Dealing with hashimotos for more than 20 years?


Hello everyone, anyone been dealing with hashimotos for more than 20 years?

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  1. 46 years

  2. yes – 25 years.

  3. Great question, I always wonder this. Wow I’ve been dealing with it for only a couple years I think, was diagnosed last year but think I’ve had it longer. Any good tips… I always feel like its going to defeat me.

  4. 7 years, but it feels like more than that. Lol

  5. yep, 23 years and counting..

  6. Yep. Just recently got diagnosed too.

  7. Yes, and I’m finally in remission. 46 years with this disease.

  8. I have. Im 34 and have had it since I was 8

  9. Mine was diagnosed 13 years ago, but looking back at symptoms and signs, I’m quite certain it began 24 years ago.

  10. 52 years…before they knew what we know now.\nTalk about a merry-go-round.

  11. Yes. It sucks.

  12. Going on 13 years

  13. Yep. I’m 45 and was diagnosed at 25

  14. I’m on ten

  15. I’m about at 20 years. I was only diagnosed with hypothyroidism and then finally got hashimmoto’s diagnosis about 3-4 years ago.

  16. Yes, diagnosed after my son born…he’s 27

  17. I’m 48. Been diagnosed for 27 years, just after my first child was born x

  18. 25 years

  19. Yes – I was diagnosed in 1986. At the time i was one of the youngest.

  20. 16 years but feels like my whole life

  21. 18 years. Diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time.

  22. Yes, 50 years here

  23. 35 diagnosed when I was 6

  24. Diagnosed at 21 and am 47 now.

  25. Yes…for 22 years

  26. 20 years.

  27. Yes. Almost 30 years. Finally seeing a endocrinologist, Dr. Nathan Becker at UC San Francisco. Has anyone on here seen him before?

  28. My TPO antibodies were normal on my last blood test. My other levels were not anywhere near optimal with elevated RT3. Does that mean I don’t have Hashimotos and just a bad thyroid? Started 5mcg of Cytomel last Thursday. No change in symptoms yet. Help from anyone? Thanks

  29. My twin eas diagnosed 40 yrs ago. And i was supposedly borderline then mydelf but no meds till i wad 20

  30. yep…40 yrs.

  31. 21 years for me

  32. Diagnosed at 12. I am 58 years old.

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