Dear fellow MAG-pies and MAG-nets


Dear fellow MAG-pies and MAG-nets,
Please forgive this very long post. For those of you who don’t know me, may I take your time to introduce myself just a little bit? I read “The Magnesium Miracle” by Carolyn Dean, M.D. well over a year ago. That book is truly eye opening (and easy to understand for us laymen) and THAT is where I first learned about Morley Robbins and this AMAZING, LIFE CHANGING group! I did a little research of my own and quickly learned who Morley Robbins is, and what a BRILLIANT researcher and writer he is. Since that time, I have followed Morley’s posts and his research very closely!!

WHY am I so passionate about Morley’s MAG group?? Well, my family has several serious health issues which set me on my learning quest for truth several years ago! Morley is the only person who has ever been able to give me the answers I desperately need. NO doctor has EVER helped me as much as Morley has. PERIOD.

OK, First of all, my 33 year old son has had debilitating schizophrenia since the age of 18, which completely destroyed his life… UNTIL I met Morley and starting learning about the importance of the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
(HTMA), Magnesium, balancing minerals, detoxing and in the past several months… Iron!!

My husband has had strokes and DVTs and Pulmonary Embolisms and has been hospitalized three different times..he is only 64 years old.

Myself? I have suffered with chronic low back pain, severe sciatica, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, osteopenia, etc.

Basically, our family has needed a LOT of answers, and I HAVE been finding the answers I so desperately need HERE in this group, with Morley. I come to this group to be very OPEN MINDED, READ, RESEARCH and LEARN NEW THINGS from Morley, the Mag-neto Man, my Superhero!! I eagerly await for the new research and wisdom that Morley will discover and reveal to us each day!! Morley gives me research that I share with our doctors. My husband’s world class hematologist admits that he knows practically nothing about Magnesium, Iron dysregulation, copper dysregulation, admits that he doesn’t know how to evaluate the iron, copper, ceruloplasmin, magnesium labs, etc. and he ALWAYS asks me for more research studies to read.

Yesterday, Morley posted yet ANOTHER very important comment which TRULY resonated with me in a very big way in my continual search for answers. Morley is AMAZING and I hope you are all paying very close attention to the information that he so FREELY shares with us. Write down his comments or save them on your hard drive. Read his books, watch his videos. PLEASE, LISTEN and LEARN from Morley.

You will NOT learn from any doctors many of the truths and research that Morley shares with us. Read the research. Print it out and save it! IF you are looking for NEW help, that you can’t find anywhere else….THIS is the place!! If you are visiting this page only to espouse and defend the same old, tired dogma and myths that we have all ALREADY heard from our doctors a million times over, then, sorry to say..but perhaps you should just go back to your regular doctors and keep listening to their myths.


Below is Morley’s comment from yesterday that he wrote to Christina Pongracic, and also my reply to Morley.

Morley Robbins Christina Pongracic
A slight modification of your comment…

“It could be ‘Iron-induced’ Inflammation in the lungs…”

Please know, NFkB, a MAJOR agent to CREATE Inflammation, is triggered by Iron overload…

A votre sante!

Valerie Engh THANK YOU so much Morley!! You have done it AGAIN, my Superhero!!! You have solved yet another huge piece of a very difficult puzzle for me!! People with schizophrenia also have increased levels of NFkB as well as some other inflammatory cytokines. I have read so many SZ research studies over the past few years mentioning this very fact, (I’ve saved some of them). Many of the studies involve using different agents such as aspirin, minocycline, turmeric, melatonin, many experimental drugs, etc., etc. in an effort to reduce the inflammation and modulate the immune system response. So, I have been focused on reducing inflammation for my son and have used a lot of turmeric, tart cherry juice, etc. …but it’s soooo much better to finally recognize an actual cause of the inflammation and it is far, far easier get rid of the CAUSE, rather than always trying to mop up the damage afterwards.

I only wish MORE people would REALLY listen to you and start to put the puzzle pieces together, and take advantage of your great knowledge and research. I am so sad, and really amazed at the same time, at how many people come to your FB group and just seem to gloss over what you are trying so hard to teach them!! It is as if they already have their minds made up and are not open to your important new information that you are sharing. It seems that they don’t listen or try to understand the FULL ramifications of what you are trying to tell them and of the research that you are constantly sharing with us, including:

The HUGE connection between Iron overload and thyroid dysfunction/Hashimotos, T4>T3 conversion, etc..

The HUGE connection between iron overload and pathogens, viruses and bacteria, candida, H.pylori, etc..

The HUGE connection between iron overload and cancer.

The HUGE connection between iron overload and heart disease, CVD, strokes, vascular inflammation.

The HUGE connection between iron overload, LOW Cerulolasmin and neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, SZ, etc..

The HUGE disconnect in our knowledge about iron which has been overloaded in our bodies and is being stored in our tissues (and does not always show up on blood tests) and “iron anemia” and the fact that ceruloplasmin ferroxidase enzyme function is REQUIRED to make heme, and is REQUIRED to make hemoglobin and is also REQUIRED to load heme into the hemoglobin.

The HUGE connections between LOW ceruloplasmin enzyme function, iron overload in the liver, LOW ceruloplasmin and low hemoglobin function, low thyroid function and shortness of breath.

The HUGE connection between Iron overload and low Magnesium absorption.

The HUGE connections between LOW ceruloplasmin, copper dysregulation, histamine dysregulation/mast cell dysregulation/allergies.

The HUGE connection between the need to have optimal ceruloplasmin in order to oxidize iron so that it can be loaded into transferrin and ferritin, so that the iron can then be removed from the brain and other organs.

The HUGE connection between iron overload and diabetes…and on and on and on..

AND, the absolute NECESSITY to have enough Ceruloplasmin, (Ideal is 33 mg/dL) to MANAGE the iron and copper and the NECESSITY to remove the hidden iron burden, which has built up in our brains, liver cells, pancreas, stomach/intestines, bone marrow, etc. during our lifetimes, and which can NOT be detected by blood tests, but some specialists and researchers are now using MRIs of the brain and other organs to see the iron deposited in our brains, etc.!

My husband has donated whole blood twice so far, and as a result, his liver markers ALT and AST greatly improved and his inflammatory markers C-reactive protein and homocysteine have also greatly improved. His ferritin was also greatly reduced; however, I know he still has a lot of hidden iron stored in his tissues, and we ALL do, since we have all been eating iron fortified foods since we were babies (iron is often used in infant cereals and formula) and it has also been passed down to us by our mothers, in utero.

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  1. Wow… It's truly amazing what such "simple" things can fix.

  2. Beautiful. Please post over at the Morley Robbins testimonies wall when you have time 🙂

  3. This was Great! Best explanation yet in my opinion. Now Morley will be very busy on getting the tests from us in the group, over 45,000, and giving out healthy advice on a plan for each of us. Have a great year Morley Robbins!

  4. Great post! This pretty much sums up the whole meaning of this group. Very well written!

  5. Evette Michaelis Garcia
    My sentiments exactly! That's why I got on bended knee & coaxed Valerie Engh to post this…

    It captures the ESSENCE & breadth of what MAG is seeking to achieve…

    I'm hoping that 100's of MAG-pies & MAG-nets take the time to view this & comment..

    Hope springs eternal!!

    A votre sante

  6. Kimberly Weaver Wood there is some great info in this article!

  7. Too much for me to read now. Saving for later. Thank you.

  8. The cancer connect alone really struck me.

  9. Faye Wood Bryant and Tiffany Douglas I don't completely understand all of this but I know yall will.

  10. Painful memory do you know about hemochromatosis genetic iron overload. Many people have it and are not aware usually in people of Celtic or Northern European dissent. Since men don't have monthly periods throughout their lives they are usually diagnosed at autopsy. Iron testing should be routine. The fortifying of our foods with iron should stop also!!! Iron when there's too much is toxic I was not diagnosed until the age of 58 and I was very ill. I'm fine now. by the grace of God.

  11. Sorry if this is a dumb question- I'm relatively new to this group and haven't had time to read everything I should have yet. What about high iron foods such as liver? Ok to eat? I'm assuming iron from actual food isn't the problem?

  12. Wow!!! Great info!!

  13. 8 months on my Magnesium ride, of which only the last 2 with this group I can already say:

    Thank you Morley Robbins

  14. Wow Valery you are definitely getting it!:) sure wish there was a share button on this post so I could keep and go through it all! Morley I love you to death but life has a way of keeping us busy! I catch bits and pieces of what you say Morley and finally started writing them down so I could join the dots! But it looks like Val has a lot of the dots joined and the info all in one place:) hint hint!:) Thanks Val this was a great read! Morley we know we don't have to tell you but you are loved a lot! Hugs:) xo

  15. Gorgeous post!!! Thank you, Valerie Engh!

  16. Is it possible to reverse hypothyroid/ nodules by lowering iron overload? PS… I have never met so many clever and 'switched' on people in all my life! I am sooo grateful to the group

  17. My teenage son was born premature with Hemolytic Disease and in his first week he has a blood transfusion and was put on iron until 3 months. I am sure this has contributed to his iron dis regulation which I am trying to correct now.

  18. Thank you Morley!

  19. My daughter has a pituitary gland tumor and through our endocrinologist we found she has low iron levels, also my husband did also. Her ferritin levels were low and has to get iron IVs every so often, she is now expecting twins. Is that a dangerous thing Morely Robbins and Valerie Engh.

  20. This is all so interesting, yet so complicated. But I'm. beginning to believe in it. Just how much do all these tests cost to have done? I go to a holistic Dr. but my insurance premiums have gone up and my deductible is outrageous. How can we afford the tests and is there a lab you recommend, Morely Robbins?

  21. Please tell me about your son Valerie Engh. My brother is ill with schizophrenia and has suffered horribly for years. He is scared to try things and has very little motivation though. I need things that he would find easy to try and that i could show him reasoning and show him testimonials or articles to inspire him. MJ Hampstead, could you help too? Thank you x

  22. Someone please expand on the shortness of breath. My daughter has this issue of and on as well as stuffiness in the am. I dont buy iron fortified anything we make everything whole food. As a baby for like 2 months before i stopped i have her rice cereal and then woke up and put her on healthy whole foods.

  23. Valerie discusses her son's schizophrenia and the help he's receive with the personalized protocol.

  24. Valerie Engh, may I share your story with a friend who is not a member of this group?

  25. I haven't even finished reading this long post and I'm so excited. I have hemachromatosis genetic, iron overload. My saturation percentage keeps going up but not my ferritin, so I am unable to have a phlebotomy until the ferritin rises. OK back to reading!!

  26. Carrie maxwell moore

  27. Hi Valerie Engh, glad I stumbled onto this great post. Can you help me understand my iron results? My Ferritin is at 64 but my Iron is at 140. Does this mean I have low Storage Iron but high iron in blood? How could this be? TIA!

  28. Oh my..I just read this and I see we have so much in common. YES,YES,YES! I too started with Dr dean then found morely. After watching the video a few times, I felt peace about the all made so much sense..I too feel sad that others don't know this very simple truth..and feel very happy and blessed that I do..really love the support and genuine love I feel from this group..I visited everyday and am eager to learn all of this so I can pass it on..thank you for your thoughts…

  29. Do you have it in French please ?!

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