Did anyone’s body have withdrawal systems?


Question: when going gluten free did anyone’s body have withdrawal systems? Like aches, chills, lethargic, headaches…

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  1. Following….I’m 3 days in and EXTREMELY lethargic

  2. Yes, I did. It was bad the first week. It got better over the next few weeks. Took a few to finally feel “good”.

  3. I just started week 3 and still extremely nauseated and lethargic!

  4. yes…. and all the steps for mourning too

  5. For the first 4 days it was horrible, then 3 weeks it was mild .

  6. You’re detoxing. It gets better soon.

  7. yes for about a month or so

  8. Yes! So bad! I am doing much better since going GF though, the detox sucks but its worth it.

  9. I feel like I’m gonna fall over like extremely tired and bad brain fog.

  10. I didn’t at first but I am now

  11. Brittany Teel

  12. I had headaches for two weeks but that passed.

  13. Yes and severe depression. Worst couple of months ever!

  14. Yea I still get them

  15. insomnia and worse joint aches than before

  16. No. Gluten is not an addictive substance, so withdrawals are not a thing. From my experience, I hate that feeling that it’s all in my head, but at the same time, I can’t help but wonder if this is a somatic grief related to the loss of main stream food culture.

  17. Cravings!

  18. I’ve just gone gluten free the past 10 days and I had all of those symptoms. I wondered if I was getting sick, but haven’t.

  19. I did for 5 days

  20. I had a few months of being on bed rest, I was so ill. The suffering was different than my symptoms that led up to a diagnosis. I see a lot of people felt better soon. I don’t feel good yet, but I can sit up for most of the day now. Some days I still have to rest a lot. I wish you comfort and healing soon.

  21. Yes. You may have flu like symptoms while your body is detoxifying. Try a good probiotic with enzymes and Vitamin C to help with the other symptoms.

  22. Yes for me it was candida (yeast die off) most gluten was in foods with sugar and carbs which yeast in your gut love. You stop eating gluten and then stop feeding yeast you get this effect called die off. Yeast produce the same chemical that causes hang overs. Drink lots of water and toss back some probiotics. Gwt some bone both in ya and avoid sugar if you can in food. You like reset and your gut starts to heal.

  23. Yes It was a very challenging 3 months for me

  24. Yes I also had night sweats

  25. all of the above

  26. I felt great for 2 weeks, then I felt lethargic. I think it might be the stress on the body or Low ferritin, low iron, low B12, etc. If you have not had these checked- do so… pretty important.

  27. I did for a few months but jus hang in there..this crap sucks!!

  28. Yeah, all of the above

  29. I seemed to crave sugar

  30. That’s how I feel when I get glutened.

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