Do any of you take very many supplements?


Just curious… do any of you take very many supplements? Besides Mag.

Before finding this group, I took a TON of supplements (including vitamin D and calcium) but now I’m not so sure. Im about to place a supplement order and I’m questioning everything I take. Admittedly I don’t eat very many fruits or veggies (I have a digestive issue that makes them hard to digest) so I really feel like a mulitvitamin is necessary. Plus I take an Iron supplement, Fish Oil and a Probiotic (I also drink Kombucha). I am taking a couple of other immune boosting supplements too but those are the ones I’m rethinking.

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  1. Oh! I should note I'm breastfeeding too, if that makes a difference.

  2. iron supps are not recommended here.

  3. Oh. I guess I haven't seen that. It was recommended by my midwife during pregnancy and then after for breastfeeding. I checked the files and don't see a file on iron, what is the reason for no iron supps?

  4. only mag and iodine for the time being. I'm working on cleaning up my digestive health (stomach/small/large intestines, illeocecal valve/liver and gallbladder) before I attempt more supplements

  5. If you get the recommended testing then you will have your own personal recommendations. What works for one won't work for another. The htma is a great place to start, plus blood tests for copper, zinc, ceruloplasmin and mag RBC. Those will give you a huge view on what you personally are deficient in. Better than wasting money on supps that won't help.

  6. I am taking a ton of supplements to help with adrenal fatigue (which created thyroid issues), vitamin malabsorption, and low iron and B12. I stopped taking D and increased magnesium (which was also low.) I'm taking prebiotics and enzymes to help with pancreatic enzymes which I apparently am not producing (which explains malabsorption.) I also take a high quality multi vitamin and whole food C.

  7. Constance, what are you supplementing your iodine with?

  8. Kristin, the tests are my ultimate goal but I dont have $200+ to get them done right now, which is one of the reasons Im really looking at my current supplements. If I can cut $50-75 out in supplement costs then I'll be able to afford the tests faster but I know from experience that going without some of them, like fish oil, makes me feel absolutely crummy :/

  9. Magnesium, B-vitamins (validated deficiency), lithium orotate, cod liver oil, whole food C. Probiotics. Preparing for Iodine Protocol.

  10. must take selenium with iodine

  11. Kim I would stick with the basics that this group recommends then- mag, whole food C, cod liver oil, and adrenal support (from a supp or adrenal cocktails). I know the struggle, we had to save for all of the tests for me. But without them I was just wasting money by guessing and getting worse. Hope ya figure things out 🙂

  12. Ok thanks Kristin! I will check into all those things! (I am taking Mag also, I didnt make that clear in my post)

  13. I figured you were taking it 😉 There are a lot of files to go through in this group if you haven't already. They have amazing info!

  14. Magnesium oil, vit C, zinc, omega 3/cod liver oil plus an adrenal multivit tablet called balance rhodiola, which i love and can't do without . I used to take a lot more than that but toned it down for money reasons too.

  15. What's the minimum you must supplement with when taking iodine? Been sick and out of work for the longest time, so can't afford the very expensive supplements!

  16. ^^^What Kristin said. Stick to the very basics, you can't go wrong. Wait till you can get tests before tweaking.

  17. My list would be Magnesium Water, activated B complex, seaweed, cod liver oil, adrenal cocktail, wholefood C and blackstrap molasses.

  18. Ok so if you are doing adrenal cocktails twice a day with 4oz of OJ and each 4oz serving is 94% of the daily amount of Vit C, does that not count as a whole food Vit C?

  19. Marily & Kristin, I noticed you do not include either magnesium or potassium in your list, not even selenium. Is there a reason?

  20. Ruven mag was the first thing on my list 🙂 And the adrenal cocktail has potassium. It's best to stick with basics until getting testing done. Everyone needs different things.

  21. do you know we need 4700mg of potassium a day

  22. Ok so I need the HTMA and the MG RBC (both listed in the pinned post), are there other blood tests that I'm not seeing. I just read like 30 files and skimmed quite a few more but I'm still hopelessly lost 😉

  23. Ruven Magnesium was first on my list. I use mag glycinate, mag citrate (Nat. Calm at night) and mag oil spray. I also make mag water to drink, and am going to add some magnesium chloride drops from time to time.

    I did leave out potassium; I alternate between Seeking Health Optimal Electrolyte and just doing the adrenal cocktail (coconut water, whole food vit C, pink salt).

    My B vitamins I switch between a full B complex and an assortment of those in which I am deficient; I use Seeking Health hydroxo-B12 and same brand of L-5-MTHF (methylfolate). Plus riboflavin, thiamine, P5P (activated B6).

    I don't currently take selenium because my recent Genova did not show deficiency, and HTMA did not show need. I will re-evaluate when I need it as co-factor for iodine (I have Hashimoto's).

    I also neglected that I use mineral drops in my drinking water, as I use purified (RO) water. I alternate between Eidon Multiple Mineral and Anderson's Sea MD.

    I do not take everything every day. I would not eat broccoli every day as much as I love it, I shake up formulations from time to time.

    Now that I am looking at my box, I also recall that I do occasional Ubiquinol (Co-Q10) and turmeric, as I have markers of astronomical inflammation.

  24. My main problem is POVERTY. I need to find ways of making money so I can buy good organic foods and these astronomically expensive supplements! [They, the natural food market, demonize the Harmaceutical industry yet do no better by profiting from people's real needs!]

    I have a shizload of info. Haven't worked in months on account of 2 severely herniated disks and severe gout.

    At this point I need your prayers.

    Throughout all this I am still smiling.

    Thank you, all, ofr reacting to my post!

  25. I completely agree that the supplements industry is just as greedy, especially considering the amount of synthetics on the market. That is why I get as much as I can from food. I stick with as many nutrient dense foods as possible. You can make whole food C powder from lemon peels which saves a lot of money. Magnesium is honestly one of the few supps I actually take. I get everything else from food!

    I understand your pain Ruven. We all have had our share of health woes here- the support here is great though! Hang in there 😉

  26. Will look up for the C recipe, Kristin. I get a lot of my C from water Kefir!

  27. Good! I just know C is so pricey. I eat a lot of C rich foods and use the lemon peel now. Saves me over $20 a month now lol

  28. Do you have a particular lemon peel recipe you like, Kristin?

  29. No recipe- I just take the peel and rind of 2 lemons after I juice them, dry them in the sun and when they are crispy I grind them in a coffee grinder. Easy peasy. Lemons I would do organic though- they dye the peel on conventional ones!

  30. Sounds like a recipe to me, there Kristen. LOL

    I will have to dry mine in the oven as I live in frozen cold, sunny Alberta. 😀

  31. Lol I'm in Florida so they got nice and crisp for me in a few hours. If you google "citrus peel powder" you should be able to find a time and temp for the oven. I don't remember what the recommendation was

  32. Oh I love that method, Kristin! I always have lemons laying around and never know what to do with the rinds! How much do you need for the adrenal cocktail?

  33. Honestly I am not sure how much! I just add a pinch of it to a few foods through the day. I wish I could tag Cindy Davis White- she would know! Can you try to tag her?

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