Depressed because of having celiac


Does anyone else get seriously depressed because of having celiac? I’m usually fine. I always tell myself it could be worse or have a worse health issue. But today went out with friends all day and night and literally couldn’t eat anywhere and was scared to try anything because of all the times I’ve gotten cross contaminated and horribly Ill.. So now Im finally home, making a pb&j on schar bread and just want to collapse and break down.. I really wish cross contamination wasn’t a thing. I’m so sick of living with celiac disease. ?? it’s so hard on days like this. I hate this curse.

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  1. How long have you had CD?

  2. Diagnosed about 1 month ago, but was having many symptoms for at least a year and a half.

  3. Don’t give up. You never know when things will turn around and you may be able to gain weight. Good luck.

  4. Thank you! Best of luck to you as well

  5. I get anxiety when going out to eat gets mentioned.

  6. Yes! I try so hard to be strong but it gets to you sometimes. Hang in there ❤️

  7. Feeling like that right now

  8. Yes my daughter often feels this way

  9. It’s ok to have your down days. I feel the same when going out. My friends and I decided to eat in next time and I’ll take my own snacks because I can’t eat/enjoy it.

  10. Every few months I have a little “food hissy fit” and complain about having to pre plan every dang meal and make myself the exception at every family/friend gathering. I let myself be pissed off, have a little rant or even a cry, then remind myself it’s a disease that one can live with successfully and it could always be worse……then do something nice for someone else to distract myself.

    I remind myself we’re fortunate to have it in thus day and age, after so many people jumped on the gf bandwagon for various reasons, so at least we can find a decent selection of suitable items at regular grocery stores instead of having to purchase things online and make it from scratch at home!

  11. Celiacs and Profound and painful depression go hand in hand! I made myself a healing chicken soup that put in freezer containers and took everywhere
    I went!
    I was also on antidepressants for 15 years.
    I send you healing wishes!
    If you can stay far away from alcohol…as this will amplify the depression 100 fold!cohol…as this will amplify the depression 100 fold!

  12. yes its horrid dont want to eat out as jacket potatoes are always on menu and can do them at home would be nice if to be able to eat out also not made to feel odd xx

  13. Ido and my oldest daughter just found out and she is depressed andshe just found out it, its not easy .. we didnt pick this ..we cant eat fast food at all its sucks

  14. Yes sometimes. It’s hard to date! And I got turned down for a job yesterday due to my Celiac….I’ve been looking for a while now, and it’s the first one that came up. Not my dream job, but still, money…..

  15. Yes, as a result of malabsorption. Your body needs a balance of vitamins and minerals to operate at an optimal level. Anything other than that causes dis-ease.

  16. I was always okay with having celiac until I went to the zoo with my husband and kids. I couldn’t eat lunch with them because there wasn’t anything gluten free (I realize they can’t cater to everyone) it was a very hard outing for me

  17. Depression is a pain and goes along with many illnesses and disabilities. It is important to remember that sharing and honesty will help your friends to understand your needs and feelings. Bless you.

  18. Everyone has a cross to carry… none of us get through life scot free. I just saw a post of a baby boy Nathan and his todler sister Jorja who lost their mother to cancer a year ago. You have life and you have choices. Be grateful and focus on the positive and what you can have and not what you cant have. Also, start carrying your own food and snacks with you so you don’t feel like you did today. Self sufficientcy rocks! I am diabetic and gluten intolerant. Mostly I know how to handle myself, occassionally I indulge in a pity party and find my way again. I feel blessed that I am am alive though and living a full life because that is what I choose to do.

  19. I suffer with PSTD and also depression it’s been two in and half months that I found that I have celiac and for many years thyroid decease it’s really hard to get use to change I decide when I go out with family or friends to any functions I’m just gonna pack I lunch bag of my own food this way I won’t feel that bad and if they laugh at me oh well at least I won’t get pain lol ‚ sorry your going through this it will get better just learning to adjust is the hard part

  20. I feel the same. I’ve got diagnosed a month ago. And I’m still grieving about it. It scares me to go out with friends as we can’t even drink beer😫. I’m 33 years old and changing this when you are older and been eating everything I wanted for that long makes me sad and depressed. Still getting used to it. 😕

  21. Yes, very much so. I’m\nOn anxiety medicine. What bothers me the most is my loved ones don’t understands, especially my husband.

  22. I get that way some too, but then I also think to myself, I don’t want to go back to the way I was eating, fast food all the time, fried food a lot, and now, I’ve just started changing my mindset that this path is leading me towards a healthier body, mind, and spirit and I’m learning to embrace all the wonderful things I can eat! Some days are harder than others, but it’s all about taking it day by day! 🙂

  23. Just bear in mind that many people have preceeded us. Some victims became survivors and lived great lives and paved the way for us to have access to this information. Others never overcame their illnesses and diseases and withered away. It is up to each one of us, after the grieving is done, sooner than later for our own and our families sakes, to get back to living life again with new knowledge to share with others going through the same painful and bleak symptoms that we went though. Maybe it is time for me to sit down and write that book, God knows I don’t want to go back there, maybe by doing so by writing about it, I could give others the tools and strategies I used to change my life, step by step… would anyone be interested to read such a book?

  24. I think we have all had that feeling I know I have, but these days if I’m going out I try to make it somewhere I know I can eat, my friends and family are always happy to go where I can eat, if I go to a pub I have a packet of crisps if there is nothing else, Google gf pubs or restaurants in your area there is usually somewhere, I hope you have fun next time you go out,

  25. Eating out can be daunting and depressing! I know! Keep the faith it’s a way of life

  26. I totally understand your pain. Eating out was a disaster for me when I lived in Canada ??
    Most restaurants are just not educated on how to prepare food for celiacs and I dreaded eating out. Now that I live in Italy I have never been exposed to gluten when eating out. In Italy there is an amazing organization called the AIC and they educate people on how prepare food for celiacs and offer a list of their approved establishments
    Obviously not everyone can move to Italy but I believe that in the US and Canada we need an organization like Italy’s AIC . People need to bring awareness and understand that celiac is a disease and eating gluten free is not a choice but a lifestyle. Until this is generally accepted knowledge eating out in North America will always pose a risk

  27. I’m the same went to the celiac clinic the other day and told them I had enough of beening a celiac x

  28. I totally feel depressed and anxious sometimes!!! My family was all here for the 4th of July and all everybody talked about was what we would eat. I wanted to be a good sport and shopped for all the food, but then when it came time to enjoy dinner and I looked at my plate verses everyone else I wanted to cry. I felt alone, miserable, and out of the loop. This group understands my heartache over Celiac and I am very grateful for the support I find here. Thank you For sharing your story.

  29. Yes, it is discouraging and I have to pack lunches to spend the evening out all the time, no spontaneity have to always plan ahead.

  30. I’m on vacation and literally had pb&j for dinner the last two nights lol… just don’t want to risk to get sick. Had fruit too though and other snacks that I know are safe.

  31. Would be nice if there were more places like whole foods in smaller cities..

  32. I get my All But Gluten white and cinnam9n raison bread from Walmart and they have a great aisle of gluten free products, brown rice macaroni, cookies, crackers etc. For cheaper and Paul Newman Alfredo sauce that is gluten free…..

  33. Buying a block of cheese and pickles helps too….I also hard boil eggs to take along


    I so miss my PIZZA

  34. Yes it is & has been very hard at times , when people don’t understand or don’t care at all ,

  35. Hugs always help some

  36. Hugs….feeling that way. Hang in there!!

  37. I am used to having home-cooked meals every day, so the eating-out experience was always more of a special occasion. I think it would be really hard to do the gluten-free diet if you did not have many symptoms with eating gluten. If I intentionally eat something that I know has gluten in it though, I get headaches, sometimes even throw up an hour later (not on purpose). So for me I feel so much better when I don’t eat gluten that I think that part makes me less depressed over all.

  38. I miss everything. Stopping at roadside stands etc.

  39. I face depression too especially the last 2 weeks plus trouble with memory and 2 days ago i was near my house and i couldn’t remember how to come home. So…now i don’t go out until my appointment with neurologist. I have 0.9 folic acid and b12 problem despite the injections. Not diagnosed yet, just informed that i have celiac. I cannot eat if i go out with friends. There are 1-2 shops only knowing what celiac is and people also don’t. So…be strong and i think things will change. The most important, you are not alone. That’s why i joined this group. Reading posts and comments helped me understand things, learn more and feeling like i belong somewhere, i am not alone even if in my country Greece is really bad. I must admit i am jealous of people in other countries cause they have choices, something to eat, places to go, people even few that understand their needs. Also, i feel a bit lucky i found out about celiac and that some foods i usually eat can be gf.


    I found it really hard at the beginning. I’m on year 6 and it’s not quite as bad. I’m finding more and more places where I can do “protein and a veggie” in some format and not get sick.

  40. Stopping those stomach ache that I had to pack my stomach in ice cured me of eating anything that had gluten. It just isn’t worth it. Take something with you that you can eat and you can be just as happy.

  41. yes!!! it’s the most difficult thing i have to deal with on a daily basis. we have a serious disease. it takes strength and commitment to fight it. luckily, there is a cure. but it’s not easy. that’s why i sought out this group. this diagnoses takes an emotional toll on me. my gastro doctor recently recommended a psychiatrist and i am about to start antidepressants. \nonce again, this is a tough thing to fight. but we’ve got this! that’s what this group is for i hope, helping each other through this. \nwe got this dustin!!!!!!

  42. I have a gluten sensitivity non-celiac and have been gluten free for 4 months. I am having a horrible time coming to terms with my food restrictions. I think part of it is the depressing thought that i can’t eat what I want to, but also because I feel better than I did before but not really good at all.

  43. I feel the same, it is so stressful going out for meals. I used to love it, now I hate it… 🙁

  44. I am not a celiac but my husband is. We go out to dinner at places like outback and i feel so guilty that he can’t eat thing’s I can have that i don’t order them. This is a,very cruel allergy especially,when you are diagnosed as,an adult. Hang in there.

  45. I too just came from dinner. Sometimes I think I would just like to order junk that I know I can have and forget the idea of healthy. I didn’t eat much and now I am hungry but I am home where the food is safe. It surely is not enjoyable.

  46. I was okay with it until the sugar allergy kicked in. That depresses me.

  47. Perfectly normal feelings, but don’t relay them to your doctor. My chart now says I suffer from depression. I don’t, I just have some bad days. All I said in response to my doctor, who knew nothing about CD, when asked if it was hard being on the CD diet with everyone eating in front of me “it can be hard sometimes, makes me sad, but then I shake it off & carry on”. I do not suffer from depression, I just have normal ups & downs like anyone else!

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