Difference between hemp oil and cannabis oil?


Silly question but is there a difference between hemp oil and cannabis oil? I am looking to purchase some for a basal cell cancer spot on my back. Thank you.

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  1. Good shit keep up the good work. tried to add you but Alas I cannot.

  2. The stuff online is not of the consistency as the stuff that is available, Amazon just trying to make a buck selling shit.

  3. Black salve…there are groups for skin cancer on fb too…

  4. Have you looked into black cansema salve? Removes skin cancer root and all and leaves no scarring.

  5. i believe there is a major difference between hemp oil (available on amazon) and cannabis oil. and i'd sure like to have some of the latter.

  6. Darlene try getting in touch with Susan Story


  7. Ah… Legal is the operative word. 🙂 thank you.

  8. Most likely it's the same thing. but the difference between hemp and cannabis is they are exactly the same plant but hemp doesn't have THC which gives the high but also has healing abilities.. I'm sure you can order on line if it's legal in your state…

  9. Where can I purchase it? Everything online says hemp oils as does my local holistic stores.

  10. I'm guessing like hemp oil doesn't have THC and cannabis oil does.. I would get the THC oil just to be safe..

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