Could this be celiac disease related ?


Crazy question. For about 15 yrs or more ive had to hold my nose and pop my ears to relieve pressure on my sinuses several times a day every day. I do have bad airborne allergies but why do I feel like im the only person in the world that has to do this ? Could this be cd related ? Does anyone else have this problem ? Dr have not been able to help me with this.

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  1. I have to do this as well. Or like I’ll yawn and something weird happens and I feel pressure in my ears and have to do this to relieve it.

  2. You have eustachian tube dysfunction. Have you seen an ENT or allergist? It’s not celiac related, but it’s usually due to fluid buildup in your eustachian tubes. Best case scenario: medication can help; worst case scenario: you’ll need tubes put in your ears surgically to drain the fluid.

  3. I was about to mention I just have sorta faulty tubes in my ears. Caused lots of infections as a child and some pretty awful ones as an adult too.

  4. Yeah . I keep complaining about this and they just treat as infection.

  5. Yes feels like I’m diving inder water all the time,

  6. Mine throbs the dr said he could see my ear drum bulging and prescribed antibiotics but I can’t take them. I have put up with it for about 2 years now, I have read other posts on forums that it is common with CD patients.

  7. Have you tried a chiropractor?

  8. I have chronic sinus issues too!

  9. When I am glutoned my sinuses and ears act up. I’ve seen all the doctors, sometimes twice. I couldn’t believe that the gluten was part of that too but now I have relief as long as I eat right.

  10. I have sinus issues also,I had 2 surgeries. Nothing helps,winter time is worse I have to keep it cool in my house & car. Everybody freezes but I feel I can’t breathe if it’s hot. I’ve had this 20 yrs. now.

  11. Have the same problem I hate it it’s annoying and no medications work and doctors never see a problem I’ve had it forever so I used to it now just gotta live with it I guess.

  12. I pop my ears all the time. I have Ménière’s Disease, an inner ear disorder, which includes fluid in inner ear, tinnitus, hearing loss, dizziness and many other fun symptoms. I’d suggest going to an otolaryngologist. Maybe they can get you some relief.

  13. I always guessed that it was caused by the inflammation that accompanies autoimmune diseases. When I fly, I have to wear pressurized ear plugs or I have painfully plugged ears for days.

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