Do any of you experience air hunger?


Question, do any of you experience air hunger, and if so could you please explain what it feels like please?
Just want to see if any of your symptoms may match what’s been going on with me lately

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  1. Just today, I have been having a hard time getting a deep breath and feel winded doing a lot of activity… Following.

  2. For me I am ALWAYS yawning…it’s annoying and most of the time I can’t finish a yawn

  3. Hey Mel. I get it! There a 2 different types.. one where your breathing and you dont feel like your getting any oxygen and one where your breathing and you cant get a good breath in. I have both… but the second one is almost daily. Im yawning alot to force a big refreshing breath in.

  4. Sometimes I get it

  5. My daughter has hashis and had air hunger where she felt like she needed to yawn to get enough air in. I pushed her doc to test her for lyme and coinfections and she was positive for babesia. This is a CLASSIC sign of babesia ..not saying that is what it is but might be something to think about

  6. Sometimes, used to get it while working out but my body is finally always ready for me to do that. The other time that comes up for me the most is sexual. If anyone else has suffered with the lack of breath during the ladder and you have found a way to fix it please let me know.

  7. I have been sick so I know that’s making it worse, but feel like I can’t get a deep enough breath, or like I’m winded just trying to talk, and it almost has an anxiety type feeling to it also, like it’s tight

  8. Yes, I feel like I can’t take a deep enough breath. I keep trying to get a satisfactory filling of my lungs with air, but it doesn’t seem to be enough air.

  9. I have that happen a lot. So annoying!! Not sure what it’s all about. Wish I could find some answers for this.

  10. If I eat more than normal or something I shouldn’t it’s like I cant get a deep breath. I hate that feeling!!

  11. I had the flu about 2 weeks ago and the congestion is just awful, lots of people in our area have had it turn into pneumonia this yr, so it had me concerned and totally forgot about air hunger, and maybe that’s what is causing me to get *o out of breath

  12. Yes, huge deep breaths like I can’t get enough oxygen. It’s horrible!

  13. I have this constantly! I feel like I am constantly gasping for air, struggling to breath….

  14. I’ve experienced it for years but just recently learned what it was.

  15. Sometimes I have to really concentrate on getting the deep\nBreath just to feel better , then not long after I’m doing it again. Not sure if it’s stress or thyroid or something I eat.

  16. It’s terrible! Sometimes I feel like I can’t get enough air and other times I feel like I’m getting air but not getting enough.’s weird and the most uncomfortable feeling ever

  17. Like you can’t get a cleansing breath. You feel breathless

  18. I was feeling this as well. My doctor included a ferritin level check in my labs a couple weeks ago and it turns out it was very low. Her recommendation to supplement daily with iron has helped tremendously. You might want to look into that . Be careful of supplementing iron without knowing your levels, though, as it can be unhealthy.

  19. I had my ferritin levels checked it was high. Weird so not even sure why it’s high. I should get it checked again . So therefore in my case it’s not related to low ferritin levels

  20. It’s gotta be thyroud related,,, maybe something to do with brain chemicals and the diaphragm.. I’ve had it off and on for years …. Been on Anxiety MEDS and antidepressants… I feel if I could get my thyroid brain chemicals in complete harmony, right MEDS and dosages, it would “cure ” itself I went undiagnosed with hypo for many years, that’s when it was the worst … I would rather be off psychotic MEDS and just have my thyroud working properly with whatever drug combo/supplements/eating plan I need, and that’s my plan with my new. Doc….

  21. I think the actual term they use is dry drowning ..

  22. I believe it is caused by anxiety which goes along with Thyroid and Hashimotos.

  23. For all that experience what else can be done besides checking ferritin levels? I too experience this

  24. anxiety can cause you to gasp for air, but air hunger is when you are about to sleep or maybe already asleep and you are gasping for air. It can happen while awake, but normally you can adjust your neck without realizing it’s happening. Your thyroid is blociking your air passage and you just have a dreadful fear that you are literally drowning on dry land. it’s so freaking bizzare. If you have it…you know it.

  25. It’s when we are under-medicated, when my levels are optimal I’m ok,

  26. Sounds like alot of us suffer from this, sometimes just talking about it makes me gasp for air! LOL

  27. Always felt that when I yawned or took a deep breath, I could never get over that “hump”…

  28. Like no matter how hard I try to inhale I can only get a partial lung full. You feel winded when you’re doing nothing. Thankfully, right now, I don’t have it.

  29. Have a full anemia workup. Iron, ferritin, transferrin, TIBC (total iron binding capacity), and a CBC. If you don’t have a full understanding of how oxygen gets into your cells research it. It all has to do with iron and the iron containing oxygen transport protein hemoglobin.

    I say this because none of the comments seem like a physical lung disease. Seems like a oxygen transport issue.

  30. I guess I do need to have iron and everything else checked, but I’ve never been anemic, except after my c-section and that was AWFUL, absolutely zero energy!

    When my chest gets tight, and I start having this “breathing” issue, I stop taking my thyroid meds, and it will stop…. I’m just wondering if I cannot tolerate my thyroid meds, I seem to do better when I lower my dosage….does hashimotos kinda of make you go back and forth between hypo and hyper, or “normal”?

  31. I gasp at rest like catching up with a breath. I often wake doing it too and with activity get very winded. Just had pulmonary done told looked ok but dr hasnt reviewed with me. Also sleep study he ordered didnt wake for apnea reasons at all. I think it may be related to AI diseases plus meds. I also have a migraine issue on BP med for it to stop vasoconstriction of cerebral arteries.. but i do this and noone has related it to the hashi. Started about 1.5 yrs ago

  32. I did feel like I could not get in a breath and especially while seeping until I caught myself not breathing (I think my subconscious saved me). Found out that I had sleep apnea and for years now on a nightly machine so I no longer worry about not getting my necessary oxygen and feel better in the day. I also did deep reathing exercises to strenghten my lungs and increase the capacity (helps me with my singing too).

  33. For me i think its related to something else… i had low oxygen flow to left hemisphere in mri but no blockages i swear its ai related drs havent found definitively what it is other than possibly migraine syndrome issue

  34. Wow that’s scary! I’ve done the same, I probably have sleep apnea too

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