Dizziness, blurred vision, headache, weakness


Question, I’m not sure if for one Hashimoto’s causes low potassium but does anyone else get like flu-like systems such as dizziness, blurred vision, headache, weakness and feeling warm but NOT SICK? Cuz I’m having all of this for days now with random spouts of being oh so itchy. It drains me and gets me depressed….

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  1. Got most of these,but I’m pretty new to all this.All I want to do is lay down, my days and nights are a mess also.

  2. Sorry hun. Also I am too. It worries me and I wish it would just let up at times.. like we need a break.

  3. I want to relax and not stress about all this,but it can be a bit scary at times. Sorry

  4. Check b12! All symptoms of b12 deficiency

  5. That’s hashi for you. Sucks. It gets better if you keep fighting for yourself.

  6. That sounds like a blood sugar problem. Hashimoto’s doesn’t generally cause low potassium.

  7. read up on low sodium levels, thyroid folks have a tendency to have a low blood sodium level. Low sodium levels can make you feel dizzy, sick, weak, tired…etc. For my hashi daughter and her regular migraines I asked her to drink of glass of water with pink salt in it…made her feel better rather quickly. I have a problem with fluid retention – low sodium draws the fluids out of your cells and into the free space (for me abdomen – the pregnant looking belly) I have started putting pink salt on everything and even in my coffee in the morning. Ta-da my belly is GONE!!!!

  8. Also check your Vitamin D level. Hashi’s is famous for lowering your B12 & Vitamin D levels.

  9. yes and yes!!

  10. Following up with this site.

  11. I have had all but headaches. I found this on the internet which gives the emotional ups and downs. https://www.hormonesbalance.com/articles/married-to-hashimotos/

  12. This is classic adrenal issues, get a saliva cortisol test done asap

  13. I have these issues when i dont eat and drink water. I become hangry often an NEEd food. I have found drinking water helps a lot. I try to listen to my body and eat when i feel weak or dizzy. I also take bp meds so that affects it also.

  14. Yes!!!!!

  15. Yes, today in fact. And quite frequently.

  16. Yea dizziness, blurry vision nd headaches, body aches, no energy

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