Difficulty processing/digesting alcohol?


Can people with celiac have difficulty processing/digesting alcohol? For those that react to omission what symptoms do you have?

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  1. Omission is not safe for celiac’s

  2. Since going gluten free I react to any alcohol, I feel like my body has gone super sensitive to a lot of things.

  3. I react to all beer, all wine/champagne and most liquor. I wish I knew what it is that is causing the reaction.

  4. I don’t drink but if sparkling/carbonated water is that dangerous, then\nAlcohol could prove even worse!

  5. It came to my knowledge that GF beers and wine exists, so you may Google but always stay careful by checking labels for allergies advices

  6. I have no trouble IF the alcohol is gluten free, I only drink gluten free beer, but I only like one brand that is Boxer Gluten Free. I have no issues afterwards. I occasionally drink vodka or wine, but no Barley, Rye or Grain Alcohol alcohols.

  7. I swear this page reads my mind….I can only tolerate wine and champagne (with oj or another mixer), no hard alcohol for me…I think I’ve had so many situations where I’ve been glutened that I can’t tolerate harder spirits (probably a good thing). Don’t drink beer any more but Red Bridge (made by anheuser-busch) was pretty good.

  8. I get Redbridge beer. It is made from sorghum. I like it, but sometimes it does seem to mess with my belly. Alcohol is an irritant

  9. I physically can’t drink beer without getting some sort of heartburn, I can drink hard alcohol and be fine but everything else causes problems including the ciders. That’s why I quit drinking completely

  10. Ive had it twice. I had stomach cramping and pain for a day or two. These nothing special about the beer. Greens is better.

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