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Hey, I am at my wits end with my right low back pain. This has been going on for years and is growing worse. Diagnosed with degenerative disk disease, arthritis and something going on in my SI joint. My pain level has hit an all time high. I take turmeric, ginger, magnesium, tart cherry juice, fish oil and you name it, I have taken it. I just can’t keep on like this. This is chronic, I say a level 8 most of the time pain wise. Has anyone overcome back problems, if so, how?

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  1. Mix half teaspoon baking soda in 10 oz water on empty stomach. Can do this a few times a day . First thing in the morning , mid day and before bed.

  2. Along with Debbie Newhook's advice.

  3. Being a Licensed Massage Therapist, I look at it from that point of view— although I know that might not be the only reason, but that is my area, and as we know, for a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail… :-))
    Go find a knowledgeable Massage Therapist and have some work done! Maybe even a Chiropractor! The SI (SacroIlliac) joint is no joke, it can give you hell! For joint wellness get some info on Borax. You can search here, there are many threads on Borax and Arthritis

  4. It is diet and inflammation and dehydration. I have or had I should say, Advanced DDD, sciatica and osteoporosis. Diet changes (I thought my diet was good) to organic friuts and veggies (think dirty dozen and clean 15) grass fed meat, free run/range poultry and eggs, no processed foods, no table salt, only pink or grey sea salt, organic yogurt, kefir, etc., etc. and living in a toxin free enviroment as possible and that includes face and body care.

    Astaxanthin saved my life and back and magnesium too, both orally and epsom salt baths, lots of water (with lemon and some sole water) BClompex, basically every supp listed here: boron, K2….

    I am thin and in very good shape and a good "core" yet still had all these back issues.

  5. I had degenerative disk disease and I found that chiro helped tremendously. a few massages and anti inflammatory foods also helped. It does get better had mine for well over 8 years now it doesnt even exists

  6. Hypnosis.

  7. Oh my, I am doing about everything you all have listed with the exception of a very few supplements that I am allergic to. Even those supplements were taken long enough to help if they were going to. I have not done the rebound thing, but I have to be so careful with my movements and exercise routine to insure that I don't make it worse or re-injure. My diet is organic and very clean. I take the necessary supplements that I can take. One the ones I can't take, I make sure I get the source through food. I guess this is something I am going to have to live with and accept it. I had massages,chiropractor care and you name it, I have done it all. I was hoping there was something that I had missed. 🙁 Thank you all for all of your kind, thoughtful and generous replies. You all are great!

  8. Oh, I have not done the VAXD. I did google it yesterday, and found an MD who does this technique in a town over from me, I am going to try that…I am going to see if I can get prescription DMSO….I have not tried those 2 things.

  9. I rub non gmo olive oil on pain. It has a lot if vitamin K in it good for bones. I use topical vitamin D and magnesium. Use boron and high omegas especially DHA all natural inflammatories Tumeric and ginger as well and minerals to get your pH right

  10. Make sure you're off all white flour and sugar, including alcohol. They are inflammatory and can make things worse. My arthritis totally cleared up when I fixed my foods. Good luck.

  11. No such thing as precipitous dmso except for cistitis. I get mine at a feed supply.

  12. I read yesterday that one could get it by prescription. I will see if I can find the source I was reading.

  13. 2-3 months of NUCCA (Chiro) worked for my husband.

  14. swimming and a month holiday on a sunny greek beach did help me too

  15. Jackie, did you check out the Bowen Therapy link?

  16. mag spray also helped me, spay it on my lower back.

  17. Take Barbara Myers advice, but remember that you can still have Ankylosing Spondy without being positive for the genetic marker. I have mine well controlled via the no starch, no lactose diet, LDN, and 2 rounds of Bactrim. No more Prednisone, Lidocaine patches, or nacro pain meds.

  18. Find an advanced practice bodyworker. Entirely different application of hands on work than a general massage. Totally different.

  19. My story was very similar to yours until about 7 yrs ago when I discovered Bowenwork (link in a previous comment). After 9 months of not being able to sit for more 5 mins, Bowenwork got me pain free in 5 weeks and saved me from surgery. I still have occasional relapses but BW sets me right again. Improving my core strength which helps too. I ended up training as a Bowenwork practitioner.

  20. Elizabeth Eckert my yoga teacher swears by this.

  21. I was also going to suggest Bowenwork. To find one in your area, go to http://www.americanbowen.academy/find-a-practitioner

  22. my daughter has a pain patch from her docter.

  23. Salon pas are good for pain in a specific spot.

  24. Cod liver oil caps fixed all my back pains. It's just to bad I didn't find it before I bought a new bed!

  25. Kathleen Heinz how many CLO caps do you take per day?

  26. Jackie Weaver I'm looking into something called PeaPure. My doctor seems impressed with it. Good results with sciatic pain. I only came across it recently. Not a drug, don't need a prescription. Will leave you to investigate…….as I'm still doing………….

  27. thanks MJ Hamp you're ahead of me…..this looks exciting…..just starting to look into it now! )

  28. I read 'The Magnesium Miracle' by Caroloyn Dean, M.D. and 'The Calcium Lie II' by Robert Thompson, M.D. I had an HTMA done with Morley Robbins and I discovered that my calcium was more than 2.5 times higher than it should be and my magnesium and boron were both very low! No wonder my back muscles and spine were so stiff that I could barely manage to bend over to tie my shoes or put on my socks! No wonder I had severe degeneration in my spine! It was no longer a mystery to my why no matter how many times I went to the chiropractor each week to get spinal decompression done, the debilitating lower back pain ("severe degeneration" showed on the xrays done at UCLA Medical Center) and sciatica pain would always return! No wonder I had bone spurs! I learned that our bones are actually made up of 14 different minerals; Magnesium, boron, calcium, and other trace minerals are all needed to get the calcium out of the soft tissues and into the bones where it belongs and also to make the bones strong.

    I stopped taking all calcium supps, stopped vit D, stopped ascorbic acid, stopped all soda, stopped all high fructose corn syrup and stopped all dairy products. I also went on a very low carb diet, with calcium only from vegetables, salmon bones, etc.. I stayed away from any processed foods. I did stretching exercises, massages on the muscles behind the knees and leg where the muscles attach to the bone, light walking.

    I took Epsom salt foot soaks and bath soaks with 2 cups epsom salt, 1 cup baking soda and two tablespoons of borax. You can also make epsom salt compresses and place on the hips/legs.

    I used Magnesium Oil spray and later began using Hemant Trivedi's formula for "Mag-a-Hol" on my back, spine, hips, legs, etc. and used a heating pad after spraying on the Mag-a-Hol.

    I took Mg and the cofactors, including:
    1.) Boron, I have used 20 Mule Team Borax, ionic boron drops, prunes and boron capsules as sources of boron.
    2.) B6, for the B6 I have used stabilized rice bran, bee pollen and P-5-P (the activated form of B6)
    3.) Bicarbonate, I get bicarbonate from "Mag-Water" using MJ Hamp's recipe which combines Milk of Magnesia with sparkling water, recipes at the top of this page under the Photos tab)

    I'm sure I have left out several things in my protocol, but those are the basics for me. It took a couple of months to start feeling major changes, but slowly the improvement in mobility/flexibility and the ability to sleep and walk, sit, stand without pain, etc. have been absolutely life changing for me. I am so grateful to Morley and MJ Hamp!! Three Cheers for Morley and MJ Hamp!!

  29. One can not expect to find resolution if they don't first find the causative factors. Taking stuff to treat stuff is a red herring.

  30. fresh squeezed lemon juice first thing in the morning in 8 oz filtered water, then gentle stretches to encourage blood flow to connective tissue was discussed on Dr. Oz a year or two ago. A young woman with incredible back pain esearched and wrote a book after every doctor she saw wanted to prescribe narcotics for pain.

  31. Dr. gave me Mobec…its OK still level is borderline acceptable need a little Cognac to make get a little easier..good luck

  32. Just listened to Dr. Jorge Flachas lectire on Boron… it is needed for the treatment of arthritis. you can get in http://www.blueoceanminerals.com

  33. jackie have you been tested for Klebsiellla? Have you looked into Ankylosing Spondylitis? I have to keep a very low starch antiinflam Paleo diet in order to keep my back/joint pain from AS at bay. Starch feeds pathogenic bacteria which can cause these painful flares (or one big constant flare)

  34. Anthony G. Beck how to find the cause? Through HTMA and blood tests? – which yes I'm most definitely going to do of course but I've been trying for decades to find the causes of various things going on in my body – and every practitioner and doctor has a different take on it, so many 'oscopies' and MRI's and Xrays etc to find out what is going on so as to then find a solution. But all this time later I'm still dealing with chronic pain in various areas of my body…back, bowel, migraines….. And so without finding any resolution of my symptoms through the processes above I've resorted in the last years to my own research and my own trial and error (as do so many of the courageous people in this forum). My body has become a laboratory for me and is used for experimenting with what makes me feel better and what worse…..detective stuff!! I've just found out B6 that I've been taking on the encouragment of many practitioners is exacerbating my nerve pain hugely! I've not used drugs other than for migraines…..I've gone the natural route….which can be much harder in the short term but hopefully not harder in the long term.
    The thing is if I can find something natural that can help relieve my pain as in possibly PeaPure or even something synthetic like LDN is there anything wrong with that?
    Sometimes I think the people who will make the best practitioners are those who have suffered the symptoms they're attempting to treat, themselves because its so easy to say……………………………………………….!
    But ultimately I agree with you and your information here, a lot of which I've read, is invaluable.

  35. Sorry I realise this forum is one for getting to the bottom of things through the minerals so I know I should delete the above post…

  36. Don't delete, Elizabeth Swinburn 🙂

  37. Don't delete, Elizabeth! I too have gone every route possible trying to find the cause. It's not easy.

  38. To think that one has tried everything, I find, can be a mistake. Everything you know about, yes. Everything that exists? Likely not. So there is often still possibility, even when you don't see it.

  39. True Elizabeth….very true…………

  40. have you discussed doing traction with a physical therapist or even talking to a good physical therapist to see if there are any exercises that could help you? Because of a pulled hamstring, I accidently found out I had a dislodged L5 thru my orthopedic doctor who sent me to physical therapy when I told him I was still having right hip pain. I was to take do a certain number of traction treatments. Just so happened this is the same pain I had been having off and on at different degrees of severity for the past few years by my former GP. Was told is was sacariliac(sp?). I'd have to live with it. After the traction and learning specific mild exercises for building the core muscles around the spine, I am in control of the pain. These are floor exercises, don't even break a sweat. This may not help you, but I want to say do not stop looking for change and keep asking questions. Find another doctor whatever it takes. I thank God for the day I pulled my hamstring. Do not try this at home, but Who would have know?

  41. Look for Gary Crowley on YouTube. He is a joint pain specialist and has easy to follow videos for most joint pain. I have most of lower back symptoms mentioned and keep them at bay using his exercises. There is an SI exercise that works in minutes. Good luck!

  42. I second cannabis oil

  43. I second cannabis oil

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