Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis


Just a quick question? My uncle has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and is prescribed methotrexate! Would he benefit from magnesium supplements

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  1. Yes but implement the entire protocol….autoimmune paleo diet. Address his iron overload too.
    MTX depletes folate (among other things)… drs prescribe folic acid because they don't understand the difference between the two
    Dr Amy Myers and Dr Mark Hyman have a lot of info on autoimmunity. I used Dr Hyman's info to help slow down/stop my own lupus

  2. So would he be best just supplementing with folic acid with the magnesium to help the issue that the MXT causes.

  3. What about gluten free

  4. no, he needs to implement all of it….. and make sure to supplement with folate, not folic acid
    Autoimmune paleo diet can be incredibly paleo

  5. Methotrexate is bad do not take. Research side effects which are worse then the RA

  6. Boron is used here for arthritis it's a co factor of magnesium and help it work better

  7. Here's a simple guide that pulls the whole protocol together.
    After reading the beginners guide (pinned post), this can be used as a quick reference guide:

    Magnesium- Start with a small amount of a recommended form of Mg (graphics outlining good and bad forms are in photo files). Very slowly increase to 5 mg (of elemental Mg) per lb. of body weight, to maintain levels. You need more to raise your levels. Transdermal forms, such as baths, sprays and lotions, also help raise levels.

    There are 3 cofactors used to push Mg into cells and mitochondria: B6, bicarbonate and boron.

    B6: 1/2 tsp/day of bee pollen is recommended for this cofactor. Local bee pollen is recommended. You can call bee keepers in your area, and can often find it at local health food stores or farmers markets. If you can't find local, Stakich brand on Amazon is recommended. Bee pollen covers all your B vitamins, except for B12. You can get B12 by eating liver once per week, or taking undefatted liver pills daily. Perfect brand undefatted dessicated liver pills are the recommended brand.

    Bicarbonate: This cofactor comes from drinking a few ounces of mag water daily (recipe in files or here: http://my-magnesium.com/ ) or baking soda in bath (bath recipe in photo files).

    Boron: You can get this cofactor from 3-9 prunes a day, a boron supplement (Anderson's Sea MD is the recommended brand), borax in bath (bath recipe in photo files), or borax concentrate internally (recipe in photo files).

    Adrenal Cocktail: The adrenal cocktail http://gotmag.org/the-adrenal-cocktail/ provides the needed potassium and sodium to balance with magnesium. As Magnesium is increased, it will lower sodium, and potassium will also be lowered. The cocktail helps provide the balance that electrolytes need. It provides about 350-400 mg of potassium for each cocktail. The RDA for potassium (for anyone over age 14) is 4,700 mg.

  8. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by a bug called mycoplasma that affects the joints. You need to get rid of the bug either by taking supplements that kill bacteria like mushrooms, essential oils like cinamon, also you can take an antibiotic like tetracycline but need to replenish your probiotic then after take supplements to rebuild your joints

  9. Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  10. http://www.health-science-spirit.com/borax.htm

    ^^^ read the above link or Google "Walter Last – the Borax conspiracy – how the arthritis cure has been stopped"

  11. Antoinette O'Leary Start by testing for Iron/Mineral status. RA symptoms mimic excess Iron symptoms. If results show Iron/Mineral excess/dysregulation, reducing Iron, boosting Magnesium and Ceruloplasmin and diet are key to resolving those RA symptoms.

  12. Depending on how bad he is. Paleo & removal of nightshade foods have helped me a lot. Along with a chiropractic Dr.
    He will find if he does lapse the symptoms flare up.
    Magnesium spray works better for me that taking supplements

  13. Emily Jones

  14. Its quicker and more specific to pinpoint "causes" by getting Mineral status tested, to look at imbalances as a cause for symptoms, instead of second guessing and just addressing food sources that may or may nor relieve symptoms.

  15. Beware methotrexate is a chemo drug

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  17. I refused Methotrexate which will lead to lymphoma in 20 years' time. Am now rid of arthritis with diet. It took me 8 months. The arthritis comes back if I cheat. Eat meat, fish, cooked vegetables, occasional fruit. No gluten no grains no legumes no seeds no nightshades no raw salads no dairy no sodas. Worked for me.

  18. I highly recommend you look for root cause. I know someone who treated RA for 20 years to discover they had an infection all along. Treated and doing so much better. It took a holistic practitioner to discover it. Amy Myers MD has this to say about RA: http://www.amymyersmd.com/2014/02/6-steps-recover-rheumatoid-arthritis/

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  20. Diane Sutton

  21. Myself & numerous members of my family all suffer from rheumatoid arthritis as well. Other family members chose the methotrexate & plaquinol route. I chose no meds, & I did put my RA into remission for 9 years with guidance of a naturopath dr & avoiding foods my body tested sensitive to (it took a year & a half for me due to a few set backs). I'm currently having a new setback again (allowed my body to get out of balance again). After years & years of research, I'm learning more on Morley Robbins magnesium protocol, (which would include following ancestral/paleo/autoimmune protocol related diet), I believe implementing it would be the best program to follow, to help get my body back into balance again. Please have your uncle review Morley's videos & print off all the protocol info for him. I believe it to be the best option for returning his health.

  22. Get his iron dysregulation addressed with this iron panel…

  23. Cúrcuma and ginger as well are the best treatment, zinc, Iron, lipoic alfa, omega.

  24. Vicki Griffiths

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