Difference between Levothyroxine and Synthroid?


What is the difference between Levothyroxine and Synthroid?

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  1. Generic vs name brand.

  2. Synthroid is more pure. Levo has cut to make it cheaper

  3. Just the fillers depend on the manufacturers.

    Otherwise levothyroxine (the active ingredient) is exactly the same in every pill. Yay chemistry!

  4. Thank You All. Wishing Everyone a Great Day.,

  5. Levothyroxine made me sick so sick. The doctor that prescribed it refused to take me off of it and wouldn't listen to me about what it was doing because he was the doctor and how dare me question him. Fast forward to a new doctor after he nearly killed me in a connection to another problem that he refused to do anything about and my new doctor stopped Levo and tried just getting my symptoms under control and it is amazing how much better some issues got. I feel like I have have more balanced health.

  6. Nature Throid has helped me so much!

  7. Different fillers and levothyroxine being generic is allowed a variance in the amount of active ingredient (got this info from multiple doctors and nurses.) And the fillers can be different from batch to batch. Synthroid is always the same. I can NOT take the generic. I get sicker than with no meds! It really made me feel like I was dying. I do good on synthroid though.

  8. I just know how sick I was and it made me feel even worse. I felt like a new woman when I found a doctor that would listen. I'm still sick, I still have lots of issues but I can function.

  9. I was allergic to the fillers in Levo, I'm talking extreme body itching. Switched to Synthroid and it eased up a little but was still there. Now on pure Tirosint.

  10. I just had an endo appointment and he told me that several manufactures make Levo. Because of that it could vary from month to month as to how effective it is for you because each company produces it somewhat differently. He suggested talking to my pharmacy to make sure they always get it from the same company so it's always made the same. He said if they can't guarantee that, then Synthroid is a better option because only one company makes it, and thus will be produced the same all the time.

  11. I would say neither I would say get on something natural like armor

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