Dairy with high unbound copper?


Broad question. Has anyone found they can’t tolerate dairy with high unbound copper? I know copper raises calcium in the body. I had dirt cheap delicious cheesy pizza last night (I know…) and once again I’ve woken up congested, groggy with a feeling of my brain being too big for my head (not like..super smart but full) but no headache.

Should we just avoid dairy til we sort out our beloved copper’s rogue ways?

(Yes copper is a loved one. Like a teenager you love that needs guidance. An annoying, super chatty, misguided teenager who’s becoming a bad influence on his little brother iron)

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  1. This could be true. You could also just not tolerate dairy very well anyway.

  2. I do avoid all american dairy, cheese, milk etc cause its fill of junk.

  3. I use to. I just don't now..my calcium is like 110 on my HTMA

  4. Spinach is a great source of calcium…

  5. But I have gluten before and it didn't do this. It's only with excessive dairy.

  6. Are we talking about REAL food here: "dirt cheap delicious cheesy pizza?!?"

    A great litmus test for REAL food: Would your great-grandmother recognize it as "food?"

    Me thinks it's very doubtful in this case… 😉

  7. Dairy is very mucous forming. Take kids with chronic ear infections off dairy and ear infections stop. Raw dairy contains the enzymes your body needs to process dairy and would probably be recognized as real food by your grandmother.

  8. There's much more than just dairy in pizza, lol. GMO cornstarch is often used, as well as white sugar. It's commonly made with fortified white flour too. There's just so much in it that could cause a problem. I second the raw dairy recommendation for sure. I don't think dairy needs to be avoided if you are buying the right type of dairy (and if raw cow's milk gives you symptoms, try goat's milk).

  9. Yes, our great grandmothers had raw milk that was fresh from that morning.

  10. Not to be gross but I'm gonna… I get fat in my stools after I have dairy. I also have to wipe a lot more. :/

  11. Maybe you're not digesting fats well then…. Are you always eating it with other foods or does this happen when eaten by itself too? 'Cause pizza tends to be greasy and has that effect on a lot of people. But you may need digestive enzymes if this happens a lot.

  12. I notice it's a lot better when I take ox bile. But it happens even if it's dairy by itself. Especially if I have milk I get immediately bloated and gassy

  13. Hmm…I'd definitely switch to raw milk. Some people still can't handle raw cow's milk though so if that's the case, try goat's milk (preferably raw) and see if you still experience the same symptoms.

  14. Thank you Jenn 🙂

  15. I'd blame the grains in the crust before the dairy…expecially if you have not had an issue with dairy in the past. I know some grain based products will get me the same way. My pizza consumption is limited to about 6 times in a year but I can honestly say that pizza from Papa Johns is one that makes me feel super funky the next day whereas I can eat pizza from Pizza Hut and do fine. Forget about store bought frozen pizzas, they get me every time! My thought on store bought frozen pizza is how many times did they thaw and get refrozen during shipping and handling???

  16. That reminds me, there are organic frozen pizzas if you really must have one sometimes. 🙂 Or you could make your own using ingredients you know you can tolerate. Sometimes we would make ones from Chebe bread mix (it's grain free, made from tapioca) so it didn't take very long at all compared to a homemade pizza that has to be left to rise.

  17. Definitely hope you feel better. If this happens to me I take activated charcoal asap

  18. Thanks Teddie!

  19. 'Dirt cheap' pizza cheeses are full of preservatives/annatto. These alone can cause those symptoms. I would check with additive free cheese without colouring and preservatives before ruling it out.

  20. Cheese is very high in calcium – 27:1 ca/mg – if having high calcium on hair test, it is better to avoid. Yoghurt is 11:1 so it is better in this aspect.

  21. My calcium is 110 on HTMA 🙁

  22. Mine was 92- believe me it is not worth the cheese (I love cheese ) I try and balance it out by having cheese occasionally.

  23. So I thought that a high calcium on the HTMA meant I was wasting it but I think it means that I have too much in my system?

  24. WHOLE FOOD VIT C HAS THE COOPER ION to keep bacteria at bay!!!!

  25. High calcium means calcium is going where it shouldn't be going -joint, arteries etc..

  26. You probably ate cheese analogue, which is made up of vegetable oil and additives. Nasty stuff.

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