Decided to take Jigsaw magnesium


Decided to take Jigsaw magnesium as recommended by this group. Annual blood test included B12 and I am way over the labs’ upper limit.

What a waste of money for me.

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  1. Did you get any tests done first?

  2. Didn't previously test B12. previously tested magnesium and am low.

  3. Did you take in all the cofactors?

  4. What were the lab results that you were way over?

  5. Wait you said the opposite now?


  6. The same thing happened to my daughter. But she was tested for B12 prior to taking jigsaw and a B supp called B replete. This time when she tested she was really over the limit

  7. Sorry, Teddie Miller. I am not clear. I tested RBC magnesium a couple months ago and was low. I had been taking magnesium with B12 and B6 taken separately. After I tested low on magnesium, I switched to JigSaw and stopped the extra B12 and B6, since they are included in Jigsaw.

    This test didn't include magnesium, but did include B12. I was 1855 on a range of 211-946.

  8. My b12 was 1758 and I too take jigsaw. My dr did not seem concerned. My mag was 5.8. Prior to jigsaw my b12 was 1200.

  9. You need to stop supplementing BEFORE testing.

  10. If you have high b12 it may indicate you have an MTHFR mutation. Mine was >1999. If means your body can't use b vitamins correctly and you need methylated b vitamins. It's not all about Magnesium.

  11. Sharon not necessarily.
    They were supplementing with high b's and also methylated b's.

  12. Did you get any tests done first?

  13. I tested magnesium a couple of times after taking it a few months. It has never gone above 4.5. I now take epson baths and drink water with the sea salt Morely recommends.

  14. We are taking the Malate and getting Bee Pollen for the B's. I think some people just can't take B12 and maybe some people just produce it themselves

  15. There is a genetic mutation that causes B12 not to be able to get into the cells and so sometimes the B12 is high. My son is an undermethylator and we've had the same thing happen with him. Do you have histamine problems?

  16. I agree with the comments as testing high in b12 was how I found out I had MTHFR, my body could not absorb it. Do you have a good naturopathic doc? If not please get one and now you can see and treat if you have MTHFR! Insurance may cover the blood test!

  17. Jigsaw Mag Malate contains 6 micrograms B12 in 4 tabs. that is such a tiny amount

  18. Sounds like your labs were serum, not RBC. Makes a big difference.

    My serum B12 was high, but cellular wasn't.

  19. MY low income dissability insurance did cover the MTHFR test and I did find a gene mutation…seeing my homeopath today for translation of how that is affecting me. DOn't throw out your Jigsaw and get the MTHFR testing when you can…it is just another part of what you need to learn …good luck

  20. I'm on the jigsaw as well as the glycinate

  21. I usually tested high for B12, but felt better when I took it anyway. Knowing if you have MTHFR and how to supplement makes a difference.

  22. its not a one size fits all approach here unfortunately. If you have some Jigsaw left you can return it- they have great customer service. Jigsaw doesn't work for me either

  23. Why is a high serum b12 bad? Mine is also 1800, but my homocysteine is 5.9 and my np is happy with that. From my reading, there are a lot of people that like to keep their close to 2000.

  24. Mine was over 1,500 and I was told to stop taking folic acid that was prescribed for seizures for 10 years and extra b12 for energy.

  25. Folic acid is a big no no if one has MTHFR. Folate is what is needed. 🙂

  26. I was taking jigsaw but not even the recommended dose and my B12, B6 and folate were high in early January. Completely stopped all B vitamins from that point on and retested a couple weeks ago. B12 has gone up and my B6 has gone down but still double the highest normal. I do not have the MTHFR mutation and I don't eat enriched foods. I have no idea why they're high. I have other labs that are off too. Low mag, iron, ferritin and high in thallium.

  27. I just wanted to ask Teddie, for my own curiosity.. taking the converted forms of the b vitamins, any issues if you dont have the gene mutations? is it overall safer to take them, if you have never been tested?

  28. I did not read all the comments so forgive me, but if you aren't absorbing b12 it could be a problem. Do you methylate well? Have you tried methyl or Adeno b12. Amy Yasko discusses using lithium to help with b12 assimilation.

  29. Morley doesn't support the MTHFR theories. Did you know they can switch on and off daily and depending on what you body stressor is as to what gene it may effect. He believes when your body is running right then gene expressions won't matter.

  30. Genes do not switch off and on. If on they are ON!

    Now minerals are needed to run many enzymes.

  31. It is said the creator commented off the record that the test is inconsistent and often changes with each test. Not that he would want that out there. He is cashing in. Like having the gluten genes but can still eat gluten. It's not until your under stress that they can be triggered and be on so to speak. My daughter has the genes and eats gluten.

  32. Genelle, I know where Morley stands with MTHFR and he knows where I stand.

    There are enough myths out there. No mater how much I follow the mag protocol, I still have CBS expressions, serotonin issues etc. So it's best to spread truth than thinking allopathic that MTHFR does not exist. I'm sure many who I have directed her will confirm.

  33. Teddie Miller Hi, I spoke with you the other day about TMG and I can't find the one you recommend. There is a Pure Encapsultions Homocystiene Factor but it appears to be a bu supp plus TMG. My understanding was you were thinking that I should try just TMG? Also You had mentioned Douglas Labs and I found the same to be the case. I Did find that Life Extension has a TMG. Please let me know which one you recommend thanks so much and I will be in touch soon!

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