Do any of you have experience with naturally healing a cavity?


Not a true cancer question… but a cavity is kind of like “cancer” to a tooth, right? My almost 13 year old daughter continues to get a number of cavities though she has a good diet, no soda and very low sweets (mostly healthier type treats occasionally). She brushes often, but she was born with fluorosis (white spots on teeth) and discolored teeth on her molars that are cavity prone. She has 2 cavities that the dentist wants to fill but I see online where people have healed their teeth with nutrition and/or oil pulling. One tooth has 2 parts cracked off, so maybe that one does need to be filled. Do any of you have experience with naturally healing a cavity? I’d love to heal her teeth naturally and protect them for the future. Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Fluoride Toothpaste is the cause of bad teeth

  2. what is the source she is getting fluoride from , to heal anything first you must avoid the causes

  3. Please be aware that most scientifically proven studies are done by the industry or paid for by the industry. The same counts for professional doctors. They are educated in Universities sponsored by the industry. The industry is also involved in the composition of the curricula and the content of the educational material. If it's not to late treat the cause (nutritional deficiencies) if it's to late you will have no choice and need to treat the symptom first….do your own research….

  4. No three, they all remove different contaminants… But they are supposed to be good for (I think) 10,000 gallons – which for the average family is 5-10 years. They are pretty affordable, too! You'd have to ask your plumber if you could run the fridge through it… Probably just depends where the fridge water is sourced. If you can't do it, you could buy another one and just have them run the fridge off that one. I'd say it's worth the money! The water tastes very crisp and fresh.

  5. We do have fluoride free toothpaste and fluoride. After all this, I'm having her just use the FF toothpaste. I plan on looking for a new dentist. I'm tired of the back and forth. I just want someone who jives with what I've learned… someone to guide me and not confuse me.

  6. Cool… so you can somehow hook up this filter to your frig? I would really prefer that b/c I like the convenience of it coming out of the spout on the door. Our sink is on the other side of the kitchen from the refrig though, so I'm not sure how that would work. Do you just need 1 filter each time your replace the filter?

  7. Wendy, we are doing it right now with my daughter. Two of my friends have done it for members of their families.

  8. And this filter is wonderful! We've been using it for three years after our discovery of fluorosis. (Our fridge water even runs through it.) Do you have fluoride free toothpaste? I like to either buy Earthpaste or make Wellness Mama's Remineralizing Toothpaste recipe for us.

  9. Ellen- have you done it?

  10. Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nigel!!! It can be done!

  11. I dnt believ my eyes… So mny educatd ppl here.. Talkin all dis.. Wid no scientific reason behind.. Maria Phillips… Caries hs nothin to do wid nutritional def or any food.. Procesed foods r sticky n hv higher tendency to cause caries.. Plz b aware of science behind all dis.

  12. tooth decay is usually a sign of a nutrient deficiancy and consumption of processed foods

  13. Thanks for posting Els. I had read that. Has anyone on here had a similar experience?

  14. my daughter too??

  15. Y is everybdy not using conventional methods of toothbrushin or flossing… All talkin abt alternatives… A cavity is a minor decay of tooth… N cn b treated vry nicely… By restorating… Y complicating things…

  16. I have been thinking about making and trying bone broth. Good idea.

  17. Christa Stone.. I prefer a regular toothpaste for everybdy.. Or a fluoride toothpaste fr children…
    Ppl un india too use sm home made items as tooth cleanser
    Salt and sunflower oil…. Or clove oil n sesame seeds… Or daatun(tree bark) .. Etc

  18. It relates to her deficiency in molybdenum. I looked back and it is actually manganese deficiency. I would still wonder if your daughter has a deficiency in manganese? And if it is related to epigenetics and methylation. That is why I suggested seeing a good integrative doctor. My doc does methylation and you might be surprised at how many things it is related to. Regarding horsetail. One concern with taking it is that it can cause a B1 deficiency. So I would want a doc on the case to help manage your daughter's progress.

  19. Emily- I have to admit I have no idea what you are talking about in your last post! It sounds pretty deep. I'm not sure how this relates to her teeth.

  20. Wendy, Is your daughter CBS variant? If you are located in the VA MD area I may have a doctor for you. OR check out one that is competent in Methylation. I really know nothing about molybdenum deficiency but it sounds interesting to explore its role in epigenetics because why would she be deficient unless there was a genetic predisposition to her having difficulty assimilating it… Here is what a quick research pulled up re epigenetics methylation and molybdenum deficiency. Exerpt from one that has a CBS variant: "4. Molybdenum 1000mcg once a week (I started with this amount daily for a few weeks to restore levels)…this mineral is depleted extra fast when one has the CBS variant.

    5. Yucca Root daily…to help with excess ammonia produced as a result of the CBS variant." Full link:

  21. I recently purchased the Berkey and it does have additional filters that you can purchase that filter out both arsenic and fluoride. I am happy with the purchase.

  22. Thanks Emily. We do not use RO water. We did for a few years before she was born, but that's it. Another thing I need to tackle is filtering out the fluoride from our water. We currently just use the filter in our refrigerator. I know it does not filter out fluoride. Being healthy is a lot of work (and money), isn't it. If only "man" would just leave things are they were created we would all be healthier and happier…

  23. Have you researched reverse osmosis water and its demineralizing and dehydrating effects on people who drink RO water–long term (apparently it is good for short term detoxification but not long term? When I researched this issue, that is what I found out and I was then able to make the connection. I bought a Berkey water system, as my son was struggling with dis-hydration. Then I understood why my doc. told me to put a little electrolytes back into the water. Had he asked me if my family was drinking RO water and explained this connection, I would have made the change much sooner. You may want to look into this. Not sure how molybdenum factors into this but maybe it does.

  24. Actually, I meant, are they 2 separate supplements or do you buy them combined.

  25. The horsetail and black walnut… are they together, or separate?

  26. See d basic idea of using a toothpaste is to provide a mild abrasive with scraping by a soft bristle brush on ur teeth.. Definitely u cn use odr agents as well bt d particles size does hold importance. If size of abrasive particle is big or its coarse enuf u can end up cutting out ur valuable tooth enamel…

  27. Would you mind giving me the exact protocol you used… amounts of each supplement…

  28. That's encouraging! She has some yellow areas on her teeth too. So all her teeth are the same color now… white?

  29. Thank you for your comment. I was just kidding about the cancer comment. This is a cancer fb page but I knew those on this page could provide good information on this topic as well. 😉 I don't think one of her cavities are deep yet. I am hoping to be able to heal it. She did the coconut oil pulling last night and she did well with it. Prob. about 20 min. for her first time. I was impressed!

  30. cavities hs nothin to do wid Cancer …i cn say… as far as i hav read… I AM A DENTIST…
    and no dere is no way u can cure ur tooth after its cavitated
    only possible if caries is at very early stage and hsnt progressed deep or cause any physiologic damage to tooth structure.
    no substance can grow bck ur tooth portion that has been decayed by caries..

  31. Maria- no juice, stopped buying that years ago. Spikes blood sugar; we eat whole fruit, but not a lot (1-2 serv./day). Thanks for the link! I'll check it out. Marcus Bio-Mechanic DiMarco- she does not have any symptoms of GERD. Why would you say that? Thanks everyone. I hope this is helpful to others as well. 🙂

  32. wendy…. check your daughters diet here she may not be getting what she needs even though its healthy and try "percys powder" its a mineral supplement that really improved my nails and should do the same for her teeth….

  33. H pylori. Auto correct at it again.

  34. Marcus , isn't he pylori a stomach virus?

  35. First step buy toms,NON FLOURIDE TOOTHPASTE.

  36. coconut oil pulling, also Chinese medicine method of eating roasted black sesame seeds daily and pearl powder

  37. also a book called Heal Tooth Decay

  38. Does she drink a lot of juices?

  39. Fluoride causes fluorsis.. those white spots on teeth..fluoride is not good and dentists are brainwashed to think it is.. do research on fluoride. its basically rat poison. Yes, oil pulling will help.

  40. look up clive Decarle on fb he's been looking into this 😀

  41. find someone in your area who has a holistic practice. They will look at your daughters overall health and should be able to help her.

  42. I use coconut oil for my Severe jaw Bone Pain swish a little for about 15 minutes 2-3 times a day

  43. You got great advice already. I would add that I rinse twice a week with hydrogen kills bacteria and whitens teeth.

  44. I have healed a cavity in my daughter's tooth. She brushed with charcoal and baking soda. We made a tincture of myrrh, cloves, and a smidgen of cayenne pepper that she rinsed with. I also fed her a lot of butter and coconut oil (you should also oil pull with the coconut oil). I increased her vitamin D to about 10,000 IU's a day. It took about 6 months for it to completely heal over. That was 3 years ago and now you can't tell she ever had a cavity. You should also try making a mush of comfrey ROOT and placing it by the damaged tooth.

  45. I appreciate all of your helpful comments. Christa Stone- I did see something about the cod liver/vitamin butter supplement. Pretty expensive, but if it works… I'm thinking maybe we should at least start with oil pulling with coconut oil and get some minerals and the cod liver oil/butter supplement. I really think I need to get a different dentist…. one that I trust their recommendations. I'll have to figure out what to use at toothpaste. I've heard a lot of things, but not sure what to go with.

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