Dairy, soy, corn, and grains….


Recently told by my doc to go stay away from gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and grains…. Anyone dealing with these restrictions? Very rural areas I live and work in so cooking/meal prepping fresh is really about the only way. Snacks seem to be my biggest hangup…

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  1. Have you been tested for Celiac before going gluten free?

  2. Yes, my nutritionist put me on the same diet a while ago. I did it and felt great. I even lost weight without exercising. The problem for me was sticking to it. I got bored of my food choices. I am on a quest to get back to it and to stick with it

  3. Can you have rice or is that considered a grain? I drink rice dream (for calcium ) and snack on rice cakes and crackers

  4. Our doctor told us grain-free. She said no oats, quinoa, rice, sorghum, or of course, wheat.

  5. Mine is letting me have white rice only. So I'll have to check out some rice cakes.

  6. I'm curious what kind of Dr y'all are going to?

  7. Google Whole30 recipes and snacks. It's a life saver!

  8. I am!! Gf df no soy or corn and going grain free. Are you in any paleo groups?

  9. I'm putting myself on the grain free aspect to help my gut.

  10. Sunday is my meal prep day which includes snacks. I package a wide variety of snacks that I can grab and go. Nuts, raisins, pumpkin seeds, grapes, meat “packs”, etc

  11. I need to go this route just not sure how to start

  12. Thanks everyone for your help! Things like this are difficult to deal with if you feel like you're alone.

  13. i started out having ibs but on a whim was told to avoid dairy and gluten/bread in general. it's been like night and day, i feel as if i never even had ibs in the first place. but because i've gone so long without it, i can't get tested for celiac unless i eat it again for a week or two, which is definitely not happening. i blow up like a balloon, get debilitating headaches, and my stomach aches for hours just after eating a piece of bread now.

    honestly it's changed my life, but that's just what's happened for some individuals. i would try it as your doctor suggests and best case scenario, nothing changes and you can go back to it. or worst case, you gotta avoid that stuff, but you'll likely be happier and healthier. it's really not that burdensome once you get used to it.

  14. I have those and potatoes.

  15. Yes. I have found a few staples like lara bars. Amazon has options to order

  16. 21 day purifcation and cleanse cookbook by standard process might have a few recipies for u. Pdf file. Called one degree

  17. I eat like this as it makes me feel better. I am also in an isolated area at the moment so it's very challenging to get fresh produce. For snacks I make meatballs, chia puddings, and make frittatas. Can u buy some jerky that does not have too much sugar? For something sweet i make an egg like custard with coconut milk and sweeten with spices.

  18. I would look up paleo recipes or grain free recipes, a lot of options will pop up. Usually to replace grains people use cauliflower rice (recipes online), zucchini noodles using a sprializer, use spaghetti squash instead of pasta. This is a fairly common diet now in the health community. If you google grain free dairy free lots of options pop up. You can also look at vegan recipes for things like dairy free recipes. Most can be done in whole foods diet way from your regular grocery store. Otherwise you can look into thrive market or amazon for specific things and have it delivered.

  19. Bean chips are a great alternative to corn chips!

  20. I have eggs and avocado for breakfast most days. A kale smoothie for lunch and a salad or vegetable dish for dinner. I have found some protein bars that seem to be a great snack to grab for me. I have trouble with so many things too. I can eat the little organic Gogo Applesauce packets from Sam's club. They are easy to keep on me in case my sugar drops as it does frequently. I also got some paleosticks for an emergency snack. I have a rice cake with either cashew butter, almond butter or sunbutter with a little organic jam each night before going to bed too. I have very little variation. If I eat out, I get a salad or else I get sick. Oh I do love a chipotle bowl if I ever get in the direction of one. We don't have any near me but I eat half of one and the other half later and do not get sick from it.

  21. I am not grain free, but here are some of my favorite gf snacks. Apples and peanut butter/nut butter, fruit, nuts (cashews are my favorite), kettle chips, kale chips/banana/strawberry chips, and hard boiled eggs. You can make a lot of snacks with other flours such as almond, coconut, potato starch, and chickpea. It's just a matter of preference. You can make cookies without flour as well. My favorite are cashew butter chocolate chip cookies. Enjoy Life makes dairy free, gluten free, soy free, allergy free chocolate chips, and they are so good! Good luck! It's not easy, but it does get better.

  22. I stay away from soy, diary, corn and all the many corn variations and all gluten grains. Substitutes are very expensive though so I do struggle

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