Could this be caused by the borax?


Hi , I have a question about borax … three weeks ago I took a very small dose of diluted borax twice that day …I also put a small amount in my bath with epsom salt and baking soda… The next day I was in extreme pain in my lower back , over the days the pain moved to my right hip and then up to my right shoulder and across my chest … Could this be caused by the borax? Has anyone had this happen to them? (I don’t use it now but am still in alot of pain)

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  1. It's likely the Epsom Salt and not the borax. When I began the protocol, baths and sprays caused me considerable pain. I believe it was because I was so depleted of Mg, and had too much Calcium in places it didn't belong. I primarily stuck with supplementing for months, then added the baths and sprays back. I can use them fine now. In my case, it was feeling worse before feeling better.

  2. I don't think it was the epsom salt because I have always used epsom salt in my bath for years with no problem

  3. If your Mg has increased significantly, and it's getting pushed into cells now, and it wasn't before, it could be the Mg working better.. Possibly even an electrolyte imbalance. Supporting your adrenals may help (adrenal cocktail), along with plenty of potassium-rich foods (coconut water, Apple cider vinegar, kiwi fruit, bananas, avocados, etc.)

  4. I take the adrenal cocktail everyday , I also eat bananas and ACV everyday … Could it possible be a detox of yeast from lots and lots of antibiotics for MRSA , or could the bacteria be moving through my body causing pain?

  5. doubtful youd more likely get a sick feeling, a 'herximer' reaction is more like a general sick feeling than any specific type pain

  6. I,ve never had this kind of pain before … I have a doctor's appointment next week but am doubtful he will be any help … I won't take his drugs

  7. I have started the borax too since a week and I am feeling pretty good so far on it! I am not sure if it's just in my head but I acquired a sudden burst of energy! My husband wanted to know what I was taking in case he had to call 911…..still here…lol

  8. Hi everyone, I'm new to the group as of today. What is the borac and epsom salts protocol y'all are speaking about? What does it do? I have extreme fatigue from ebv and Hashi thyroid

  9. How much watergate you drinking?

  10. Yes I hurt. I figured it was removing the calcuim from where it does not belong. Pain went away after a couple of weeks.

  11. I still hurt and it has been about 5 weeks now, >:(

  12. Pain that migrates around is a Lyme symptom borax creating a die off perhaps happens to me my pain moves from different body parts

  13. Might have been a "healing crisis"; the borax moving some " gunk " out of joints, hurting while things are "stirred up" but overall creating a deeper healing.

  14. I don't want to speak too soon ,,,, but I went out yesterday and got some coconut water and a better quality ACV and added it to my adrenal cocktail …and….after 3 weeks, the pain seems to be gone today … Thank you so much Tonya Alt … I love this group 🙂

  15. I thought borax was poison?

  16. I checked Google and everything I found said not to ingest

  17. Well then I should be dead but I am not. Been taking a pinch in water most days.

  18. Very interesting

  19. I had this happen last night, thought I was having a heart attack. My pain in my back started two days ago then spread to my upper back while at work yesterday. Also have diarrhea today, feel like crap.

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