Dark circles under the eyes?


Fellow celiacs, do any of you struggle with dark circles under your eyes?
I️ have horrendous dark circles and I’ve tried everything to get rid of them. They’re awful and I️ can’t hide them with makeup anymore.
I’ve had dark circles under my eyes for most of my life, but as soon as I️ hit my 20s it’s been real bad. I’ve been officially diagnosed since October, have seen no improvement.
I’m on vitamins now due to malnutrition. But still, no change. Any advice? I’m sick of people asking me if I️ am okay.

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  1. I was officially diagnosed in October as well and I struggle with the same exact thing. It’s so embarrassing. I always look strung out. It doesn’t help I lost 40 pounds to. I use a good concealer under my eyes and it helps a little but definitely interested if anyone else has some good ideas

  2. I have a murky diagnosis but yes… I have circles. They may be improving slightly since recently going gf.

  3. I have them and have been gluten free for 5 years. Mine haven’t gone away. I just use a really good concealer and just had to accept that I would always have them.

  4. Family photos show my dark circles since I was a baby. Sometimes they are hereditary. At least we have concealers in modern times.

  5. Interesting that you posted this. I just told my husband this morning that I feel like my under eye circles are darker than usual. Is it because of being mal-nourished? I’ve always had them, even as a child but now they just seem more pronounced. I’m Celiac and have been GF since September 2016.

  6. Are you absorbing your vitamins? I only saw a bit of a change once I added hci pepsin and digestive enzymes into my routine.

  7. Allergies checked?

  8. I’ve always had them. Even as a toddler. They got a little less dark when I went gf. But, unfortunately, they will never go away.

  9. I have had since a young child. I understand, I too am so tired of ppl saying you look so tired or do you feel ok. I use a good concealer by, IT Cosmetics.

  10. Yes even me, I look like a panda☺

  11. My daughter had dark circles and it took months for them to clear up. Perhaps they cleared up because she’s so young? Keep hoping (and shopping for good concealier. 😉 ) Either way, we’re ALL beautiful the way we are!

  12. I found a good concealer by NYX.

  13. I have them very bad. I’ve tried plenty of concealers and haven’t found one that completely covers without caking. I also started to use Avon Anew Clinical Absolute Even Dark Circle Corrector and I’ve slowly been noticing them lightening up. But I have very dark circles, probably hereditary because my dads family has them too. :/

  14. I’ve always had them. 😢

  15. I’ve heard its from anemia

  16. I’ve heard them called allergy shiners, definitely get checked for other allergies!

  17. Are you hydrated? I get them if I don’t drink enough water!

  18. Always!! I have only found one product that helps. It makes it less noticeable, but doesn’t take them away. https://m.sephora.com/product/ferulic-retinol-triple-correction-eye-serum-P377531?icid2=:p377531:product

  19. Yes I have had them since forever! I am super self conscious of them I hide em with concealer but even then it doesn’t always work! If I go a day without makeup people ask me if I am sick ? or that I look exhausted ? nope just my face thanks.

  20. My daughter has terrible black around her eyes, maybe she has my coeliac genes

  21. From hair school there are specific colors your concealer should be based on the color of circles. Not sure if you know that. I cant remember which tone for which but make sure not using wrong one.

  22. Allergies

  23. I have dark circles. I’ve found a way to improve them though. I’ve been using the Arbonne RE9 Eye Cream. It’s definitely helped reduce my dark circles (and wrinkles too!!). It’s A GF cream, which is a bonus!

  24. I did but started usin Rodan and fields and they have all but disappeared

  25. Mine coincide with my sinuses/allergies. The worse they are the darker the circles.

  26. Do you guys have reddish or dark upper eyelids too? Those are worse than my under eye circles at times

  27. I’ve found that I have to take liquid vitamins because my gut doesn’t absorb the pills or capsules very well.

  28. Yes, I have dark circles under my eyes. I’m 65 years old was just diagnosed last August with celiac’s. I had no idea why I had the circles under my eyes but I do know now. I think it just takes a long time for them to go away.

  29. Try cutting out dairy

  30. Make sure you don’t have seasonal allergies, this can cause the dark circles as well.

  31. I’ve had really bad dark circles my entire life

  32. I always have them. Celiac 10+ years.

  33. I’ve had dark circles under my eyes all my life

  34. Yes. They got better in a few months. Not gone. But people no longer say I look ill.

  35. I have them constantly. I’ve been told mine are called allergy shiners since I have bad allergies. They are really bad if I have a stuffy nose or if my allergies are acting up. I can’t get them to go away either.

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