Diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)


My 15 year old daughter was just diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). The doctor wants to put her on birth control pills so that she has regular cycles, which is important. I googled the syndrome, and diet is also important. I’ll work with her on that. (Wish me luck.) Wondering if anybody in this community has this condition, and what works for you. I know it’s not life-threatening, but of course I’m discouraged. :/ I have several friends and acquaintances in this group — if you would be so kind as to keep this confidential, that would be great. Thanks.

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  2. Thanks for sharing; what tests or symptoms did she have? Dealing with an 18 yo DD GD that has gained quite a bit of weight since taking her off BC (was to help with mood swings for several years); Still have every other that is not great! You don't hear many young girls being diagnosed with that! Brenda

  3. For me I do low carb, high fat, paleo. I take shatavari (2 pills twice a day) and my magnesium! I went an entire year without a period before! Birth control pills made my symptoms at least 10 times worse!!

  4. Poor love. I've suffered for years and the pain is unbearable. I've found essential oils have helped me a lot

  5. It is important to know that not only does the Pill put women at risk for blood clots ( stroke, heart attacks, DBTs, PE) but suppresses the woman's immune system.

  6. Have you considered taking her to a naturopath? Once you're on the bcp and say she's not benefiting from it, it take a long time for your body to adjust after stopping.

  7. Only been about 3 mos; and she's gained weight since she's been off; but has not been as "mobile" with extra exercise since homeschooling?

  8. I think diet would be best and not recommend bc pills.

  9. I have pcos and wasn't showing many symptoms apart from infertility – i'm vegetarian, wheat gluten and dairy free. Low g.i foods are important I think. Have 2 kids now (2nd conceived naturally), seems to have helped the hormone situation.

  10. Do NOT give BC. Use a high protein, low carb diet.

  11. Look into NaProtechnology, please don't give her synthetic hormones, the pill doesn't cause regular cycles, just scheduled bleeds. Those bleeds are not actual menses.

  12. I have PCOS. I was diagnosed about her age. (I also have Hashimoto's And Graves all diagnosed around the same time) She can do Prometrium instead for regular cycles. The BC and synthetic hormones caused me more problems and did not help at all. I now take natural progesterone (Prometrium prescribed by my on/gyn) on days 1-10 each month for a cycle. Also, as far as diet goes focus on meat/lean proteins and fibrous vegetables. Feel free to pm me if you have questions.

  13. Alicia Halladay

  14. I have had it when they didn't know anything about it. Best thing is going on a diabetic medication for a little while. I found prednisone cream helped me. Best to have hormones checked and have someone make a cream for her. This helps the side effects to lessen. This also helped periods. I found out when they couldn't help me in the 80's . I wasn't able to have kids and had health and weight problems. Good you know and can help early on. My niece had it and is keeping it under control. She uses the cream and is gluten free. She exercises a lot to keep her weight down.

  15. No! Birth control pills are horrible for your body! I have PCOS and I would never take them.

  16. I had PCOS for 16 years, age 13-29. I cured it with a Ketogenic diet (low carb, high fat) and some herbals. Vitex, Nettle Leaf tea, berberine.

  17. My eldest daughter suffers with this and stage 4 endo! The pill didn't really help her diet seemed better choice good luck

  18. Birth control pills raise your estrogen and then she will have many health problems. They give strokes and heart attacks! Don't do it.

  19. Actually, the Pill is a much lower dose than it was even 15 years ago. Heart attacks and strokes are rare but happen, mostly in women with high blood pressure ( who shouldnt be given the Pill in the first place) and in women that smoke. The Pill will prevent her ovaries form forming new cysts, will stabilize her hormones and will help with the other issues that go along with PCOS. If you read about the possible "bad things" that can happen to you when you take a Tylenol or Motrin, you wouldn't take it either, but we do, because the "benefit outweighs the risk".

  20. Raw vegan diet.

  21. Diet is everything! Change diet change body

  22. There is one major helpful post/comment in this thread from Morley Robbins. Your mineral balance is the key to good health. Some of the recommendations in this thread will not take into account your present deficiencies/toxicities and some will make these imbalances worse….so… start here Find out what your mineral status is by testing and getting recommendations from Morley.

  23. Jump on Pete Evans paleo way site, there are many success stories on there

  24. If you go straight in to 'a specific' diet without knowing what your mineral status is you could be delaying your recovery or even making things worse…..jump on Morleys view that mineral imbalances are the key….this is what the group is really about….it DOES INVLUDE diet changes to get the best out of rebalancing your deficiencies/toxicities.

  25. Join PCOS Natural Approach group for real help. Use Bio identical hormones instead of birth control pills. Clean up her diet.

  26. And find Tim Goyetche on YouTube and do his muscle testing video for food intolerances.

  27. This is Morley Robbins group – that is about magnesium and mineral balancing not a group to be promoting other ways to recover your health….Morley gives us all we need to know. Susan W Hall…..have you read the pinned posts and seen the video of Morleys work protocols?

  28. No need to test for MTHFR ….read Morleys article on epigenitics and DNA. Just need to rebalance minerals after testing for deficiencies and toxicities.

  29. That could be why there are deficiencies. Also could be why diet changes would help. If MTHFR is the case, the body can't rid itself of heavy metals and other toxins easily. Why would this not be a possibility?

  30. Read Morleys work/views on this in his research into Iron toxicity and other mineral imbalances. MTHFR groups are available for those who want to believe in this as cause for ill health…not here.Morley is very clear on which came first….'the chicken or the egg'

  31. I had it about 20 years ago, followed the PCOS diet & took the recommended supplements & 2years later when I was scanned again ovaries were completely clear & 10 years later conceived immediately when I tried for a baby

  32. Diet diet and diet and unfortunately the devil of diet is in the detail. You will need to do a lot of research and reading, much of what you read will be contradictory but in time, a year or so of effort, YOU will be far, far better educated than your Dr in nutrition. Kee in mind that PCOS is likely as not a condition of Insulin Resistance so diet is absolutely central. The body makes its hormones from what you eat but in order to make them and achieve the correct hormone profile your gut needs a healthy gut microbiome because unless you have that it cannot do jack with what you eat. A good book to start with is Gut: the inside story of our body's most under-rated organ, by Giulia Enders. Also note comments above regarding metals toxicity, its a good idea to clear the bowel out, you would be amazed at the metals and toxins that we find coated to bowels ! Metals are used as preservatives in many medicines and all vaccines because they kill bacteria, well guess what, your gut needs LIVE bacteria and not to have it killed off by metals in there. If you lived here in Europe you would be taught to give yourself wash-outs over a number of weeks using some essential oils in spring or distilled water. I know the Anglo-Saxon world can be a bit jumpy about their bowels but there is an ancient Greek saying "Death begins in the colon" well most chronic conditions start there too !

  33. Find a good doctor that specialises in Women's Health. Go to a dietician for healthy eating options. Exercise is important although it can be hard to lose weight you need to be active as it is linked to high blood pressure and diabetes 2.

  34. I have PCOS and mthfr gene mutation do not go on birth control. I treat myself naturally. No gluten, no dairy and very low carb. Healthy fats are inportant. I see a natropath and am doing just fine. I also exercise everyday. Don't let doctors scare you into thinking conventional medicine… Its toxic

  35. KETO is awesome for this. There are even PCOS groups advocating for it.

  36. What is PCOS?

  37. Stop the sugar…wheat and dairy x

  38. I was diagnosed but no longer have symptoms because of the protocol I follow. Vegan diet = no hormones from animals, or antibiotics, vitex, and acupuncture to balance the hormones naturally. Do not put her on birth control it will only mask the issues and birth control is a classified carcinogen that shouldn't even be a option.

  39. Oh and avoid gluten also…

  40. Oh boy, this is getting ridiculous. A classified carcinogen? What bunkum.

  41. Everyone, I got busy late in the afternoon yesterday and then had dinner with friends, so I have a lot of comments to catch up on today, but wanted to thank you all for chiming in and sharing what you know. I love this community! What a Godsend. So thank you again, and I look forward to taking notes and gathering information from this amazing string of information.

  42. And, search this page to read some of the earlier threads on PCOS, too.

  43. I've learned from a friend with PCOS that removing dairy, gluten, corn and soy are very helpful dietary changes. Also, stress reduction like meditation will be very important.

  44. Morley Robbins the owner of this group who researches tirelessly made it clear 18 hours ago in this thread what the root cause of PCOS is.

    I suggest scrolling back, read what he has to share on this matter and take his advice.


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