Diagnosed with candida and leaky gut syndrome


I’ve searched the files and the only thing I could find about candida is the turpentine protocol. Is there information here I’m missing, or is this not a topic the group discusses? My daughter is 7 and has been diagnosed with candida and leaky gut syndrome. (She has multiple food allergies and sensitivities and has been dairy, gluten, egg, soy and nut-free since age 2.)

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  1. Also see Borax for a candida protocol

  2. I have severe candida due to longterm antibiotics for Lyme. I eat a sugar free, grain free, dairy free and fruit free diet as sugar feeds candida and carbs are sugar in the body. I eat kraut for trillions of probiotics vs billions in probiotic supplements. I rotate anti candida herbs and nystatin. L-glutamine, bone broth, isoquercitrin (for allergies) also help repair leaky gut. And avoiding food allergens. Good luck!

  3. Following .. Darn insidious candida. 🙁

  4. There is a Facebook page for candida support

  5. Look into food grade diatomaceous earth.

  6. I have read that toxicity has to be removed before candida will ever stay under control. This is what we are doing. We just started…. https://www.facebook.com/groups/IonCleansebyAMDforASD/

  7. Plus we are doing The Reid Program diet.

  8. The Borax approach to dealing with Candida albicans. Plus it is also a cofactor of Mg.

  9. You need to get her off of all GMO foods. It's the cause of all that she's got

  10. garlic, can you tell me one more simple and effective way than raw garlic in fighting candida?! You won't find any! raw garlic at each eating, oregano oil and coconut oil at each eating also! The only thing that you have to introduce gradually is oregano oil because its super mighty, and give probitics at night because cleans too much 🙂

  11. Look up the GAP Diet

  12. DONT eat potatoes – leaky gut

  13. Apple cider vinegar can be helpful against candida.

  14. oil of oregano is a very potent antifungal

  15. Candida infections that are that tenacious often have some other uderlying cause. I would find an alternative practitioner to treat. Candida can be a bear and there are so many things that feed it.

  16. gaps diet! I had MAJOR candida overgrowth. You have to starve it out and replace the gut with good flora!

  17. Definitely look into the GAPS diet, best wishes.

  18. Following

  19. I've been slowly getting rid of candida. I've been paleo for 3 years, but got big improvements cutting out paleo treats, nuts, sweet potato and mushrooms. I see a naturopath who does muscle testing, has done an organic acid test and she prescribes my supplements (which includes maggie). She's trying to get me right at a cellular level so things like my liver can detox properly. As that improves my body's ability to fight the candida also improves. I used to think I had food intolerances but I don't.

  20. Nothing beats turpentine. I've been taking it three years now.

  21. I tried turpentine and noticed no difference. It did not harm either.

  22. Black Seed Oil

  23. following

  24. Treat her long and hard for parasites and look into seeing an llmd for Lyme kill the bacteria eating her gut and all this gets better

  25. Has anyone given their kids parasite treatment? Besides oils and garlic. What brand and good results??

  26. Low dose naltrexone has helped my food sensitivities (and a ton of other things) tremendously. Also NAET helped me a lot.

  27. Are you in the recovering kids group?

  28. We fixed our food sensitivities using AAT. There was almost nothing we could safely eat.

    The Leaky Gut is improving.


  29. There is so much more than turpentine. That is dangerous. Candida can be treated with anti-candida herbs and foods ( anti-fungals ) Candida albicans, is found in all of us and usually causes not problems, but if someone gets leaky gut. This yeast goes into the blood stream and turns into fungus. There are several foods and herbs ( anti-fungal foods is where you do your research ). Also learn about the Herxiemer reaction. Also this fungus is most active at night. It is not just a vaginal thing it is also systemic ( internal body ). Dr crook and the book called " The yeast connection". The foods listed is a good start. Also avoid sugars ( processed and natural ). Fungus feeds on sugars and carbs. Also avoid any mold or fungus in the environment. Magnesium is very helpful, probiotics, prebiotics. Not too much more right now. She is young. The herbs are listed as adult dosages , so she will not need as much. She might need only half the dosages.

  30. Turpentine for me.

  31. Try the Body Ecology Diet group

  32. See a naturopathic doctor to help.

  33. Doug Kaufmann is a fungal/yeast expert, and has been teaching about it for many years. Find him at Knowthecause.com

  34. I really think this group could help you! Healing leaky gut and candida overgrowth is exactly what its about

  35. Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) help the immunity. Plus.. diluted Hydrochloric Acid Enimas stimulate the immunity too. I'm sure you never heard of it either.

  36. I can highly recommend http://www.candidaplan.com. Dr McCombs treats systemic candida through diet and supplementation. It's a 4mth protocol. He has over 25yrs experience in this field. There's a FB group under the same title where he'll happily answer any questions you may have. He helped me to source alternatives to some of his supplements as I'm in the UK and could afford shipping cost at the time.

  37. Read "The Medical Medium". The author Anthony William debunks Candida entirely – and has a plan. You can listen to his lecture on Candida on this site: https://soundcloud.com/mm20-595688359.

  38. If the body is hosting mercury no matter how you try to starve out candida you can't because candida consumes the methylated expression of mercury and keeps the body alive. Find out if your daughter has mercury toxicity and detox that first.

  39. Candida has a relationship to low bound copper

  40. I controlled mine by eating Diamaceaus earth every day along with the Borax from the files here. I have just read that leaky gut can be healed by taking 2 T Pepto Mismal with Sovereign silver 3 times a day on an empty stomach with or without aloe vera juice. It will keep you healthy if nothing else.

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