Do I need more mag capsules?


How long til one starts feeling better on mag protocol? I’ve worked up to 3 mag per day (maleate in am, oxide at noon and glycinate in pm). I take turmeric, clo, borax, B6 and B12, nutritional yeast. I take the Epsom salts/baking soda baths usually 2-3 times a week. I use MOM for deodorant.
Do I need more mag capsules? I am just at bowel tolerance with these three, at the moment.
Lately I’ve been feeling achy. Muscles are sore. Today and yesterday my right arm feels very painful — almost like I was lifting heavy weights, and the muscles are damaged. The elbow joint was hot last night. I have sciatica also, and that pain has not eased up.
What am I doing wrong? It’s been a little over a month

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  1. Baking soda.

  2. Cofactors and adrenal support may help….

  3. I'm just a little disappointed. I've been telling everyone how they need magnesium, and the benefits….and when they ask how I'm feeling, I can't say I've noticed a difference. I'm feeling worse:(

  4. You need to back off the b6 immediately!

  5. Do you have dx of Arthritis or Osteo- I had problems w/ b's all around but mine is mainly the yeast!! Any form worse in foods! – INFLAMMATION goes crazy exactly what pains you are experiencing! I live me 24/6- i am trying to get off all medications, started w/ my diet- no gluten not even bought non gluten- only home grown foods& wild forging-juicing beets, celery, romaine/ chia,flax & hemp seeds has gotten me off BP medications, along w/ Epsom, Boran & baking soda baths- has reduced pain medication! ??? she is not using baking soda in bath- wouldn't the mag – hol & mag water(contains baking soda) help her instead of young her pill-?! Co- factor to help MAG be absorbed very Important !!!

  6. I meant 24/7 pain but all around 24/6 is truer- I get 4 hours relief from baths each day & moments of granger here & there thru out day lol

  7. This really is a marathon, and not a sprint. It took a long time to get in the shape many of us are in. It takes time to get better. Stick with it, and follow the protocol.

  8. It might be something totally different like a flu…

    I still see people sick around me as the flu here has reached its peak. I had it 2 months ago for (just) 3 days and it felt like I was back to square 1.

    Last week I also had 3 days that felt like Magnesium wasn't working anymore.
    A bit of pain in my bones like with the flu.

    But that was it…

    Took an Epsom Bath (max 2/week) which made me feel ultra tired for 24h but in a very floating way. I know that sounds contradictory.

    Feeling bad whilst on Magnesium might have other causes, that's what I'm trying to say. It might also be part of the detoxification process.

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