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Hello, new to the group.
Just a question for the ladies that have had Depo needles.
How long did it take for your period to come back? How long til you fell pregnant?
It says up to two years!

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  1. I'm told up to two years for fertility back so was wanting to see what other people had

  2. near as I understood from what I was told it should come back the next month or so

  3. That is true, but if the other methods wont work for you you can stay on it

  4. I want it back I'm off it now I'm just wondering after people stopped taking it how long it took to come back

  5. I thought you weren't supposed to be on that more than 2 years(I think that was it)? Something about it causes bone loss

  6. Ive been on depo for 5 n half years…ive not had my period the whole time. So who knows when ill get it back

  7. I just got my second shot last week and I haven't had my period yet. Hasn't helped my migraines like I thought it would though *sigh*

  8. Wow Mel that's different!

  9. I had a period the entire 9 months I took the depo shot. I switched birth control and now it has stopped and semi regular again.

  10. Wow that's scary so long they should make the shot every 6 months

  11. I gave birth in September 2012 I think by 2013 febuary my period wer never seen untill today m still using it nw….

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