Did you know that there is gluten in sheetrock?


Todays tip….did you know that there is gluten in sheetrock (drywall)? Now you do. You’re welcome

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  1. Don’t eat it.

  2. Oh this is wonderful news as we are drywalling a 1200 square foot addition on my house and the whole kitchen downstairs. And here I lay in bed from Lyme disease daily and breath it in eekk

  3. Bloody hell drywall off the menu too, whatever next 😀

  4. We have to do some sheetrocking upstairs and drywall dust seems to get everywhere. Thanks for the info, we will take precautions.

  5. Oh wow that’s crazy!

  6. Do you steam it or saute it?

  7. I am so relieved for this. I was so close to eating some drywall for my lunch today. Phew! I guess I have to pass and miss out on this yummy goodness.

  8. Thank you, I work at a hardware store I will avoid that area lol

  9. Yes, we remodeled our kitchen etc. I got very ill from the drywall dust. Never again.

  10. This is an urban legend. This is not true

  11. Doesn’t that taste like what we eat constantly 😩

  12. That’s really bad for a celiac with pica.

  13. There goes today’s snack ideas…..

  14. Did you know it’s used in adhesives that they use in the hospital?

  15. I wonder if those with airbone sensitivities would be affected, especially if renovations are being done

  16. Ill be sure not to eat my wall then 😂

  17. And that’s what’s causing my weeklong headache! Thanks for the info

  18. Glad some people don’t think this is a joke, it’s like walking into a bakery or pizza place with the flour in the air, this is the same difference

  19. It’s on the adhesives on envelopes, don’t lick one. It may make you feel sick. There are articles that say it’s corn starch, so if it makes you feel sick use a glue stick or water to moisten.

  20. Ugh, my symptoms flared up right around the time we were tearing down plaster and putting up drywall in our bathroom and it never occurred to me! I guess my major home reno days are over now. 🙁

  21. Yup. I had two weeks off from work recently due to repairs at my office because there was so much drywall dust.

  22. 👅😂

  23. Nice! They are renovating the church. Glad I couldn’t go help as we intended to do. God spared me!

  24. Lenny Rossello, thank you for the warning. I know I made a joke, but sometimes you need to laugh so you don’t get overwhelmed by all of this.

  25. Thank you for the information, I have multiple chemical sensitivity & I can’t use any kind of adhesive.

  26. Wth do I do with this info?

  27. What do you recommend? We are doing construction at our home? How do I protect me celiac kid?

  28. For real! I work in the construction world. Every time the demo or sand the drywall iv gotten sick. Makes total sense now! This is going to change how I work now.

  29. Suzanne Rouse, what do you mean what do I do with this info?

  30. Oh geez! It’s everywhere!

  31. Is there a reputable source that indicates whether this is fact or fiction?

  32. Thanks Lenny Rossello for seriously letting those of us mature ppl on here know, the precautions of working with dry wall. Inhalation of such cut materials can cause a reaction (coughing, lung inflammation, skin rash, congestion, sinus issues, headache, upset stomach, hospitalization; ect). Gluten affects many parts of the body without having to ingest it! Funny how some ppl think it’s cute to joke about serious things…it’s Not cute, u make yourselves look like Idiots! If this post don’t pertain to u, then don’t comment Foolishness!!! I can’t Believe the ignorance coming out of some of these ppl, making themselves look like fools. Thanks for ur stupid remarks… that shows us who in the group to never take seriously cuz they think everything is a joke…grow up!

  33. apparently celiac disease also affects your sense of humor…

  34. I would’ve never thought about the drywall. Must be why my son started getting sick when we remodeled part of our house a few years ago.

  35. Yep. Nice, isn’t it?!

  36. Just don’t lick the drywall lol just kidding I found that funny. The dust would be harmful if you were around when finishing

  37. Omg!! We are having our popcorn ceilings scraped soon! Do I need to be worried for my CD son???

  38. Joshua Ksenzulak Ken Stone just thought you would like to know so you could protect yourself when doing work.

  39. Lets just assume it’s in everything. It’s crazy !

  40. You would think just an easy food allergy to follow. It’s a nightmare

  41. Dosnt surprise me at all.

  42. Thanks for the tip… now I’ll know why I feel like crap, when we start sheet rocking the house….. sigh gluten is like soy in everything, even when it doesn’t need to be…..

  43. This is the reason we decided to buy the house we just moved into, instead of the one we liked more. That one needed the basement finished.

  44. Thanks for the information anyway

  45. We are doing drywall now. Im waiting for a scope & eating gluten but my kids 🙁

  46. Being GF is no joke, I for one have also allergies to some GF foods too , totally agree. Don’t poke fun cause it isn’t FUNNY, IT CAN BE VERY PAINFUL & debilitating to some of us, expensive & a right royal pain in the butt. Literally. By the way I have multiple illnesses find me something to laugh at about that. Because I ain’t LAUGHING I’M MISERABLE. X

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