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My daughter is 11, we noticed her toes were turning purple during a recent water park trip. They do this all the time with little to no activity. Dark purple with activity. This picture is after sitting. They are this color all the time and very cold to the touch.

This along with heel pain and swelling lead us to a foot dr who diagnosed her with Raynauds.

We also found about a form of EDS is in our family line. So are doing a referral to a connective tissue clinic for more testing.

My question is anyone have tips on making this less noticeable in summer flip flop weather and at the pool? Also any long term affects on sports playing? She plays soccer.

She does not complain about pain at all. At least not in her toes.

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  1. Until I was around that age I would walk around with nothing on my feet all the time. Now I wear socks pretty much all the time, and only wear sandals when it is very hot. As well as warming feet, it means I cannot see the blue/ purple that my feet go (and other people do not see them either). I guess painting toes would at least not show the blueness behind the nails (I see they are painted in the picture). I rarely paint mine as nobody really sees my feet. Sorry not much help.

    She may need/ want to wear gloves when playing football. Also wearing another pair of socks underneath her football socks.

  2. I am barefoot in my house, now we have turned up the heat, socks and shoes go away till October. Increase circulation, make sure sandals are GOOD ones, not sloppy, protection of the toes in the style if possible. I swim, garden, etc. Diabetic so can't be no-shoe outside. Anyway, soccer, watch for skin damage, injury. It was a Raynauds whoops of a foot that did not heal in the summer time that made me go in, and they dxed the beginning of diabetic condition. My A1C is fantastic, so I have changed habits to bring things under control, but any circulatory issue and healing comes under many headings. Even a bruise can be an issue. Nail polish was frowned on, as it covers. And I wore it all the time. Now basic light or neutral all that is allowed. The gels, etc were a no no…creates a reaction from the chemicals in the polish as well as the removers…they quickly set off Raynaud attacks.

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