Diagnose after a stressful time?


How many of you were diagnosed after a stressful time in your life? For me, it was during a very busy time when I had taken on too much and was frustrated that I couldn’t get everything done.

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  1. After my first child was born. Typically traumatic or stressful events can worsen the disease and symptoms and why it’s more likely diagnosed later in life.

  2. symptoms came on after pregnancy (stressful, with many complications)

  3. Yes I was having a lot of stress at work and I fell on the ice. I think that is what triggered mine.

  4. My troubles started when I quit drinking. I am a recovering alcoholic , I drank 10-15 beers a day for many years. Once I quit I was racked with stomach issues, Anxiety /panic disorder and depression. I had tests run that indicated an autoimmune disease as well as thyroid issues. I’m on a GF diet for several weeks.

  5. Yes, I had a very stressful time of my dad being sick and passing away.

  6. I was diagnosed with colitis and celiac about 4 months after I was hospitalized with c diff not sure if it’s all connected

  7. Yes. Change in meds, tons of stress. Used to take methotrexate and it desensitized me … quit and developed dermatitis herpetiformis

  8. After the loss of my third child.

  9. When my Father passed and going through a divorce at the same time frame….down hill since than…I noticed the more weight I have put on and peri menopause more flares I have

  10. Worked in high stress job for several years and developed autoimmune disorders. First thing was irritable bowel syndrome, then diagnosed with fibro, then psoriatic arthritis, then asthma, then an antibody deficiency, and then discovered the gluten intolerance. I am sure it is all connected somehow because I hear of a lot of people with immune disorders have gluten allergy or sensitivity.

  11. I was under a tremendous amount of family, financial and work stress for years and diagnosed 4 months ago.

  12. I was finishing up graduate school and beginning a teaching career. That’s what brought my symptoms on.

  13. Don’t think mine was due to stress. I think it was menopause

  14. That would be me! I have a daughter with significant special needs on top of selling our first home and finding new…sparked 17 lb weight gain, major GI issues and finally diagnosed w Celiac along w a good handful of food sensitivities

  15. I had it all my life. They just never bothered to pay attention to ALL my symptoms. When someone looked at me as a whole human being, he figured it had to be more simple than a dozens different things in such a young person

  16. 🤚 mine was dx after a traumatic pregnancy and baby in nicu- which seems to have broken my gall bladder which led to near fatal pancreatitis.

  17. pancreatitis, here too, from gallstones. that recovery set off something in me that was eventually diagnosed as celiac.

  18. Yes, mine was after taking a new position and relocating. I wasa part from my husband who is my rock. It was horrible being separated from each other.

  19. I broke up with my fiancée, moving internationally twice, domestically twice, graduated, job hunted, my cat died, my grandfather died, I started a new job, got laid off from my job, had romantic difficulties, found a new job, moved again, had an unexpected stressful work event, then began to worry about personal life/money, and a month later got really sick and was diagnosed. This was in the span of three years, and I think it definitely contributed. And I’m someone who has always handled stress well. I worry now that my ability to handle the stress and not have an outward reaction was actually worse for it. Anyway, yes. I definitely believe stress contributes in my case

  20. I lived in stress for about 20 years.

  21. Post partum…

  22. Same and then I got pregnant and it went into full gear.

  23. Stress at work , son moving away for work, etc

  24. Serious family issues brought on ibd & celiacs

  25. My daughter’s seemed to be trigger by giving birth. I think I’ve had it since childhood.

  26. The week before my wedding 😳

  27. The digestion issues, yes. And the abdominal pain.\nMood issues I’ve had since a child…well that’s been all my life. Fortunately I’ve always had a positive attitude, but it was plagued by mood swings. Gluten. All gluten. I still feel ashamed even though I know I shouldn’t.

  28. My son was born with half a heart, no spleen, and malrotated intestines. He’s had open heart surgery at 4 months old and another surgery at 7 months. He just turned one. My body went haywire through all this and finally diagnosed last week. Definitely triggered by chronic stress.

  29. Not officially diagnosed yet. Endoscopy & Biopsy next week. For me though everything changed after my son passed tragically and my little girl soon after was diagnosed with Autism.

  30. After my mom passed away.

  31. After my second pregnancy, not sure if it was hormones after pregnancy, or mastitis/antibiotics, or stress from losing a loved one right after giving birth, or stress from moving right after giving birth. Probably all of it combined. No issues my entire life up until then.

  32. Forced job move for my husband….leaving everything behind for me……bang celiac

  33. When my husband passed away.

  34. Anyone has extreme sinus issues? Head full all the times n lots of allergies?

  35. After my Mom died, it was a super stressful time!

  36. Deffinitly one of the most stressful times for me as well.

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