Did anyone else have the same issue?


Thanks for adding me. After a year and half of not knowing what was going on I was recently told I have celiac. I guess my question since your diagnose is any one B12 low. I just find out do to some blood work and now I have to get shots at the doctors office did anyone else have the same issue? I read online a lot of people with celiac have low B12 just wondering if anyone else out there besides me has this issue?

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  1. I do! I have been doing B12 injections weekly and prescription vitamin D for about a year now. Just was diagnosed with celiac about 2 weeks ago.

  2. Yes. I’m low in B12 and B6. B6 is rare supposedly but so is just about everything I have lol. However I was told to take a supplement which to me makes no sense when it an absorption issue. You’re lucky they’re doing shots. I’m adding that to my list of questions for my new primary care Dr.

  3. I was just diagnosed and I am B and D low

  4. Hubby is low in both.

  5. Yes. I take a meltable b12/b6 pill every day as well as powdered vit d. Easier to digest than pills.

  6. yes and my d is low too

  7. I had B12, calcium , iron and low D.

  8. My daughter has a plethora of deficiencies since her initial diagnosis last year. She is scheduled to have a second colonoscopy and endoscopy this Monday. She had been in and out of the hospital for the last year because just changing her diet to Gluten-Free has not eased any of the pain she was feeling. Test after test has provided no answers. It’s a long uphill climb trying to learn as much as we can and get her gut on the road to healing

  9. yes i found a functional medical doc and can give myself my own shots. makle sure you get methylb12 more absorable

  10. b-12 and D

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