subside a bit when in action but resting it at all it starts twitching like crazy. Have any of you ever had something similar….could this be a hashimotos symptom? My tsh and other tests are good and I am not on any medication. Thank you!

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  1. Have had it happen from time to time with my thumb and index finger, it’s weird, sometimes my leg will do it in the middle of the night too, freaks me out

  2. Hands and eye twitches. Sometimes thigh and shoulder muscles :/

  3. Yes mine also does it to.

  4. Magnesium might help.

  5. Just becareful taking mag. To much can throw your heartbeat off.

  6. Vitamin b helps twitches. I get them in my eye though.

  7. Thank you everyone! I’ve had this non stop since Saturday and as petty as it is, it is driving me crazy! I know hashimotos leads to an array of symptoms so I thought I would ask ya’ll! My Google search tells me I have Parkinsons 🙁

  8. Don’t ask Dr. Google. He’ll just scare you. 😉 Consult with a physician if you are concerned.

  9. Lack of magnesium. I get them too in my eyelid. We seem to get them more since we have an autoimmune disorder. It can be triggered by stress.

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