Curious has Mag-a-hol been used for cracked ribs?


Curious has Mag-a-hol been used for cracked ribs? My daughter,24, has been coughing so hard she cracked a (some) ribs. Going to apply it tonight when she gets home from work. Just wondering what to look for.

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  1. Comfrey is an excellent bone healer. You can use dried and make compresses. Just don't use it if there's a break in the skin.

  2. Danielle Borrelli,

    Please go ahead and apply as many times as she feels comfortable.
    Broken bones are a contant source of pain burning up Magnesium rapidlly.
    She will be greatly helped by MAG-A-HOL.

  3. Thank you Hemant Trivedi we've applied it once so far & have also applied some essential oils. Is there such a thing a too much mag-a-hol?

  4. Please do not use essential oils where you are applying MAG-A-HOL.
    The oils block the skin pores through which MAG-A-HOL reaches your body.Danielle Borrelli.

  5. Oh! Ok! I didn't know that!

  6. Hemant, even if the oils are applied on top of the mag? I was told that was good.

  7. But I do not tell that Leslie Martin Norwood.

  8. No. I wasn't saying that. I was trying to understand if/how EO could stop absorption if it was on top. Oil between the mag and skin makes sense. Just want to understand bc mag alone is not enough for my daughter's pain so we use both. Want to optimize

  9. I would think some boron 9th race would be essential right now.

  10. My question is, why is she coughing so hard to break a bone???

  11. Leslie Martin Norwood: obviously I defer to Hermant, but I would think you are fine to use both as long as body parts don't overlap. For instance, use one at site of injury, use other on feet. I also often use oils on spine in addition to wherever else I am using them. Would that work? It does she need them both at site of pain? If so, could you do Mag, wait 30 minutes, then do oils? I am interested in the answer to this as well!

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