Do I have Hashimotos or not?


I dug out my labs. What do y’all think? One doctor said that I didn’t have Hashimoto’s because thyroid levels are normal and antibodies are low, the others says I do because of the extreme fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, and antibodies. So he started me on Armour and my fatigue has increased, tho body temp is better and I’ve lost a few pounds. But now my t4 and t4 are a whole point higher than the range.

Do I have Hashimotos or not? I don’t understand why my doctors have opposing views!! And why I’m so exhausted I can’t get out of bed.

T4 1.04
T3 2.9
Tsh 1.47
Thyroid peroxidasr 68.9

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  1. You can still be hypothyroid without having Hashimotos. The title only pertains to “how” you got this. Treatment with thyroid medication is the same.

  2. Have you had your Vit D checked lately? At the same time as being found with antibodies, my Vit D was incredibly low.

  3. You could have also gotten the labwork done during a Hyper stage, so your numbers looked better

  4. Also I have “normal” thyroid range but high antibodies (1300 and 220). Doctors still don’t consider I have Hashis even though 6 family members have it.
    I think it’s best for a doctor to treat how you FEEL, rather than your test results. Tell the new doc about the fatigue, he may change dose or product.

  5. Have they done an ultrasound? Hashimoto’s can also be diagnosed that way but treatment for hypo and Hashi’s are the same. You may not need the T3 in Armour and might be better off doing a trial of a T4-only medication for several months to see if symptoms improve. Staying on too low of a dose for too long can increase hypo symptoms.

  6. I have normal labs and on no medication because no one wants to give me medication for just high antibodies

  7. What are you free T4 and free T3 values? Totals are pretty meaningless.

  8. Yes you have antibodies and you have Hashimoto’s.
    You need to get your Free T3 and Free T4 tested. This is what is usable by your body. T4 and T3 alone don’t give the whole story.
    Also ask to test ferritin, B12, vitamin D.
    I cannot advise to the differing opinions, it depends on the type of doctor. I never had an endocrinologist focus on the autoimmune part of the disease, they wanted to treat numbers only but not focus on how I felt. So I changed to Functional Medicine.

  9. I have hashimoto with good levels so I’m not medicated and don’t want to be…I take plenty of meds for other things already

  10. I was on levothyroxine for 8 months, tsh was normal but I still felt like garbage and slept whenever I was home. Decided to try gluten free, after one week I didn’t need to nap anymore. I don’t wake up feeling groggy anymore, I have more energy during the day. I started an Rx dose of Vitamin D2 around the same time (once a week), so that could be helping but one time I’m pretty sure I got glutened at Friday’s and the next day was awful. Groggy, anxious, slept most of the day. No food is worth that feeling for me, but godddd, I miss real bread.

  11. So another question, does everyone on here take thyroid medication? Or sometimes is it better to just alter diet and get more rest but skip the thyroid? I feel much worse on the medicine.

  12. I’m still taking levothyroxine. My endocrinologist said she likes her young patients (I’m 33, don’t feel young) tsh to be closer to 1, so she increased my dose. My recheck is in January.

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