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Long post!

I just saw another member make a post about depression and celiac. It got me to want to make a post. I myself deal with diagnosed Celiac, IBS, general anxiety disorder, and depression. I also was allergy tested and found to be allergic to corn, soy, seasame, peanuts, treenuts, shellfish, and many raw fruits and veggies (oral allergy syndrome). I’m sure many of you deal with compound conditions as well.

My main question is does anyone have experience with SSRI’s?

A little back story…
I wasn’t diagnosed until 2013 at age 21 (don’t remember my original ttg numbers, but I was very ill). I’ve been gf since then but my ttg levels are still positive (last test a few weeks back was 36, one before that was 17, and before that 25). I don’t eat out at restaurants, and none of my home products or food are contaminated I buy almost all certified gf products, my whole house is gf and has been for years now. Just had my 4th endoscopy and first colonoscopy and my GI doc said villi looked good, and they removed a polyp from my colon.

I recently was just able to get back into the workforce since my diagnosis (it’s been a long road). But the physical tax and stress of my job was too much and I had to quit ( worked tu,wed,thurs for a month, cut it to tue, Thur. For 2 more months, but now I’m having to find a new better fitting job). I found it was a little too much physical labor for me. I was working at a plant nursery in a greenhouse style situation. Lots of heavy lifting and hot conditions. Even though I would work only work up to 5 hours it took a toll on me. And I used to work 40-50 hour weeks in a faced pace office setting back before my diagnosis.

My stomach and body are very sensitive in the morning, sometimes if I’m up by 9 it’s tough to be out of the house by noon. I only recently stopped having 3-5 bowel movements (usually very bad too, TMI WARNING liquid and explosive, the kind you have to shower after no matter what) before noon. . Now it’s 1-2 and some solidness but I still get stomach pain on a regular basis, and flare ups that take me back. I’m at work on diarrhea days I fatigue and need a break every 2-3 hours of work, I just feel so drained. I’ve been pushing through to just try to have some normalcy again, but pushing through on the bad stomach days seems to just perpetuate my problem, and if i decided to take care of my health I’m not sure if be able to work a regular enough schedule.

Back to my original post. My therapist thinks maybe an ssri would help my stomach and my anxiety. I do get anxiety about leaving the house before I’m done going to the bathroom (feeling like I got it all out) because there’s no way I’m going to work and having liquid explosive diarrhea there and then be able to also get through the day afterwards.

I also am not sure if my diarrhea and stomach pain symptoms are from my slightly elevated ttg or if it’s possibly from being anxious, or both.

Thank you for reading this far, I really appreciate the thought and care our celiac community has.

Any insight or experiences are appreciated.

Ps I may have left some things out, but it was such a long post already, I’ll add or answer anything below.

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  1. Could the diarrhea and stomach pain be from the anxiety? I know when my anxiety gets high that’s how I get.

  2. I have been exactly the same for so so long. It was like I was reading my own story! I have Celiac, depression, anxiety & IBS. My stomach is horrible in the mornings. If I wake up early I feel nauseous and it’s almost guaranteed I’ll have diarrhea at least once a day. When I spoke to my doctor about it, it was suggested that I cut back on coffee and a lot of ruffage. I started to drink tea instead of coffee and that helped a little bit. For me personally, I was told it wasn’t Celiac, but that it was my IBS/anxiety combo. I would get anxious about having diarrhea and that would give me diarrhea! I was that way back in high school too. Having diarrhea would trigger panic attacks for me. I was taking Imodium daily just to get through the day. Personally, I don’t respond well to SSRIs but many people do. I would just get strange side effects on them. I’ve had success on non-SSRI medications for depression and anxiety. I sympathize with you because I know how difficult it can be. I find that treating my anxiety with therapy/medication/mindfulness practices, has helped me. Sending you positive vibes and hope you feel better soon. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need support. I know how complex all this can be!

  3. I suffer with mental health problems for 10 years my stomach issues and nausea have been put down to anxiety until i recently had blood test and scope, and a confirmed coeliac diagnosis! I have takrn ssris in the past. I currently take mirtazapine and quetiapine xx

  4. I personally have been on and off a few different kinds for years, I just finally found ones that work for me now. For the most part all my symptoms are fine now with what I’m on except the only untold symptom that no one can solve is my constant peeing and I’ve been put on a pill for it and everything drives me insane

  5. My dr suggested taking digestive enzymes and I’ve been taking probiotics for yrs but recently told me I need live probiotics and to take Fiber packets daily put them in my smoothie which I take a probiotic smoothie in the AM

    I also have the anxiety but I’m doing anything and everything this yr to help my gut
    I’m waiting on my test for the Celiac test but all 3 dr I’ve seen have said with my symptoms it most likely looks that way- bc of how sick I get after eating certain foods bloated sever stomach pain and gas and diarrhea

    I just had my first Colon cleanse hydrotherapy today and she could not believe how backed up my colon was

    Like most dr have said stress is the main cause of women getting Gut Issues I.e. Gluten allergies or Celiac disease

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