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Hi everyone, we are going on a family vacation to Disney World in December. We’ve never been, so we’re wanting to go all out with the full experience including all of the restaurants. My daughter (7) is the one with Celiacs. I really want her experience to be as magical as possible. Has anyone done Disney with Celiacs? I noticed on the restaurant reservations that you can indicate a wheat allergy, but are they really aware and accommodating to Celiacs?

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  1. I haven’t been personally but I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about Disney. They take all dietary restrictions seriously. The chefs are very well educated. \n\nHave fun!

  2. I’ve personally stayed in the timeshares & went like downtown Disney & parks & they do take it seriously you just need to make it aware that they are allergic they bring the chef out and everything, and explain options there really great about it!

  3. You’ll be so happy with your treatment. Celiac is taken very seriously. I’m a Celiac who visited WDW in January. I made reservations ahead after looking at all gf menu choices and reading blogs. We chose very wisely. I recommend Teppan Edo in Japan, the outdoor cantina in Mexico and the new Skipper Canteen (not sure of full name) in Adventureland in MK. Enjoy!

  4. Disney World is AMAZING for us with Celiac Disease.
    We went in Feb of this year and I was so impressed.
    One thing to remember is when you are talking to the food industry use the word allergy or allergic. They “get” that word.

    Ask for the chef because she has a gluten allergy. When you make your reservations make sure you tell them she has a gluten allergy.

    I know it’s not an “allergy” but it gets their attention better.

  5. Disney decided a few years back that a Disney vacation should be magical for everyone. They launched an initiative to make all Disney food locations safe for everyone – not just celiacs. They are great! Have fun

  6. I forgot to say this. I don’t do rides. So I am alone most of the morning. One day, I wanted fries BAD! I went to a counter restaurant- the ones like McDonald’s where you walk up and order from a giant screen. I asked all my questions. I told them that I was wanting fries bad but I have celiac and would not eat anything risky. The server got the manager. The manager said they cook too many fries to share the fryer. He knew all the ingredients in the fries and that they were made fresh each day. He followed my order from start to finish making sure no CC happened and then carried them out to me special. That was more than a decade ago. They do a great job.

  7. We went in early June. My 2 year old and myself are both celiacs. I marked wheat allergy where I could, then called to make sure they knew it was celiacs. Almost all of the hosts/hostesses asked what kind of allergy when we arrived to a restaurant. The best restaurants were: Ohana dinner, Biergarten, Be Our Guest, San Angel Inn, Cookes of Dublin, and Mama Melrose. Ohana and Mama Melrose were the most amazing food we’ve ever had! The worst: SciFi and Crystal Palace lunch. My daughter and I had horrible service at CP. We were told food on the buffet was GF when it wasn’t. The chef was too busy to come talk to us. It also took over 45 minutes to get my daughter GF mac and cheese from the back. Needless to say, the items we were told were safe, were very cross contaminated. We were both so ill we had to leave the park.

  8. If you decide to go to Universal while you’re there, I went recently and the sit-down restaurants were very knowledgeable and accommodating for celiacs. It was a little more difficult at counter service places and breakfast was very limited, but it’s possible.

  9. I go often. Here’s another group to join. It’s new but we are busy posting as many allergy menus as wel can, plus it’s a place to ask questions, see pictures of food, etc. https://www.facebook.com/groups/448115108907206/

  10. There’s another site- gluten free and dairy free in WDW that’s really good too

  11. Please feel free to ask any direct questions. I feel the safest traveling to Disney World! We have been going 3-4 times a year for the past several years. I’m celiac and travel with my non-celiac family. It works out great for all of us. My absolute favorite place to eat is Raglan Road in Disney springs- you can get the best fried Chicken tenders, fish and chips, and onion rings. It’s better than I remember in my gluten eating days. You will be able to go there without issue! Sprinkles cupcakes in Disney Springs also has amazing Gluten free, celiac safe, chocolate chip cookies (my favorite) and cupcakes.

  12. They are amazing! And WDW is the better of them! Shouldn’t have any worries

  13. Disney is the best place for allergies!!! And on a side note… although the chefs at Disney are well versed in Celiac… I have found that when I tell any restaurant employee I have a gluten allergy they seem to take it more serious than celiac. The word allergy scares them!

  14. So what about Disneyland for those of us on this side of the

  15. Disney knows how to do it…it truly is the happiest place on earth…have fun

  16. So glad i have comr across this post we go in April!!!

  17. We will never go back to Disney World after our experience in June. We are now and will remain Disneyland people. Had so many more positive experiences eating GF at DL last summer than DW last month.

  18. Thanks everyone for the encouraging posts! I was happy to see that I can designate an allergy when making a reservation, but to hear how they truly take it seriously is great! Love that they want everyone to have a magical experience!

  19. I went within 2 weeks of diagnosis and it was fantastic. They usually have someone special take the gf order. Great experience

  20. I’ve only been to DW once, but I went to Disneyland a lot and they were always very accommodating – I only had one problem ever and I have Celiac.

  21. Disney is the best place to go. I have never felt as safe anywhere else. I almost cried with how caring they are and I met a lot of very nice chefs.

  22. They were WONDERFUL at DW! My daughter had a lot of options and often the chef came from the kitchen to give her personal attention.

  23. My daughter did not end up with a stomach ache the entire trip. Because of this I would do every vacation there!\n\nhttp://www.glutenfreedairyfreewdw.com/menus/

  24. I dream of returning to DW just to eat! Best gluten free experience of my life\x3C3

  25. Disney is awesome..make you meal reservations now and just to make sure you are all set and that they have her listed as celiac on the reservation and when you get there ask got a manager…that is what I do when I go..

  26. Just to point out a change in how Disney handles allergies now. This is a change in the last year or 2. You will not get a manager if you have a simple allergy unless you want one but most of the time it is not necessary. When you make your reservation there is a section to note the allergy. If it’s just gluten for example, there will be bright red letters on the ticket they print for your arrival and it will alert your waitress. Plus you will be given an allergy menu. (Most places are going this route now.) If you need to speak to a chef, or a manager, they will but there would be a wait. The waitstaff can also run back to the kitchen with questions. Most understand basic allergies. Then you just order your food. It comes out with a stick that indicates there was an allergy. But this no longer requires a mgr. If it’s a buffet then the chef will still walk you around. If it’s quick service, yours comes out in a different tray, and usually you can order right at the cashier. Sometimes it will require a manager. If you have multiple uncomplicated allergies the process is the same. If you have something more complicated then there is a need to speak to the manager. They streamlined it because there were so many people traveling to the world with allergies.

  27. Call ahead!!!

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