D3 supplements with Cod Liver Oil


I am going to replace my D3 supplements with Cod Liver Oil. I was taking 2,000 IU’s of the supplements. Would I take the same amount of IU’s of the CLO or would I need less?

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  1. I just started taking the CLO and I'm wondering the same thing.

  2. I tsp daily

  3. That is a very good idea.

  4. Thanks Cheri…with the CLO I'm looking at (Carlson's), 1 tsp is 400 IU…so that is enough per day? I think some brands differ in IU's per tsp. so just need to be sure.

  5. Is the CLO fermented?

  6. The fermented is supposed to be "better" but our bodies are all different. Some find the fermented difficult to digest and do better on the non-fermented. Carlson's is a well-respected brand.

  7. Linda MarieShaw – what are your D blood test values and your Mag RBC? Those values shoulw be your guide.

  8. My last D labs January 8th were at 63 ng/mL (25-Hydroxy), and I have yet to get the Mag RBC done…soon tho! I will be sure to get all the proper labs done per this site – i believe there is another D test I need to do besides 25-Hydroxy). OK thanks, that makes total sense. 🙂

  9. That 63 is way high…..

  10. Yeah I was on a lot more D3 than I am now….I'm learning! 🙂

  11. I wouldn't take any more D in any form.

  12. So it's OK to just stop, instead of weaning off? That's what I've been doing, tapering the dose down. So no CLO either until I test? Sorry for all the questions…I really appreciate your expertise MJ!

  13. Angry about my MD not mentioning that my D was so high. It was 70 in August! I'm thinking it should be half that. 🙁

  14. The new hype from the medical community would have us to think that 70 is ideal, and what follows with that logic is that supplementing is good. I am glad to have the information in this group. Maybe there is info in the files about what good levels are?

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