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Hello! Thanks for adding me to the group.
I was wanting to ask what experiences you guys may have with the depo shot. I’ve had a few in the past, but haven’t had one since I lost my insurance. So it’s probably been a year or more now, and I still haven’t gotten my period back. Which is kind of great, but it keeps giving me pregnancy scares.
Is a year+ without depo and still not having a period something to be concerned about?

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  1. I hate depo head ache most of the time and dizzy for months.

  2. Im on depo they told me its a higher risk of it occurring, not a certainty, and also reversible. Otherwise I would have been denied the jab as I have a family history of osteoporosis. The pill also has a risk of this but not as high.
    I agree its true not to be on it for long periods of time. That goes for all contraception however how long exactly varies. For instance again with the pill this can raise blood pressure, and the longer your on the pill the higher the risk of DVT and blood clots. a risk that is much lower with depo. The implant increases chances of overian cysts.. Something neither the pill or depo do.
    Sadly they all have pros and cons one pro of depo being a reduced risk of cervical cancer.. my point is more its down to individual preference, and medical back ground.
    For me depos better as I'm terrible at remembering to take tablets and the implant and coil creep me out. For another they may prefer the implant for whatever reason.

  3. Lemmie Jane Ryan it's significant bone density loss with the depo, which is why people aren't supposed to be on it for more than 2 years.

  4. As for bone density and oseparosis, the pill also increases chances. Its not 100% going to happen to you.
    No contraception is with out risk, but not every individual experiences these negative risks..
    whats best for the individual really depends on there medical and family history.

    As for your periods, its not uncommon to take around a year for them to come back after depo unfortunately. And it can be hard to get pregnant in this time after depo so not advisable if your hoping to have children in the next year or so.
    The best thing for you to do is go to a local GUM clinic and discuss all options in full to find one best suited for you.
    My sorces of information are some vague covering of it so far at uni (student nurse) and also personal experience.

  5. Ah, yeah, I suppose that's why my doctor said it would make me calcium deficient. I had been taking calcium supplements when I was on it so hopefully that helped. Thanks Roz Thompson

  6. Studies have found that the calcium loss in depo is reversible, it's just slow. So it's recommended to be on a calcium + vitamin D supplement while on it. And yeah, fertility will return to, it's just slow. Like I said, it's a drug that loves to hang around in the body and chill there, have a party, order pizza, etc

  7. Sorry to you guys who had bad experiences with Depo. I was thankfully warned that it could go horribly wrong and different people react differently, but I guess I got lucky. Still, I think the next time I'll go for an IUD.

    Thanks Stacy Peters! You answered my question. I couldn't find seem to find info on whether or not a year+ was normal so it freaked me out a little.
    I took a pregnancy test recently and thankfully I'm not pregnant.

  8. It affects bone density, which can lead to all kinds of bone problems, including osteoporosis and brittle bones.
    It won't make you infertile – your fertility will return, it'll just take a while.

  9. The half life of the drug is 50 days, so it's probably out of your system roughly about a year. It depends on other stuff like % body fat because it goes into the fat mostly and stays there. I wouldn't say it's unusual, but there could be other factors playing a role like PCOS.
    #1 cause of lack of period is pregnancy. So if you're not pregnant I wouldn't be worrying!

  10. Why is it not good for health? My doctor said it can make me calcium deficient but that's pretty much it. I loved it when I got it and still kind of do – it decreased my acne and totally got rid of my period. My sex drive was good as ever.
    I would be concerned about the lack of fertility if I ever wanted to be fertile hahah…

    I might have PCOS, it seems I have the symptoms but doctor said there wasn't a really good for sure way to diagnose it. I also have hypothyroidism.

    Thanks for the quick responses!

  11. Do you have any underlying diseases like PCOS?

  12. I hated depo I bled continuously. Made my hormones go crazy. Had no sex drive

  13. I have never used it and never will. It's not good for your health and it screws up your fertility. Some countries are trying to get it banned. It can take up to 2 years for normal cycles and fertility to return, so what you're experiencing is perfectly normal.

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