Do all of you follow a gluten free diet?


Do all of you follow a gluten free diet? I’ve had this disease for 38 years and no one ever told me I need to do this.

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  1. I have had the disease a long time and was never told to go gluten free. I am now and my synthroid was lowered from 150mcg to 125mcg. The only change was diet so I think it does help me.

  2. All yall saying you’re gluten free, many meds contain gluten, levo and synthroid being two of them, depending on manufacturer…

  3. I have been GF and it has changed my life!

  4. Nope. I eat a well balanced diet with no restrictions 🙂
    Same for my mom and my daughter.

  5. I tried. Did nothing for me.

  6. It’s different for everyone. Doesn’t hurt to try if you feel it might help. I know it doesn’t do anything for me, but eliminating certain trigger foods has helped. Every body is different, and this disease affects us all differently too, sometimes.\nJust make sure when you DO follow it, to do so strictly, because any trace can derail the cleansing part of it

  7. I beg to differ…. my TPO antibodies were over a thousand and when I went on a gluten-free organic, Whole Foods diet they drop down to 250. Im on no meds and have great energy. I also drink fresh pressed organic juice every morning.

  8. No, I do not.

  9. I do because it causes stomach pain. But was never told I had to.

  10. I am on the same boat as Lori Cannon but can,t ignore the fact thAt I also started levo and is following sip diet

  11. I am, just said to myself to try it out and see if it would help, I started to feel a bit better and it definitely helped with the bloating and other tummy problems..still need to change my diet further cuz I’m not okay, just have to figure out what works for me.

  12. 100% no if ands or buts.

  13. Nope, not gluten free and no plans to switch to a restrictive diet. Diagnosed in 1971 and doing fine. My dad also has Hashi’s and eats a balanced diet. He’s 87.

  14. I do not do any restrictive dieting. I do eat cleaner though… no boxes no cans… That is more of a hope to lose weight lol… my Endo never has mentioned or suggested restricting anything from my diet.

  15. If I eat gluten I get bloating gas and stomach cramps so I try to avoid it..could be due to celiac..have same reaction if I eat onions or anything fermented..could be related to histamine issues..have been told gluten contains an enzyme similar to an enzyme in the thyroid and antibodies love it..hence the destruction of the thyroid! I believe a healthy nutrient dense diet is important along with carefully selected supplements.

  16. Thanks, ladies, for all of the comments. You’ve given me a lot to think about.

  17. I’m on Paleo AIP diet. Best thing for inflammation and any autoimmune disease.

  18. I did it for 3 years. Felt no different.

  19. Everyone is different. I’ve been gluten free for 3 years, since my daughter was diagnosed with celiac’s, & my antibodies continued to go up, & I continued to need my meds increased; but it has worked wonders for other people.

  20. I have been gluten free for 7 months and nope, it doesn’t change my prognosis or test results but yup, it sure as heck makes me feel much better. No more bloating or head fog. No celiac test, no other tests. Just my decision to try it and my decision to stick with it because the stomach and head pain went away.

  21. Not me. I don’t have a gluten sensitivity.

  22. Well, my naturopath said absolutely no Gluten. It’s not because of any sensitivity I have, it’s because when you eat gluten your body acts like the gluten is a foreign invader and your body attacks your thyroid and will eventually kill it. I’ve also read this from many different sources.

  23. My body couldn’t function on gf. My daughter developed thyroid problems and leg pain on gf. She never had thyroid problem before going gf.

  24. First, i am happy to see a pleasant exchange of experiences! This is a question I am struggling with as well. I read that if you have Hashi, you must be gluten free. I didn’t buy it.

    A friend who has no thyroid issues went gluten free seeking relief from fatigue and joint pain and she had an excellent response to gluten free. Joint pain went away, energy increased and she lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks. So, I gave it a try for 6 weeks and felt no change at all. And it was very difficult sticking to the plan.

    That was June and I started eating gluten again. My new functional medicine doctor says I must be 100% GF, regardless of whether I feel better or not, because the thyroid antibodies will eventually completely destroy my thyroid.

    So, I am reconsidering the GF diet but I am not really convinced that it is worth the sacrifice and lifestyle changes necessary. FWIW, my endo said that GF is a fad. Personally, as mentioned above, I think its a complex and individual decision.

  25. Well, if gf is only to save your thyroid, I’m golden. Hashis destroyed it a long time ago.

  26. Yes. Very important for my gut health which is everything for immunity.

  27. Interesting to read so many different opinions on this subject, I was diagnosed in 2013, didn’t even think to research what Hashi’s even was, it was only by chance in December last year after reading a post by a friend that led me to finding out if a gf diet helps with symptoms etc. I went on the Paleo diet (which I found ridiculously hard) but felt tons better, lost over 18lbs in weight pretty quickly, however…I am no longer in the Paleo (I found life without dairy too much to cope with!) but I definitely notice a difference if I eat gluten, I end up in a coma and just feel awful! I have absolutely no idea if my gf/wheat free diet actually helps my levels but it definitely makes a difference to how I feel!

  28. I still eat good cheese and kefir that’s the only dairy, oh cream. It doesn’t bother me. I tried it…

  29. No ma’am. I have just learned to eat in moderation

  30. I’m newly diagnosed, and I’m trying gluten free. I don’t know but I hear good things about it.

  31. Personally not now, but I did for 6 months. I had read up on the science and the link between Hashi’s and Gluten so I tried it. Never slipped, never cheated.\nI did it because I don’t have a thyroid and still had antibodies. My tests showed higher antibodies after gluten free.\nI eat mostly whole foods, fruits, veggies, little sugar, and follow a Vegan diet & lifestyle. I found that to make the biggest difference in my health. You will hear plenty of anecdotal evidence about why AIP or gluten free works for some but the best thing you can do is simply try them, see what works for you and create your own evidence.

  32. I was told by the specialist on my first visit to go completely gluten free. Next visit they told me diet does not matter for this. My natural path dr. said to eat very small amounts once in a while would be ok just see how your body reacts. Friends say if you do eat it then I would have to start all over. Me I just listen to my body, and if I wake up all fogged up I just say, ” not going to do that again, for awhile.” Everyone is different, take your time and see what works for you.

  33. I want to try. But its hard when your husband wont cooperate

  34. No one ever informed me of this, either.

  35. Nope, i eat gluten and feel fine. I believe it depends on the person

  36. That’s because the Dr’s want you to keep coming to them and being sick.

  37. I just learned myself and have had this disease 11 yrs. Problem is Gluten is in everything now a days

  38. I was diagnosed with hashi 14 years ago after the birth of my third child ‘postpartum autoimmune hypothy’ placed on thyroid meds immediately and was told bec my anti bodies were in the thousands I would be on meds all my life. No diet no other remedy was given. Not much info back then but now there is a plethora of info. Book ‘root cause’ opened my eyes to hope. Even though I am not sensitive to gluten I will eliminate from my diet since researchers have found 3-6 months off gluten can decrease antibodies TPO. This is my day 3 gluten-free.

  39. I didn’t think I had a problem with gluten. I was tested a few years ago for celiac and was told I didn’t have it. Case closed. I saw a new endo in March and she tested me for Hashi’s. I have it. Slowly I have been doing my own research on it, because doctors do not tell you a thing. Mind you I have been sick since 2008. Constantly being told nothing is wrong.\n\nI have been gluten free for about 2 weeks now. The blotches on my face are slowly going away. Thinking to myself well okay that isn’t much but it is something. I made Shepherds pie Saturday night thinking all gluten free. The bumps came back. Sunday I had another plate. The bumps came back burning and really red and I was really achy. By the way it was the cream corn.\n\nI say give it a try you might feel better. It does take time. And trial and error. I bought bread thinking it was gluten free, made a sandwich, ate it. Was looking at the package, it is organic and flour free, not gluten free. So I am sitting here right now waiting for the rash to pop up.

  40. Yes I am 100% gluten free. Gluten isn’t good for anyone’s body, but especially those of us with autoimmune disease.

  41. I have a friend who is diabetic and they have been working to stay away from gluten. They have been wanting to buy me candy. I had to explain that even if it just has gelatin in it it has gluten.

  42. It is used as a thickening agent. It is even in some ice cream

  43. It is every where. Just like soy.

  44. Now that I am cutting gluten out, I am finding out that I am sensitive to soy as well.

  45. Soy is super bad! Worse then gluten in most cases. It is second on my print out of things not to eat if you have Hashimoto’s.

  46. Is there a book for meals on gluten free I don’t know where to start

  47. I went on line. Most of the books that come close are all paleo. I tried to find a Hashies cook book but people looked at me like I was speaking another language or making it up. Has anyone one else had better luck?

  48. I had real trouble finding what I could eat in the beginning, since I don’t eat meat and started gluten-free diet 4.5 months ago. But I just went online and researched the foods and just adapted the recipe ideas. There are a lot of authors that give some recipes for Hashi – dr. Izabella Wentz, Amy Myers, dr. Alan Christianson for example, there is also Jennifer Fugo and for Hashi’s you can apply AIP (Autoimmune Paleo) which is obviously intended for all AI conditions in general.

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