Diagnosed with rheumatoid and Psoriatic Arthritis


I have recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid and Psoriatic Arthritis. I have been given quite a fair amount of medication, as well as been advised by my rheumatologist to have monthly cortisone infusions. This is all new to me and the methotrexate which I’ve been given to take once a week on a Fri night gives me shocking side effects. I am going to hv my magnesium levels and vit D levels checked as I feel there’s a better and healthier alternative to taking all these harsh meds. Has anyone suffered with the same type of arthritis and has found a healthier breakthrough to dealing with the pain?

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  1. I can't be of much advice but just wanted to give some loves my sister in law has psoriatic arthritis too and it's everywhere. Unfortunately she's not down for doing anything but what the doctors tell her x

  2. Not necessary to test vitamin D until you determine magnesium status. A Magnesium RBC test (not serum magnesium) is needed. Low magnesium causes low D. Also supplementing with D will make magnesium deficiency worse. There are other tests also recommended: http://requestatest.com/mag-zinc-copper-panel-with-iron-panel-testing
    Please read the pinned post.

  3. Ionic boron can help with arthritis see The Borax Conspiracy (easily found with a simple Web search).

  4. Green juice

  5. Looks like autoimmune?

  6. My daughter has rheumatoid arthritis and has been helped immensely by following the "Root Cause" protocol! I'd recommend reading the pinned post to start. 🙂

  7. You might want to research low dose naltrexone. Also many have used the paleo or AIP diet to help with inflammation. Also most people with an autoimmune disorder are low in Vitamin D. And yes, have your magnesium RBC tested.

  8. Hi Robyn, I was diagnosed with lupus in 2014; my symptoms are lung inflammation, joint inflammation and chronic fatigue. I was initially put on high doses of prednisolone (40mg per day), which I managed to slowly reduce to 7mg. I declined methotrexate and mycophenolate, however I did accept plaquenil. I took this combination at as low dosage as I could bear, but this still left considerable inflammation, pain and tiredness. Recently, however, I have started taking Olive Leaf Extract, which has greatly reduced the inflammation and pain in my joints and increased mobility and my energy. OLE is used as an anti-inflammatory but is also known for its anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, it reduces elevated blood pressure (I no longer need medication for this), elevated cholesterol and elevated blood sugar levels (I also have T1 diabetes and my insulin requirements have come down significantly). For me it has been like a miracle remedy. The great thing is that there are no side effects (except for die-off symptoms from its anti-pathogenic properties) and no maximum dose. I have a family wedding to attend next month for which I want to maintain my current state of wellbeing; once this is out of the way I hope to utilise the OLE to help me reduce first the prednisolone and then the plaquenil.

  9. Robyn Segal get the recommended tests done for starting The Root Cause Protocol. RA and Psoriatic Arthritis symptoms mimic Excess Iron symptoms and excess Iron is stored in the organs/tissues AND JOINTS…….Read some of Morley Robbins writings/research on the topic of iron toxicity……http://gotmag.org/category/iron-toxicity/

  10. …..and…….."Untreated iron overload can give you arthritis Sore or stiff fingers with affection of the index and middle finger is typical of iron overload. However it can vary depending on overuse and straining. Do test for iron load if it hurts when someone shakes your hand and the pain lingers. Other joints that may get affected include knees, hips, jaw, shoulder. The most frequently affected are the hands and wrists and weight-bearing joints such as knees. Joint pain is not always present……" https://www.sott.net/article/263834-The-iron-elephant-The-dangers-of-iron-overload

  11. I think msm is not to be taken while on methotrexate. I'm sure I read it somewhere but don't know where so have been too scared to try it. I too have RA and am on methotrexate but hate the nausea that goes with it. Only consolation is my ra is a lot better than before it

  12. My friend was on orenthea and methotrexate and improved when she stopped the methotrexate

  13. I wish I could say I had…
    I take these harsh drugs for arthritis, and really hope to be healthy one day and get off all meds.

  14. I would look into diet change. Anti-inflammatory diet. If I eat wheat my joints start hurting again. And FYI methotrexate will block your folate B9, so if you aren't deficient yet, you will be.

  15. Robyn, I have had RA for 5 years and this is the advice I would have liked to have at the time: first go onto the auto immune protocol diet which will help with getting inflammation under control (there is a great group called AIP support group), second find an FMD in your area (most of them also do Skype and phone consultation so no need to be close). The FMD will be able to order the relevant tests including vit and mineral tests (red blood cell test for magnesium as the serum blood test is not accurate enough), stool test, hormones, adrenals, metals, thyroid etc. ALSO please get tested for the mutation of the MTHFR gene as if you have the mutation you will not be able to methylate the B vitamins which is even more problematic when you take methotrexate which depletes vit B9 (you will need to supplement with methylated forms of Vit B: B6, B9, B12). You can do the gene testing 23andme which will give you the MTHFR gene but also some more genes (this test is actually not too expensive). I would definitely invest now with an FD and testing as by going it alone you will in time lose more money and probably supplement in the wrong way, for example I am low in magnesium but ok in vit D so each person is different (at some point you will feel lost like I was!). Thirdly, you need to decide to go or not on the medication/MTX as you don't want to have irreversible damage so you need to take a view on this as you could always wean off the drugs once you have dealt with the root causes (get X/rays done now of your feet and hands so you have a benchmark). Fourthly, look into LDN (also a good group on FB) which you could use instead of anti inflammatory etc as it virtually has no side effects and is non toxic. Finally look at all the other areas in your life: exercise, sleep, stress, emotions while you are getting to the root causes. Sorry for the long post but I do wish I had known this at the start… if you follow all these steps you will be on your way to be healthy again (it will take some time to implement though). Good luck

  16. Hi, I have psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, IBS, Diverticular disease, atrophied gastritis, pernicious anaemia, bronchectasis.. an autoimmune pattern of disorders. I was on methotrexate and felt so Ill. I don't take medication now as a lot of my disorders can be linked to a leaky gut and lack of friendly bacteria. I have been helped immensely by diet, kefir, b12 injections.

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